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A lot of ideas here. I shall try and use this as my one and only thread for game ideas.

For small-group-game ideas, see this Thread

Posts will be organized into topics. All ideas in this thread require 1 Female Partner each. For multi-role games, I will play all Male roles.

Clicking on images in most cases will reveal a larger version.

Please refer to my On/Offs before contacting me over a game.

If interested in a game, make sure you state which Idea you are interested in when you PM me.

If the picture inspires a different sort of Idea then what I have posted, please share it with me!

One on One Pairings
Older/Younger Pairings
Small Group (2 F + 1 M) Pairings
Solo Female + Multi Men Pairings

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Single Girl + Multi Men Pairings

NSFW My Wife

My Wife is a Whore

Simon has been happily married to his wife. Their love life is about average. They have sex a couple times a week, both get off during it, but there is no kinky sex involved. He’s always wanted to take her in the ass but that has always been off limits for him. But something has changed. He just knows it.

For instance, he gives her an allowance to spend on her needs every week. But some of the new clothes and things she buys far exceed the allowance he gives her. When confronted she claims that she is just good at bargaining the prices down. Little does he know that that is a lie. His wife, you see, has a supplemental income.

His wife is a whore. She has her own website and posts images and videos of her and other men. Her clients pay her good money and she will only do threesomes. Two men, Two Men, or Couples. Those are her rules. Simon finds out by setting up a hidden camera to peer into his bedroom window. He watches as she takes on two guys. He is shocked when they doublepenetrate her. Apparently she wanted to keep her ass nice and tight for her clients!

What will Simon do next?

Looking for Simons wife who is open to multiple partners, some bondage and humiliation.

NSFW A Secret Affair

A Secret Affair

A CEO is looking to hire a new secretary. But she needs to pass a few tests before being hired. For starters, she is expected to go above and beyond your average secretary. It wasn’t part of the job description but the new secretary need good oral and group skills. She needs to be able to seal-the-deal. She has to start by sealing-the-deal with her married new boss.

The CEO will hire based on looks and skills. He will take them all into careful consideration before making his decision. Attached to the ad is a profile form needed to be filled out by applicants who desire the position.

Pictures: (show off your best looks)
Brief Bio:

A simple add and a simple form. But will they know ‘exactly’ what they are getting in for when they come for the interview?

Looking for a secretary willing to get on her knees for her boss and his clients and business partners. Possible romance as well.

NSFW The Birthday Bang

The Birthday Bang

John and his wife are very open with each other. They’re happily married but have recently been talking about their sexual fantasies. His wife, for instance, has never had a threesome or been with a nice big black cock. So John decides to give her both for her birthday.

John quickly finds to black guys willing to bang his wife in front of him. John has always been a bit of a voyeur and knows that it will turn his wife on as well. She is shocked when she discovers what her birthday present is but also very excited. They waste little time on pleasantries and John makes sure he films the entire thing.

Looking for a Wife to be banged by two black cocks. This can also develop into a longer story as they both explore their fantasies and fetishes.

NSFW The Conquest of Ms Rose

Ms. Rose’s Conquest

Refer to the Image for this one. I have two variations in mind. There will be a certain amout of plot and seduction needed in both to get them to work. I will playing all three guys (as pictured). What I have written for the ideas is essentially the bare bones of what I want to happen with no details included.

Option 1:
Ms Rose is a young teacher in HighSchool. She craves her students and quietly seduces 3 of them individually (I will play a Jock, a Nerd/Geek, and a Nobody) before throwing them all a party where they stuff all of her holes at the same time. (Alternate: Ms Rose seduces fellow teachers to gangbang her)

Option 2:
Ms Rose is a very horny student and seduces three teachers (History, English, PE) before embarking on her goal of having them all bang her at the same time. (Can picture this as being like three Teacher/Student RPs rolled into one, requiring a lengthy seduction and exploration of each teacher before getting to the mail goal. The same goes for Option 1).

