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Author Topic: A Wide Range of Plots! Do you dare to enter? (Mostly FxF)  (Read 729 times)

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A Wide Range of Plots! Do you dare to enter? (Mostly FxF)
« on: August 26, 2011, 06:07:25 PM »
Hello E! After a long break from role playing, I've been trying to make a comeback and start up some new stories! Here is a list of ideas. None are set in stone, and can be changed or discussed. I generally post several paragraphs, nothing extremely long. I try to match whoever I am with. Depending on the plot, most are FxF and I'd prefer the submissive role. Nevertheless, I will play either role(s) in most, and some can involve a male. I have no limits when it comes to content of the sexual activities other than no scat. Almost anything else goes! I'll adjust my limits to your own. Feel free to message me with the plots you are interested in, or post here! If you want to know a bit more about the plot, feel free to ask.

-An underground, American rocker has been traveling around the world, trying to gain her fame. Her next stop is in Japan, where she grows bored. She's a lesbian, and figures she'll hire a local whore to amuse her. She uses her sources to find the most respected in town, and a middle-aged woman comes up. Though she is a bit worried about her age at first, she figures she must be experienced, and hires her, having one of her men bring her to her hotel. The woman comes, and surprisingly, has an upbeat personality. She loves her job, and unlike most whores, bonds with her sex mate. The rocker pays greatly, and after the amazing skill of the woman is shown, tips her even better. The rocker begins to fall for this Asian woman, and she requests she spends the rest of the night with her. The woman accepts, and instead of complaining, cuddles with the rocker and chats with her before they fall asleep. She seems like a genuine date, though she is simply being paid to have sex with the rocker. The American falls completely in love in that night, and begs the woman to come with her on the rest of her tours. After debating, the woman agrees, at first acting like she wants to be paid for each night, though, secretly, she feels the same way about the American, and wants to settle down and get out of this life of her own.

-The daughter of a rich business owner has recently graduated from college, barely passing, of course. She begins to intern at her father's office, where she flirts with every girl and boy in sight. She falls particularly for one of the saleswomen. She flirts with her, to no avail. She ends up blackmailing her, telling her that her job is at stake, and the saleswoman gives in. The daughter does as she wishes, locking herself in with the woman and teasing her sexually, enjoying herself completely. The saleswoman ends up falling for the spoiled, sarcastic girl, and the two begin a relationship, often enjoying the daughter's ability to be able to control her father in the workplace.

-The pilgrims have begun settling in America. A group of families moves inward from the coast, killing off a small tribe of Indians and taking their land. None survive, yet, is it entirely true? One of the women of the tribe studied deeply in some type of voodoo magic. She revives during the night, in a vampire-like form, and begins to rampage the town. She kills the men, surviving several gunshots as if they were nothing. She rounds up at least one woman (perhaps several), and enacts her revenge on them, raping and enslaving them to help her rebuild her village, as if just to remember it. She may have other reasons for rebuilding her village, though...Only time will tell.

-A fat, nerdy girl is the scorn of school. She has few friends, and those that do don't hang out with her much. That all changes when one of the popular girls begins to take her under her wing. It doesn't take long before guys and girls lighten up and start to try to befriend her, just because she is now friends with one girl. She doesn't lose her personality, though she tries to hide it, but she soon realizes that the popular girl is in need of something. The girl invites the nerd to her house and tells her about how lonely she is, even with her current boyfriend, and that she has had a crush on the nerd for over a year. She says how much she craves her, and the poor, shy nerd simply crumbles, giving in to the girl's desire to be with her, but only in private so the school never learns.

-In ancient Greece, located in the city of Delphi is the current Pythia, an oracle who is said to predict the future. Men have tried to get with her for years, but she turns them down, saying she must be kept pure. She gladly accepts hidden bribes, on the other hand. One of her servant girls, who are more than just servants, since they are honored slaves of the famous Pythia, is a beautiful, loyal girl. The Pythia secretly sleeps with all of her servant girls, but this new girl has yet to be initiated. She invites her to the inner parts of the temple where she seduces the girl with food and perfume, allowing her to see the real side and worship herself like a demi-god.

-An older business woman is the head of a charity. She used to work beside her husband, but since he could handle the business on his own, she formed a charity to help others, in addition to making more money for her household. She hires hundreds of women to work alongside her as campaigners, advertisers, and anything necessary. One of the interns is a beauty, just having graduated. The woman takes a liking to her and begins to flirt with her, giving her raises often. The girl knows that the older woman is eying her, and confronts her about it. She enjoys it. The older woman admits that she has an interest in her, and the two begin to secretly have an affair.

-A tribe of amazon women live deep in the forest, unknown by most civilization. The populace enslaves or sells the men, keeping a few for reproduction purposes, and generally has a creed that focuses on the art of lesbianism and sensuality. Many sleep with each other, and it isn't common to have sex in groups. The plot will follow this village and some of it's members as they go about their daily lives of love making and working to keep the village intact.

