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Author Topic: Adventures of Iron Tail: The Outsider (FazzEagle and Lolo)  (Read 1319 times)

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Adventures of Iron Tail: The Outsider (FazzEagle and Lolo)
« on: August 26, 2011, 10:49:06 PM »
It happened way too suddenly on that day...

"You're not going to stop me this time, Hero!" a sinister voice shouted. It was none other than Evil Tail ( - the revived Great Evil from ancient past and the self-proclaimed 'Future Ruler' of the entire world. Blasting a powerful ray of dark energy forward, he only managed to have it crash viciously on a wall as his arch-rival dodged it just in time. "I'm going to finally regain my True Body and rule this worthless place!"

"Not a chance!" a younger voice retaliated. This time, it came from this world's young 'Hero' - the only person who surprisingly could stand toe-to-toe with this evil menace: Iron Tail (! Facing his evil look-alike as usual, the young boy did not show the fear many would have expressed in Evil Tail's presence. The bracelet locked around the base of his tail started to emit a bright green light, and soon the boy hopped off the raised platform he was standing on and spun around in midair. "Take this...!" His unusual large tail suddenly shared that same green glow and the swing unleashed a crescent-shaped blade of energy lashing right towards his foe!

As the two arch-rivals faced each other off in another one of their 'Good versus Evil' fights, the Hero's comrade and the Villain's minion also did battle - with the former trying to stop the latter from completing the spell.

"You're one annoying girl, you know that!?" Sehsa ( growled, "Stop hiding behind your stupid shield and fight ME!" The Great Evil's minion tightened her grip on her scythe and cut the air in front of her wildly, unleashing a blade-like magic energy right towards the pink rabbit in the other side of the room. "GRAAAAAGH...!!"

"I will not let you threaten the safety of this world..." Despair ( - or 'Des' as she liked being called nowadays - replied calmly. With her hands placed right in front of her, a magic blue bubble shielded her from being harmed by the mad woman's magic. "Leave... now...!"

However, earlier before this fight, Sehsa Nightmare had just infused a lot of her magic into a seal - the whole reason they were currently fighting over - printed on the floor they were doing battle on. Unfortunately for the young Heroes, the magic infused into it was already reacting - though at the moment it escaped anyone's notice!


Meanwhile, in a world far different from their own...

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Re: Adventures of Iron Tail: The Outsider (FazzEagle and Lolo)
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2011, 04:43:18 PM »
(Sorry for the delay, only just got the internet back on my phone and things have been too busy to use the ipod)

Chicargo sat brushing her hair after her peaceful bath, she used all her new products sent from her parents and devine. Slowly she began to get ready, she packed her numerous products for her hair, face and body along with the basic nesecities for camping and clothes. After getting dressed in cute kharki short shorts, a brown clingy spaghetti strap top, a dark grey cardigan and some cute personalised walking boots; she began on her hair. Slowly bit by bit she curled it with super strength hairspray to hold. This way she would retain her curls until tomorrow where she could have sexy waves. Although blessed with full straight black hair, Chicargo was quite pale with bright green eyes, making them stand out drastically. She was a girly girl, and the only reason she was going camping was because of a guy.

Once out in the wilderness, Chicargo sat, her head pounding like a marching band was going all out central forehead. Her sight had gone dizzy and he heartrate had sped up immensly. She told everyone she was going for a lie down, missing out on the fun in the river was a shame but her world was spinning. Easily she lost herself in the mad woods and bush between the river and the campsite, ending up in a naturally clear circle full of grass and wild flowers grew round the edge.

As Chicargo stepped out of the looming trees and into the area her pain disapeared, her sight returned and she felt normal... All except for the air was thick, thicker than it should have been for such an altitude. In her silent mystery she didn't notice her slight wandering closer to something on the floor. It was sparkly and as she looked around it caught her eye.

"What is this...?" It seemed to be printed on the floor and as she approached it, the sparkles intesified... Her right index finger was instantly drawn towards it and as the very tip brushed along the foreign symbols her body convulsed and she disapeared from the world as she knew it...

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Re: Adventures of Iron Tail: The Outsider (FazzEagle and Lolo)
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2011, 11:46:33 AM »
All four fighters were now starting to get tired out from all the physical combat - most especially Iron Tail and Evil Tail, the two arch-rivals who almost literally brought the whole place down. They stood some distance from each other, but nevertheless were face-to-face. Chests heaved; fatigue rising; focus stayed. After letting out a few little pants, Iron Tail suddenly pressed his feet down on the floor, bracing himself while the Bracelet started to shine brightly behind him. Evil Tail, in response, held out his opened hand... only to clutch it back close seconds after followed by a wild, burning purple flame engulfing it. Both knew they were going to give everything they got in their next move. Des and Sehsa, upon noticing this, halted from their own fight for the time being. A brief stare down once more... and the two rivals quickly lunged at each other, letting out a cry.

Would this be the final showdown between the representatives of good and bad?