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Older / Younger Pairings

NSFW Teen Addiction

Teen Addiction

Sasha has always had a thing for older men. Especially her uncle. Only a teen herself, she has a thing for older men. When her Uncle comes to visit, she just can’t help but flirt with him. She wears a skimp, see-through night gown with matching panties and stockings and goes down stairs. Daddy has run out to the grocery store but Uncle is there, snoozing on the couch. It doesn’t take much to wake him up and get him excited and soon the two are fucking on the Couch. But when Daddy gets home he decides to join in the fun and Sasha is more then eager for the attentions of her two favorite older men.

Looking for Sasha See picture collection here.

NSFW The Girl Next Door

A Helping Hand from the Girl Next Door

Natalie has just bought a new house using her families wealth. At 18 years old, she just had to get out from living with her parents. Its moving day but her help has ditched her. Luckily, her neighbors on either side are two older men who are shooting the breeze together. They agree to help the cute teen girl move in her furniture.

But Natalie doesn’t have any cash to give them for their efforts. She does find the men attractive so decides that they can work out a plan. She makes them sit on the new couch they had brought in before giving them a dance they will never forget. The following day she discovers that both men are married but that doesn’t seem to stop them from being willing to help her out again.

Looking for Natalie. Want to turn this long-term with her striking up affairs with her older neighbors who are much more experienced then her. She could possibly dote on them like fathers and they could be her sugar-daddy.

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Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

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Small Group Ideas (Generally Seeking 2 F, or 1 F to play two roles).

NSFW Mail Order Wives

Mail Order Wives

Nikolas Grovski was rich. Filthy rich. For years he had been considered one of the areas most eligible bachelors due to his good looks and immense wealth. But he had never married. Never. He had dated numerous women but none had ever made it to the engagement stage with him.

Now, Nikolas is in his 50’s and many people think he will marry a Widow of similar age and standing. But that is not that case. Nikolas, despite his age, has the vigor of a man half his age. He also has some interesting tastes.

Using his network of contacts and his wealth, he has ordered two Mail Order Brides from mother Russia. The girls are young - in their late teens or early twenties - and are drawn by the money and the chance at a better life in the USA.

Nikolas can certainly provide them with all of that. His wealth is in the Billions, his multiple homes are large leading to a life of luxury. But Nikolas has his kinks and only two women can fulfill them. His first wife(to be) has to be a trophy wife. A woman who is stunningly beautiful but also intelligent and smart. She has to have a flair and desire for being shown off in public while also being a bit of an exhibitionist to match Nikolas’s desires. The second wife, on the other hand, is strictly a home wife. She is meant to entertain groups of guests and be able to endure long sessions of being bound at home. Both wives, of course, will need to be submissive to Nikolas otherwise he will be sending them back to Russia.

Looking for Two Russian Wives. A trophy wife who can switch (domme over the other woman, sub to Nikolas) and a sex-slave wife he enjoys bondage and group sex.

NSFW Marital Threesome

Marital Threesome

Susan and Mark have been married for two years now. Everything between them is great. But Susan didn’t use to be the one-man kind of girl. In fact, in college, she had never really been interested in men at all. She had been interested in women. She had only gone to men after a messy breakup with her girlfriend.

A girlfriend whom she is now back in contact with and meets for lunch one day. They quickly discover they have feelings for each other but Susan has said her vows and wants to stay loyal to her husband. And her ex-girlfriend has still never been with a man, though is not a virgin (toys).

The two kiss, passionately, and Susan devises a plan. A way for them all to be happy. She invites her ex to stay with them since the ex has just moved into town. Its while she’s staying with them that Susan asks Mark how he would feel about having a threesome with the Ex. Will Mark allow this? And how will it change their marriage?

Quite simple. I need Susan, a loving wife who has a strong craving for women, and I need the Ex-Girlfriend, who has never been touched by Man but is more then willing to if it means having sex with Susan as well]

NSFW Roommates


Blond and Brunette are college roommates. Brunette is a Business Major and is dating Randy, an English Major. Blond is majoring in Art & Design. Randy is Brunettes first real boyfriend and with the warmer weather out the two have been spending more and more time together. They cuddle on the couch and Blond can tell when they’re feeling each other up. She doesn’t mind either, being attracted to both of them.

