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Author Topic: Seeking. {M or Male character.}  (Read 367 times)

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Seeking. {M or Male character.}
« on: August 27, 2011, 11:51:36 AM »
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I displeased my master once again. I wasn't where he had asked me to be, in fact I was minutes late due to homework. However, I must be punished for my actions. He gave me 25 lashes to my backside using a flogger. After he was satisfied I had learned my lesson and to be on time at all costs, he moved to tell me that I had lost out on a reward I was to be getting that night. He told me I had been such a good pet that he was going to let another man take control over me, if only for the night.

I was a little bummed that I had lost on my reward, but my face didn't show any of my feelings. My eyes were at his shoes as I whispered, "Yes master."

I could hear the smile in his voice as he told me, "For ruining such a good night and such a great photo shoot opportunity, I shall make you the prop tonight instead of the star."

That hurt the most as I always wanted to be the model everyone wanted. It was what I was in school for. Photography and arts.  I was going to be a model and a photographer by the time I eventually got out of school. "Yes sir." I said, my voice remaining calm as I said it.

Over the next hour, he had me in various poses being the dominate in all the picture. But it was never the dominate that got the glory, not when they were covered head to toe in latex. No one would know who the dom was in this picture, they never were shown in my master's pictures.

As the photo shoot ended, he dismissed everyone but me and led me to his study. "Now, until we talk again, I don't want you coming, I don't even want you showing yourself pleasure." He paused for a few seconds and it made me wonder what else he was going to say.

He didn't say anything else as everything went in a darkness. He had blindfolded me and the distinct noise of a zipper falling was heard. I gulped a little, wondering what he was going to do to me. My questioned were answered as I felt myself pushed against a desk and bent over it. My skirt was pushed up. "Now You are not going to questioned me on what I am about to do, but it is about time I claimed you as mine for good."

I knew what he was talking about and I started to worry. The only hole he hadn't laid claim to was my asshole. All thoughts left my head as I suddenly felt his cock push into my ass. There was no lube, no warning and defiantly no preparations. But it was part of my punishments. I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from screaming out in pain. One thing Master E doesn't like is noise of any sort. The tears started to fall down my cheeks as he picked up his speed and eventually started moaning beside me.

The pain never subsided, knowing I was ripped and bleeding as I felt the rush of his sperm inside my rectum and heard him say. "Mine!" I heard him whisper. The next second he had pulled out. But my ass was not left alone. He moved his fingers inside my ass, keeping his cum in me, I figured. The next second, I felt the fingers leave and something else enter my ass. This item was bigger then his dick, and fatter too. Bitting the inside of my cheek, I tasted blood and almost didn't hear him say. "Now, get out of here and keep that in there until I summon you again."

I nodded my hips and pushed my skirt down before leaving his house and heading home. Luckily my roommate wasn't home. I knew I wouldn't be able to answer any questions if he had seen me.

Kristi smiled as she hit post on her blog. Kristi was your average women with dark secrets. The women in the blog was her all the way, the desires, the dreams all of it. The only thing that wasn't right was that there was no Master E. And even though her writing were mere fantasies, she knew they were popular and always kept up on the comments she had gotten on her blog. At the age of 25, all of her readers actually believed what she had written under her secret name, Secret Slave.

Closing the site and then closing her laptop, she wandered out in the living room, wearing a simple robe and clearly no plug in her ass. She was looking for her best friend. Not seeing him, she said, "I am taking a shower." She rolled her eyes wondering what he was doing, if he was even there.

Going back into her room, she grabbed a small basket with her bathroom stuff before slipping into the bathroom. Closing the door but not even bothering on locking it, she started the shower. She knew her friend wouldn't come into the bathroom and knew she had at least 20 minutes to herself before her friend came to bother her.

Taking a thick dildo out of her basket, she laid it on the edge of the bathtub before getting in. The rest of her stuff wasn't really going to be needed as she wasn't really taking a shower to clean up but to release some sexual tension.

As her skin got used to the heat from the shower, she took the thick dildo and turned it on. The vibrations could be heard but not over the running water unless you had your ear to the door. Rubbing against her clit, she moaned and leaned against the wall. She kept it there until she came the first time. Then she slowy pushed into her dripping cunt and fucked herself on it. Though she didn't keep at it for long before she took it out. Propping her foot up on the edge of the tub, she pushed the 10 inch dildo into her ass in one shove, enticing a rather loud moan from her lips. She knew he would hear that if he had been listening. Fucking herself on the dildo, she turned it on to the highest control and with her free hand started to rub her clit. She came again within seconds and another moan slipped out, though she bite her lip to keep it quiet.

Happy and satisfied, she pulled the cock out of her ass and rinsed it under the water. Laying it down on the toilet, she cleaned herself up a little before getting out of the shower. Wrapping a towel around her body, she slipped the dildo in her basket and then went to her room. She didn't care if he saw her because it wasn't something he hadn't seen before. Well almost.

After getting dressed in short shorts and a revealing tank top, she went out to the couch and sat down, turning on to her series, House.

I am looking to revive this idea again. I played it out once, and it kind of died.

Kristi is your everyday average gal. She is in college, roommates with her best friend. She is going for a degree in photography as the post said. She doesn't leave the apartment unless she is going out with friends (which is normally every weekend) or is going to class. Her roommate and her had one night of sex, however it was too Van for her. Since, both has thought of the other, and never really going further then just thoughts. She thinking he is to vanilla and him well he knows why she shot him down so many times and is afraid to admit that he could be different. Especially considering that night they were both a little drunk and not completely aware.

I see her roommate being her number one fan and reads her blog all the time, leaving her comments and requests. He wouldn't know that the blogger is his roommate, but almost wish she was, and he could do some of the darker side of things to her. I don't see the truth coming out within the first few posts. I see the blogging going on for a while, each time adding more to the story and more to the moment it does come out.

This would go into either Bondage or Extreme. All depends on what you see your character wanting to do. Please, PM me or IM me. Don't reply in this thread.