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Author Topic: Oh noes! It's your very last chance ...  (Read 584 times)

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Oh noes! It's your very last chance ...
« on: August 27, 2011, 12:30:59 pm »
... to join "Killing Kind," the international organized crime game that's been kicking around at Elliquiy for almost two freakin' years, somehow.  (Thanks to the longsuffering players, of course!)  I've decided that two years is long enough for any group RP to last, or at least, it's long enough for me personally.  Actually, I never imagined the game would last this long, and I'm not closing it down because there's anything wrong with it -- the damn thing turned out far better than I had hoped, thanks again to the many great players we've had.

But, before the game goes the way of the dodo, I have a goal of bringing the storyline to a logical, exciting, and satisfying conclusion.  This is a highly quixotic and unlikely goal to achieve, I know, because group games are crazy chaos, and the storyline of this game is even more sprawling and confused than most others, for the simple reason that our game lasted longer than most group games do.  Nonetheless, I want to go out with a freakin' bang not a whimper, as somebody or other said.  :) 

So, just this one last time, I'm inviting anyone out there who has any interest in the game to join up.  We have 6 wonderful players already, but I think they'd be happy to play with new people too, and the extra creativity will help all of us to keep the energy level high and maybe carry off a grand finale.  Or have fun trying, at least!  I'm thinking that the game's last act will last about two months (of real-world RPing time, that is), so it's not like you're committing to marry us or anything.  :)

Have a look at the game and then get in touch if you have any interest, preferably by PM.  Thanks!  -- Rick

Link to game links:
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Offline inflatetress

Re: Oh noes! It's your very last chance ...
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2011, 10:51:24 am »
Rick- I'm interested in playing in Killing Kind but I have a few questions for you...any chance a character I play can meet with a death (I have sort of a thing for my chracters getting killed, hehe).  I'm going to read over the game a bit now thanks to the link you provided, maybe if you'd like take a look at my ons/offs and let me know if you think anything could be a fit!  Thanks!

Offline rick957Topic starter

Re: Oh noes! It's your very last chance ...
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2011, 05:09:08 pm »
Hi inflatetress,

Thanks very much for your interest in the game.  :)  I don't know if you remember, but you and I actually exchanged a few PMs a long time ago about the possibility of you joining Killing Kind.  At least, I'm pretty sure we did, but I could be wrong.  Anyways, regardless, I'd be happy to discuss the possibility with you again, but right now, I want to warn you not to do any writing just yet or put too much thought into it until I'm certain the game hasn't petered out.  Activity has been low lately, so I may have to call the game off unless things pick up. 

Part of the reason I put up this recruitment thread was to maybe find two or three new folks to throw into the mix and spark more activity all around, enough to keep the game alive for a couple more months, but I wouldn't want to have new people take the trouble of making up characters and then find out there isn't a game to play in.  I hope that makes sense.

For everyone who responds to this recruitment thread (including you, inflatetress!), I'll be in touch later this week or next (at the latest) to update you on the status of the game and to discuss your options with you in detail.  Thanks and hope to hear from other potential joiners too.  :)

-- Rick