Brunette and Randy can be loud when they’re fucking and Brunettes door doesn’t shut properly all the time. Little do they know that Blond gets off listening to them banging next door. But Brunette has to go on a Business Trip for a week and since Randys AC is broken she has offered to let Randy stay in her room while she is gone.

Blond is more then happy about this and is working on an Artistic Nude Photography project herself. Once Brunette has gone she invites Randy to her studio and shows him the pictures, some of which are explicit even though they are artistic. She seduces him into modeling for her and is rather impressed by what she sees, especially when she had to lend a helping hand to get him ready.

The two flirt and spend a lot of time together during the week but things culminate when Blond takes Randy to her Uncles mansion for a dip in his pool. With Brunettes impending return, Randy and Blond get it on for what Randy thinks will be the last time, but Brunette returns home on an earlier flight. Randy thinks he is dad until she says, “You guys could have waited for me!”. Apparently the girls had planned this the entire time! How will these new little threesome change their dynamics?

Looking for Blond and Brunette. To keep Blond in action, she can possibly have a flirty tryst with some one on the trip (maybe a Professor?) or some one can play both roles.

NSFW Changing Dynamics

Changing Dynamics

Two roommates go out on a double date with their girlfriends. They go to dinner and then clubbing, the two girls seemingly getting along just fine with each other though its the first time they’ve ever met. The couples get horny through dancing and soon return to their shared college dorm room to spend the night.

One couple are quick to get naked and start with a little foreplay under the covers. However, things are not so good for the other couple as the guy passes out from drinking too much, despite the best attempts of his horny girlfriend to get him in the mood.

She knows what the other two are doing and really needs to get off herself. Biting her lip, she asks them if she can watch since she won’t be getting any from her guy and really needs to get off. The other couple quickly agree and throw back the covers. But watching soon turns into active participation as she sees what a hunk the other guy is. In the morning she has to admit its the best sex she’s ever had and she wants her boyfriend to know.

She wakes the other couple up by giving the guy another blowjob, forcing her boyfriend to watch while she gets fucked by another guy. The couple are more then happy with this and the other girl goes over to stroke the Drunks cock into life and jerk him off while her man does the girl.

Essentially looking for the two girlfriends in this one, I will play both guys. The Drunk BF will enjoy being humiliated by his girlfriend and a ‘foursome’ dynamic will evolve out of this. Also looking to explore the mental aspects as the players change.

NSFW The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

The Robinsons are Swingers. In their early 30’s, both are attractive and very active. But nothing gets them going more then having sex with other couples and other people. They love each other dearly and have sex frequently on their own, but the Swingers Party’s they attend almost weekly are what really gets them going. They try and film every session.

Mr. Robinson is wealthy through business so they live in an affluent neighborhood with a large house and pool. None of their neighbors know what is going on either. But their one neighbor, an attractive 18 year old girl, has always caught their eye. She house sits for them while they are away. And now the Robinsons want to invite her into their bedroom.

But the girl is conservative and does not flaunt what she has. They don’t even think she’s had sex yet. And they’re right. She’s a virgin, brought up in a strict household, though part of her wants to get free. The Robinsons allows her to use their pool whenever and its one day when she goes over to use the pool while Mr Robinson is out that she walks in on Mrs. Robinson topless in the pool.

The two get to talking and the nervous and shy girl finally takes her top off to enjoy the feel of the water on her skin. Mrs Robinson pries her for information and starts to work away the barriers on the poor girl, trying to relax her and make her more comfortable. It starts to work.

The Robinsons purposely leave one of their videos in the player when they go off for a week long trip at an exclusive swingers resort. But Mr. Robinson comes back early for business and the curious Teen is in the middle of watching the video, laying virtually naked on the couch touching herself. Mr Robinson quickly jumps on the occasion and introduces her to her first real cock.

Its not long after that that they have their first threesome together, slowly working the teen out of her conservative shell.

