A Committed Wife Character for a Long Term Pet RP

Started by Swordsman18, August 27, 2011, 06:22:40 AM

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A partner (Koi) and I are looking for a wife character in a pet role play.

The story:

A married couple have been trying to have a child for the longest time. Yet no matter what they do or try to do, no child is conceived, let alone born. The husband is not bothered by this for a while but he still wants children quite badly, and his wife wants to give him children and can't. As time passes the husband suggests to his wife that she have a full check to see if there is anything wrong with her fertility. She had been putting it off for a long time hoping for the news that she already knew to be true. She was infertile. The doctor told her the news, and she went home to her husband who was also a doctor, and explained to him that she would never birth his offspring.

For a while they tried looking to adopt a kid, get a surrogate mother, but nothing seemed to work to produce them a child. And then in a fit of anger the wife suggests he just grab a girl off the street and fuck her till a child is born. Wheels start to turn in both of their heads as they are desperate for a child. A friend of his from High School, a woman he calls about once a week, has a daughter in college two states over. Her family had always been known to be a group of Fertile Myrtles as they are sometimes called. All of the girls are known to get pregnant easily. And since the mother is far away, also in another state she would not be trouble to their plan.

So they plan to kidnap the college age daughter and breed her for their children.

Now I must ask for a character profile of the wife you are going to play should you be interested in the game and it goes a little something like this:

Name:______ (Maiden Name)-Meyers
Age: (?≥30)
Appearance (real pictures only). Also add any other descriptions of your character you would like):
Write your post of how the wife would react to seeing the girl in which they are to be breeding for the first time as they lie in wait for her:

We also require that you post at least 2 times in a week.