Will Iron's victory here over Evil Tail finally stop the Overlord-To-Be from regaining his true body, or will Evil Tail's victory here over the Hero spell 'doom' for the world?

... sadly, the answer never came.

As Iron Tail and Evil Tail lunged at each other in the middle of the room, the symbols of the seal underneath them suddenly started to glow, startling both fighters! The light narrowed quickly to the center... before it suddenly exploded right on the spot, sending both Hero and Villain flying across opposite sides of the room. Des, quickly reacting, summoned another blue bubble of energy to surround Iron Tail and protecting him from a hard impact against the wall; Sehsa, without any second thoughts, jumped right behind the flying Evil Tail and caught him, only to be pushed back until she herself crash back-first against the wall.

"What the heck just happened!?" Evil Tail snapped, apparently not caring much for his loyal minion's condition right now.

"Iron Tail, are you alright...?" Des asked, approaching the younger Hero, "Did you hit yourself anywhere...?"

"I'm fine..." Iron Tail assured, "But what -did- happen...?"

As the smoke died down, what they all saw was...

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Re: Adventures of Iron Tail: The Outsider (FazzEagle and Lolo)
« Reply #3 on: August 31, 2011, 04:09:24 PM »
An unconscious girl, her hair strewn across the grass.

As they all looked at her, the markings of the seal tattooing themselves to her left arm. Maybe this was her destiny...

Slowly after what seemed an eternity, Chicargo opened her eyes, rubbing her head where she hit the floor seconds ago.
"Wh...where am I?" Hazily she looked around, her sight not quite normal yet. Her breathing increased and she began to panic as she saw randomly coloured animal like things. She scurried back on the floor with her hands moving like lightning.
"What are you?!" She was almost whispering but her tone was more shocked than scared. One was on the floor, two close together and another standing with an evil demeanour. "Is it...she... Okay?" Her heart tugged in shared pain and her head throbbed again... Why wasn't she scared?

In her own mind Chicargo was as scared as a sheep spotting a wolf close by but yet she felt like she belonged. Her body was reacting of its own accord, slowly she crossed the area, on her feet this time, as she approached the animal like figure the pain increase to her head and gently she brushed across the forehead of this thing before her.
Instantly her pain fizzled out and she backed away as her fingers tingled slightly. It was now that she noticed her hair was back to normal, her shoes had gone and her clothes had changed from her cute shorts, top and cardi to an flowly green and brown dress, hitting the knee gracefully.

"Can... Can someone, please, tell me what's going on?" Her brain was like scambled eggs with too much milk and she had no normlity to grasp to... She felt and emitted her fear, pain and unsettledness, yet as she looked out into the eyes of the others she saw reflected back a look of confusion.

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Re: Adventures of Iron Tail: The Outsider (FazzEagle and Lolo)
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2011, 06:59:02 AM »
"What the!?" Evil Tail snapped once more, "I came here looking for my body and all they give me is... is this HAIRLESS MONKEY...!? With THEATRICS!?" Evil Tail quickly stood up, fuming with disappointment. "Maybe you didn't cast the summoning spell right! We'll just have to do it... huh...?" Looking down, he noticed that the large symbol... was now gone! "It's gone!" It was then that he turned his attention to the 'hairless monkey' now dressed in brown and green. "YOU... You coming here means that you probably interrupted the spell..." Of course, to the girl, he was equivalent to the size of a ten year old, which would most probably add more to her confusion. "I was THIS close in getting my body back, you...!" His hand burst into that same purple fire again, but just when it looked like he was going to strike her down with it... "What...!?"

A blue ball of energy suddenly shielded around the girl - thanks to Des - and Iron Tail took the opening to lunge at his arch rival, kicking him square on the chest.

"Stay away from her!" Iron Tail said, once again engaging in a stare down with the Overlord-To-Be.

The shield around Chicargo slowly faded away before she was joined by Des, who placed her gentle hands on the human's shoulders. "Are you alright? Can... you stand again...?"

"Gaaah, damn you all!" Evil Tail exclaimed, "Always getting in my way...! Nightmare! Take us away from this place. You put up a good fight, Hero... but next time will be different."

"Yes, Master." Sehsa said obediently.

With a wave of her hand, a dark portal opened up underneath her and Evil Tail, and slowly they dropped down into it, engulfed by the darkness. Eventually, the portal closed away... leaving Iron Tail, Des and the mysterious newcomer alive and fairly well.

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Re: Adventures of Iron Tail: The Outsider (FazzEagle and Lolo)
« Reply #5 on: September 11, 2011, 09:53:17 AM »
Chicargo looked at both the one who had her hands on her shoulders and the one standing close by.

"who are you...Actually... What are you?" she looked inquisitively slowly standing up, smoothing down her new dress. In her mind so many thoughts flew round, questioning everything about this new world, these new people and this whole situation. Where was she?

She looked around, the same circular area of grass that she had disapeared from but things felt out of place but she couldnt quite put her finger on it