Looking for some one to play the Wife who is an Equal to Mr. Robinson, while looking for a shy but bi-curious girl for the Girl Next Door role. This will certainly involve multi-cocks for the wife (and possibly the teen) and all sorts of sexual positions.[/i[

NSFW The Babysitter

Banging the Babysitter

Rick and Sarah have a baby but often go out at night to party. So they hire a babysitter to look after their kid. Rick always drives her home afterwards and the two have been flirting for some time. But Rick wants to take things further with the Babysitter, Rachel. So, he starts talking with her again in the car and offers her a little extra for a kiss on the lips. Rachel knows better but is attracted to the older man so agrees. When his hands start feeling her small breasts she doesn’t protest even though he hadn’t ‘paid’ for it.

The next night he doesn’t even ask and goes in for the kill. Rachel can’t protest at all and willingly goes along for the ride. They stop in a park and lay out a blanket and get to know each other much more intimately. Rachel has never had a lover like Rick before.

Ricks wife, Sarah, knows all about it though. She is in on it. She even come home early some nights and gets to know Rachel a bit better. They compare tits and even make out a few times. Rachel is in heaven but thinks the two don’t know about each other.

Rick calls Rachel over early one day but the baby is in daycare. Its really just a booty call. But Sarah is home, hidden. As Rachel gets naked and goes down on Rick, Sarah comes out of the closet and joins in the fun. Rachels little ‘secret’ isn’t a secret anymore but the fun is only just beginning for the teen.

Looking for Bi-Rachel and Bi-Sarah. This will involve a few episodes between the characters before the threesome. Then I see things getting raunchier as they take Rachel on a vacation with them somewhere exotic.

NSFW The Pool Boy


Quite simple really. Looking for some one to play the two pictured girls who easily seduce the Pool Boy into some hot, kinky fun. More pictures here

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One on One Pairings

NSFW Diary of a Voyeur

Diary of a Voyeur

I live in a U-Shaped Apartment building. I live on a corner apartment, with a view stretching over the pool area and of course the apartments on the other side. On a hot day the windows are open and pool activity picks up. It lets me check out the girls in bikinis from the safety of my own apartment.

A girl across the way does not know I can see in her windows when her blinds are open. I like watching watching her. Alone in her apartment with her two small dogs, she is herself. Lounging around in the mornings she wears short shorts and t-shirt with no bra. Her breasts are nice - I can tell when she doesn’t wear a bra.

At night time it is easier to see in. I make sure all my lights are off before peeking. She lives directly across from me but one floor down. It allows me to look deeper into her home. I like watching her play with her dogs. Its the real her.

When she goes outside by the pool, I know that she is putting on a front. Her body language is all different. She is more rigid and guarded, not as carefree. She wears bras. I know she is single because she lives alone and is there every night.

She is beautiful and i am falling in love with her.

Creepy? Yes! Looking for some one to play the girl in the picture. further plot can be discussed with interest parties later.

NSFW My Brothers Wife

My Brothers Wife

Mary married the wrong Brother. She knew it. Her husband, the older of the two, was always away on business. He did not pay much attention to her anymore. She was even pretty sure that he was banging his secretary (and who knows who else?) on the side. He was working later each night and always had dinners to go to. Mary was starting to feel lonely and used.

But Mark...Mark had always been friendly towards her, ever since the day they had met. They were the same age and had similar interests. Mark was a free spirit compared to his brother. He loved the outdoors and always seemed so down to Earth. He didn’t flaunt the families money and he always had an ear for her. They had kept up a sporadic contact via email over the past two years.

And Mark was in town. He had driven down from the mountains to pick some stuff up from the town house Mary and her husband lived in. But a snow storm was going to force Mark to spend the night. Mary did not mind. Her husband was out of town. But she couldn’t bear to think of Mark freezing his ass off on her couch (the spare bedroom had been converted into a seldom-used office.

Knowing better, she invites him upstairs to share her bed. She was cold and could use a snuggle buddy. He reluctantly agreed. She really couldn’t read him. But as the two get under the covers and start to snuggle together to keep warm, while she be willing to resist the temptation of taking what she has always wanted?

Looking for Mary, the conflicted with. This I plan to turn into a longer story, dealing with their emotions after the one-night-stand, especially as they are all supposed to go to their parents home for Christmas. To be discussed with interested parties.

NSFW Taming Big Sister

Taming Big Sister

Jason has always had a thing for his older (by 2 years) sister. He has to agree with everyone else in school that she is hot. And they don’t even see her in her night gowns! Jason certainly has a thing for some of her friends too. And he is convinced that she constantly flaunts what she has just to tease him.

