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January 21, 2022, 01:32:54 am

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Author Topic: LF female for college age manipulation / mind control ERP  (Read 793 times)

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LF female for college age manipulation / mind control ERP
« on: August 27, 2011, 01:44:56 am »

This idea was taken and the thread has already completed.
Thanks to my wonderful co-author.

I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for a few days and was wondering if any women out there might be interested in giving it a go.  Here's the setup:

You - a young college student, sophmore or junior year at a boring college out in the middle of no where.  There's a small town a few miles from the college, but you don't own a car and there's not a lot to do on campus other than drink and fuck.  Unfortunately for you, the female population of the school outweighs the male population six to one thanks to the college's reputation for it's teaching and nursing programs.  To make matters worse, the weather is starting to get cold and rainy this fall and you can't even spend much time outside.  You were lucky enough to win the lotto to get a 'single' dorm room this year, and the cramped, closet like room is starting to smother you.

The icing on the cake is that you're failing one of the required classes for your major, and failing it bad.  You already took it and failed it last year, you can't afford to fail it again this year.  Luckily for you, Tom is willing to help.  Tom's an older student, you're not sure how old, you think later twenties, but he's cool.  He doesn't act it and he always avoids talking about the fact that he's a bunch of years older than most of the other kids on campus.  Tom's also in the class you're failing, and while he's doesn't come off like a brainiac, he's totally got that class down.  He's even taking the time to help tutor you. But his tutoring sessions were a way to get closer to you so that he could ask you out, and you turned him down.  It's not that he's not good looking, he's ok.  He's not in bad shape, but he's no jock.  He's just... kinda... average.  With being a little older, you just weren't interested and told him so.  That was the end of him tutoring you.  After that your grades in the class began dipping again.

Enter another girl in your dorm.  She took this class last year and is assisting the teacher this year.  She has access to the teacher's files, and one day she sneaks out a copy of a major test and gets it to you.  You cheat and pull a 98% on the test.  There's one problem, Tom sits next to you and saw you cheating.  Now Tom wants to talk to you, alone, in the upper floor lounge in the library tonight.  Is he going to turn you in out of spite?  You think you saw him snap a picture with his iphone of you cheating.  Do you have any choice but to do what he says and meet him in the lounge?

Me - Obviously I'll be playing Tom.  I don't want to do flat out blackmail, you crying as you give in type game.  But I imagine it more like he leaves the choice in her hand and she realizes that she can't risk explusion.  Of course, Tom's sneaky and set up a hidden camera in the lounge knowing they'd be alone.   Maybe he's even going to get the friend involved in the future?  I can see this being more than just a single one shot sex session as Tom starts manipulating her outside of class, in the cafe, on the weekends, etc.

Anyways, that's an idea that's been pingponging around inside my head for a while now.  If anyone's interested, private message me and let's chat about an idea or two before we get into it.  But I do have TWO requirements:
1. You must be willing to post at least once a day, more is better though.
2. You must not have a signature that is 300 lines long or full of long pictures.

I would be willing to play this over emails as well if preferred over forum play.
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