Jason’s sister also harbors a dark secret. She likes to be bound up and tied. Only one of her girlfriends knows though and she constantly comes over. The two enjoy tying each other up and posting the pictures - always topless or scantily clad. Jason happens upon them one day, searching for images for a growing curiosity he has. It only turns him on even more.

So, one night, when his sister is wearing a nightgown that barely covers the curve of her ass, he decides he has had enough. Luckily, their parents are out of town for the week (Spring Break for brother and sister too) so he has all the time in the world. He sneaks into her room while she is sleeping on her stomach and binds her hands behind her, waking her up in the process.

He rubs himself against her now bared ass as he whispers all the naughty things he wants to do to her in her ear. She responds kindly in turn, more then turned on at the thought of having sex while being bound up, even if its her own brother giving it to her. This will certainly change the sibling dynamics in the family.

Looking for an older more sexual sister for this one, some one who likes to be bound up. Possible NC tones. Would also like to see her friend join in on the fun, with some forced F/F and M/F/F threesomes.

NSFW The Perfect Woman

The Perfect Woman

Andrew is a happy man. He is attractive, young, and has a bright future. All he is missing is the perfect woman. But that is the hardest thing of all to find. He dates, frequently, has sex, frequently, but nothing ever really catches him.

Until he sees her.

A petite girl, toned and fit, working out in the gym. Somewhere around 21 years old (he is 28). Brunette. There is just something about her that draws him to her. He goes to the gym at the same time for a few days, always watching her. They even say hi but the conversation does not extend beyond that. He follows her home and begins to learn everything about her. He is a cop.

He prepares his home for her. The basement, precisely. And then he kidnaps her. He finally has his Perfect Woman. All he needs to do is train her before revealing her to the world.

Looking for a toned girl for a game of Master/Slave. Stockholm Syndrome is a must, to the point where she is willing to marry him and can be taken around in public. She will never reveal that he kidnapped her and will even tell her family she took a spur of the moment vacation and went off the grid which is why she didn’t call them. All sorts of elements in this one. I expect her to be the perfect slave.

NSFW I’m in love with a Hooker, yo!

I’m in love with a Hooker

Drew had never been to the red light district before. He had never wanted to go. He had never needed to go. But his girlfriend had just broken up with him and he needed to fuck. More precisely, he needed to fuck another girl. But he was in no state to go pick one up at a bar. Those kind of girls could sense when they were to be a pity fuck.

So he drives around until he spots her. A hooker. A shy hooker. She is a little more conservatively dressed then the others. Her tits are all real. She doesn’t flaunt herself or put herself out there like the other girls. So he pulls up to her. Apparently, he’ll be her first John.

Neither of them really know what to do, so he takes her back to his place. A few drinks later and the two are soon in bed together. She is far more into it then he’d have thought and he can’t tell whether or not she fakes her orgasms. But she sucks cock like a pro and her hips...oh, how her hips can move! Drew decides that it might be the best fuck of his life.

She’s gone in the morning but not from Drews mind. For some reason he can’t stop thinking about her. That night he goes back and finds her. Her hands are down his pants on the drive back home and this time they skip the drinks and go right to the sex. And she stays the night, the two of them talking. He cooks her breakfast in the morning.

Could Drew be falling in love with a hooker?

Looking for a shy hooker who can flirt and be seductive.

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Looking/Available for New Games


Post-Apocalyptic Tales w/ Famous People

More details can be discussed if interested.

NSFW Hailey Young

The Slavers

The New City of Lost Angels was not what it had once been. The end had come swiftly. There was no explanation. Those that survived didn't stop to ask what had happened. They were far too focused on survival. Small pockets of human survivors sprung up once the chaos died down. New mini-kingdoms sprung up from the Chaos.

Chuck had used his knowledge of all things Medieval to carve a kingdom for himself. He had shown people how to survive and they had in return named him leader. Nerdy Chuck, who girls would never look twice at, was now living like a King. Men, strong men, men the girls flocked to, answered to him! Their survival depended on him. He might not be a just ruler but it ensured survival.

Slave Trading was the new 'thing' to do. Bodies for materials. Bodies for fighting. Bodies for building. Those who were weak were turned into slaves. And there Chuck was, still a virgin, but about to change that. The first group of female slaves his men had captured were being brought past him.

A long-legged beauty was brought before him. "Name and past occupation." He asked. He was looking for a certain type of girl.

"Hailey Young." She said. "Former Pornstar."

The words cut through him like fire. He hadn't expected a Pornstar to have survived this long. But that meant she certainly possessed some skills. He waved away the last three girls.

"Well, Hailey." What a delightful name. What delightful legs. He couldn't wait to see her naked. "What if I told you that you were to show me these past-life skills of yours? If you pass the test, I think I'll take you as my consort. My Queen, in essence."

Looking for Hailey Young. Google for more pictures of her.

NSFW Dani Woodward

You are mine, now!

Mark walked silently through the woods. He had spied on the Slavers Camp for a day before moving on. The women were kept naked in their cage, occasionally dragged off into one of the worn down buildings to be fucked by the Slavers or toyed with for their enjoyment. But they were well fed and sheltered. The men were beaten more frequently and were used as a Slave-Labor Force, repairing walls and moving supplies around. The area may have once been a campground, but ever since the World Ended things like that didn't matter anymore.

He paused as he saw a lone figure walking the trail. A moment later and he recognized her. He'd always wondered what had happened to famous people. Of course, she wasn't a famous person. Well, she had been to some including him. She'd been a pornstar. How had she managed to survive this long on her own?

Well, if she kept heading in that direction she'd be joining the slaves. If anyone else recognized her she'd surely be able to put her talents to use. She'd probably enjoy it. Speaking of 'it', Mark couldn't remember his last time. But looking at her he knew that she could sate his desires. And if she wanted to live, she could sate them every night. And he could use her pussy as a bargaining chip for other things too. Yes. He would protect, feed, and cloth her but she would have to fuck on command.

He slowly stepped out onto the path in front of her. His Army BDUs were well worn as was the gun he held in his hand. "Hello, Dani. You don't know me but I know you - well, at least what sort of acting you did. If you keep heading down this path it'll be put to a good test. Theres a Slavers Camp down there. So you can keep going that way, or you can join with me."

Looking for Dani Woodwar. Google for more pictures.]

NSFW Melissa Doll

If Only I had Died...

Melissa Doll had nearly died in the throes of passion. The stud fucking her the moment the World Ended certainly had. And his death had saved her, his body shielding hers. Afterwards she had managed to crawl out from under his lifeless body. But she was naked, with no clothes. It hadn't taken long for her to be preyed upon.

Three men approached her. She knew what they wanted. And as they took her inside a building and upstairs to a bed, she felt herself growing wet with desire. She had become a pornstar for a reason. She loved to fuck. And even though she knew she shouldn't, she was happy that that part of her life hadn't been taken from her.

Her body was young and nubile, her pussy and ass were tight. Men desired her. And in this new world she found herself in, men would take her whether she wanted them to or not. And was it really all that bad as the other woman made it seem? She loved getting fucked and now thats all she had to do to bed fed, clothed, sheltered and protected.

What more could a woman want?

Seeking Melissa Doll

NSFW Elisha Cuthbert

Taming a Movie Star

Elisha Cuthbert. It most certainly was one of the Hollywood Elite. So fucking hot too! And all his! He had found her wandering the streets alone. She was certainly lost with out all the technology and paparazzi. How amazing it was to see some one who once had so much reduced to nothingness.

He hadn't hinted that he knew who she was. He only asked for her first name. And she had come willingly with him, into his broken home, like so many girls before her. And she had eaten and drank what he had offered her. And when she had felt sleepy, from the drugs he had slipped her, he had taken her to lie down on his bed. She had passed out before he had gotten her there.

And so he had stripped her and bound her arms to the head board. Oh yes, he was finally taking what was rightfully his. This one, he would keep longer then the others. She was beautiful and meant so much more to him. They had never given him the time of day before even as he got them their coffees. She was his first star, so he would treat her special

So very special. He disrobed himself and lay down on top of her, feeling her beautiful body pressed against his larger one. His hands reach up to caress her breasts. He nearly jizzes himself right then. So wrong but so right. But he wouldn't do anymore until she woke up.

Seeking a Fallen Star.

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Plot Heavy Ideas - Much discussion to take place with interested partners.

Mayday! Mayday!

“Mayday! Mayday!”

   These were the last words Peter heard, coming from the open cockpit door of a Dakota C-47 Transpor Plane. Peter, of course, was sitting right next to the open doorway, pressing himself as close to the steel partition as he could. He had been doing this ever since Stanley, the man seated beside him, chest had exploded outward. The same bullets that had torn through both the fuselage and Stanleys chest had then blown apart Nurse Susans head before exiting out the other side of the fuselage. Nurse Susan had been sitting opposite Stanley, engaging the man in conversation.

   Peter was a Private in the Army of teh United States of America. War with Japan had been raging for some time now and he had finally been drafted into service. Fresh out of Basic Training, Peter had been enjoying his first ever airplane flight - up until this very moment. Noe he was consider the fact that soiling himself was the worst thing that had happened to him so far. Peter and those onboard the supply plane were in for a world of hurt.

   The C-47 Dakota was the workhorse of the USA. It could transport men and supplies over vast distances. Both could also be parachuted out of the plane if runways were not available. Unfortunately, this flight had not been equipped with parachutes and nor had its human occupants been trained in their usage. The Dakota was plummeting to towards the Pacific. Only the pilots knew it had been strafed by a lone Zero attacking out of the sun. What it had been doing out here in the middle of the Pacific was anyones guess. The pilots braced fo impact as a lone Island raced up out of the Pacific to  meet them. With a terrible screeching of metal being torn apart, Peters world went dark and silent.

Seeking a Nurse to be stranded on an Island with Pvt Peter

NSFW Ambush on a Slave Planet

It was a Trap!
The Illecini had set the bait and they had just walked straight into it. Plasma bolts and lazer fire cut half of them down in the first few seconds. There was no where to hide and the comm-chatter was filled with the screams of the wounded and dying

Richelli didn't want to die on this backwards world. His battle armor was scorched by another plasma bolt and he huffed the ground even tighter. He slowly crawled forwards, pulling up tufts of grass and dirt. Anywhere but there was a good place to move to. And a moving target was harder to hit. He almost laughed in spite of himself.

The thick jungle goilage gave way under him and in landed in some foul smelling water. But he was safe - for the time being. He quickly looked around to gather his bearings. Apparently a stream cut its way through the thick jungle, vines and plants matting over it to form a tunnel of sorts. Just wide enough for a Marine in battle armor to crawl through. Each should dug into the earthern sides.

"Alpha Squad on me!" He broadcast his location before rolling onto his stomach. He began crawling through the murky water. He did not get a response. Not until a heavy weight fell onto his legs. It was the Squad Medic, the only female in Alpha Squad (though half of Beta was Female). He could tell by her white-and-red armor that distinguished her as a Medic.

The two of them began to crawl their way to freedom.


Much to be discussed with potential parter.

Looking for the female medic, as pictured. Nice, toned body with perky breasts.

NSFW Save by a whore?

Rockthorn Sunwalker was not your average Dwarf. In fact his name was very unusual itself, even for a Dwarf. During his birthing day, as has been the case for thousands of years, the very first words from his fathers mouth would be his name. His father, a known warrior, had pricked his thumb on a Rockthorn and had blurted it out before sucking on his thumb. And thus, Rockthorn quite accidentally got his first name.

His surname, on the other hand, has a far less exciting and a far more practical origin. You see, Rockthorn despit ehis name was a rather strong warrior like his father. But Rockthorn had an obsession with going topside and onto the surface. He always volunteered to go on Surface Raids and patrols. Only exiled Dwarves lived on the surface but even they stayed close to their mountain homes. Rockthorn was unique in his desire to abandon the mines and walk beneath the sun.

Thus Rockthorn finds himself as a unique Dwarves amongst dwarves and one of the few to have ever ventured freely amongst the surface dwellers. He certainly draws attention wherever he goes but solely for his Race, and not the heavy drinking and brawling the Dwarves are known for. In fact he leaves a rather good impression behind wherever he stays.

The greatest thing Rockthorn has discovered in his travels is women. Human, Elves, and everything in between. He loves them all. They are all beautiful and warm and soft, a far cry from Dwarven Women. He is quite sure all Dwarven men would abandon the mines if they knew the wonders of such women. Rockthorn himself frequents the Brothels and jumps at ever opportunity to bed a woman (or women) settling all their curiosities about his body.

Little does he know that one such woman is about to save his life.

The Princess and the Thief

Sam was dead as a Butchers Meat.

There was no way he was going to be able to talk his way out of this one. Oh no they were going to premanently silence him. And it hadn't even been his fault! He had long used the abandoned factory on the wharf to get away from the other Thieflings, especially when Boxer was in one of his moods. And tonight had been one of those nights. Only tonight, the Chieflings had met below him on the factory floor. A cloaked man arrived in a boat and they had talked.

Sam had blanched at what he heard. He stepped on a broken piece of glass as he tried to sneak out and the hchase had been on. He had evaded them and returned for his things - his worldly possessions - thinking to leave the city itself. But the Bruisers had come. No one ever lived when the Bruisers came for you. They'd have all the exits covered as well.

Which is why Sam was headed to the Royal Palace - the last place any thief would willingly go. He evaded the guards and climbed higher and higher. He wasnt sure where he was going, having never ventured this far into the Upper Districts, but he saw an open door on a balcony. Climbing in, he knew it was death if he was caught  - by Palace Guards or the Bruisers. But the Sleeping Beauty lying asleep inside was none other then the Princess. Sure as anyone he would recognize her. And her life was in danger.

But would she really listen to a dirt street Urchin who had crawled in through her open Balcony? Or would she even have a choice in the matter?

The Amazons

Oscar Wilde is an Anthologist. He loves discovering ancient ruins and Lost Tribes. Many regard him as the leading expert on such matters and his name is well  known. But he is about to embark on perhaps his most challenging quest yet - to discover the fabled Tribe of the Amazons.

His journey will take him deep into uncharted territory and through the lands of Headhunters. As such Oscar will be escorted by a group of Spanish Conquistadors. Their leader, Hidalgo, has bee charged with a quest of his own - to find the Lost City of Gold rumored to be in the same area as the Amazons.

Two weeks into the Expedition, the troupe suffering in the sweltering heat and dense jungle, are attached by the Amazons. Oscar faints in the heat of battle and comes to in a cool hut, being attended to by two naked women. It would seem that he has finally found his lost tribe of Amazon Women. But where are all the men?

Seeking an Amazon

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The Life of a Pornstar

Taylor Rain had moved to Hollywood. She had left Ohio behind the second she had turned 18, getting out of that dead beat town. She wanted to become a Movie Star. But despite everything people said about her, she had been here a month already and had not landed a single gig. She was down to her last $2500. Rent alone was $2000, which meant she had to live on $500 for the remainder of the month. Food, Clothes, and Gas. Thats what she would have to limit herself to. Filling up her beatup car would cost $50 at a time. Not much to live by with all the driving she would have to do. And if that clunker broke down...well, she didn't know what she'd do!

Porn. Thats what she would have to do to make ends meet. Lots of the girls talked about it. But even then it was never an assured thing though it could pay easily $1000 per shoot. And she did like having sex, so how bad could it be? But first she'd need to find an agent to get into the business.

So essentially the idea behind this game is to follow the rise of a Teenaged Pornstar. I'll keep track of money and will periodically have things happen to her - like her car breaks down - or give her a few options to pick from, all influenced by her living and financial situation.

As for her rise, it'll also depend on certain decisions and shoots she does.

The only requirement for this one is that the girl be 18 Years Old and the player have NO limits. I'm talking anal sex, anal to maw, cum facials, older/younger, gangbangs, bondage, etc - everything you see in porn essentially. I'll play the male and occasional female roles.

If you're up for a different sort of game, this is it! Send me a PM.

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A Brothers Wife is the only one taken at this point. Will be updating with other ideas shortly.

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