-A rich, lesbian woman decides to take a break from her normal life and start a contest. She puts out advertisements saying that she seeks the best maids to enter service into her mansion. Those who wish to apply for the job will be weeded out, and the best will each have the job for a span of one day. After each maid goes for their day, the woman fires one, and continues the competition. What the maids do not know is that the woman plans on using them for more than cleaning, but for a sexual toy as well.

-A plump, large girl has a crush on a guy in school. The guy is shy and a bit strange, but he is extremely handsome. He spends most of the time to himself, even at school. The girl approaches him, telling him he has to go on a date with her or else she'll beat him up, which the brute could. The boy, strangely, accepts with a rare smile on his face. At the date, which is at the girl's house, the girl questions him, and he reveals that he has always had an obsession with her. The girl finds this awh-so-cute and uses this to seduce him, teasing him often with saying she will break up, and abusing his love for her, though she feels the same.

-A recent high school graduate, whose family was rich, has deciding to begin vacationing alone for summer break before she begins to attend college. Her parents gave her a credit card and sent her off. She was raised in a small town, so her first destination is a large city. On a subway, she catches a glance from an older woman. She finds the woman attractive, but is too shy to say anything about it. Nevertheless, the woman notices the beautiful young girl's glances...She uses her influences to follow the girl and later that night, meet her again. She leads the young girl through the city, eventually forcing her to become lost...That's when it all happens.

-The princess is one of three kids of the King. Being the youngest, she is treated with royalty but would only become Queen if her brothers died as well as the current King before her. She has several servants, but one in particular is an older woman, who is a devious woman. The servant acts kindly around her, and the princess views this servant as her favorite servant due to how loyal and kind she is to her. Nevertheless, one night the servant seduces the younger princess. The princess, so innocent and lustful, gladly becomes obsessed with the woman.

-During a depression, the government of a once great nation has shut down. Many are out of work and starving on the streets, begging for any food. Most of the men in one large city have begun to work at McFarlane Co., also known as a large sweatshop that produces anything out of metal. The problem with this store is, you must sign off years of your life to join, and once you join, you are not allowed to leave without permission of one of the managers. Only men are allowed, and if you break any of the rules, you are taken to the jail they have at the bottom of their large, worn down building and punished. A beautiful woman (Or a boy who is under the age limit to work), cuts her hair to appear as a male (Or lies to get in for the boy). She is lucky enough to receive a small bed chamber with the only other girl who snuck in as well. This other girl has been working for several months, and knows the lowdown of how to not get caught. During one of her first meals, a problem occurs. One of the manager's, a large, glutton of a woman (The only other woman in the company, who is allowed due to reasons I can explain), sits beside her. She begins to talk with the newcomer, and takes a liking to her. Manager's always get what they desire, and that night she sends a courier to request the girl meet her in her bedchambers, not knowing that the "boy she took a liking too", is actually a female. (Or underaged to work boy).

-A young adventurer from Europe goes with a traveling crew to explore Asia in the East where only one man has gone before. She is to serve as the translator, having studied from a book that the original adventurer brought back of their language. Sadly, the ship wrecks, leaving her as the only one alive. She is led by villagers into a major city, where it happens to be a parade. The princess, a plump, slut of a woman, is being carried through the city. She sees the strange, blonde outsider and craves her. She has her servants bring her to her that night where she has dinner with her, asking her many questions. She tells the girl that she can remain in the palace as her own personal servant. The European girl declines, but the princess doesn't take no for an answer. She has her whipped and bound, as she begins to train her into her own personal pet to serve in bed and outside of it.

-Set in a future, modern setting.The communist state of China has taken over all of Asia and Africa except Russia. Their leader, a woman, has been overthrown by her sister who has begun to take even more leaps in their military. Europe is led entirely by a socialist union. Mexico has taken over South America, and is filled with drug cartels led by one woman. Russia's leader is also a woman, struggling to defend against China's new power. America is led by a few business owners. The largest of this capitalist state is a lady with the last name of Rockwell, who owns billions of dollars. Then, events go as such. The sister, who first led the communist China, was overthrown by her younger sister and never seen from again. The Mexican woman leading the drug cartels also disappears. Though, people see this as a good thing, it actually isn't. The states of Mexico go into chaos without their leader. Next, Russia surrenders to China, and their leader goes missing. The last woman is the US capitalist. Soon, she too is kidnapped...and she sees where the others have gone.

-A rich girl from London has just reached her coming of age. England has been settling the Americas for a while now, and her father bought her a new mansion on the coast there. Her brother attends school in America, and it would be near him. Her father ships her off with a crew on one of the finest ships money can buy towards the Americas. It is loaded with fine furniture and enough gold for hundreds to live off of. Unfortunately, the ship is attacked by a group of infamous female pirates. These pirates are rumored to take no prisoners, and all be stronger than men due to their lust for each other and war. They attack the ship, killing off the hired crew. When the captain sees the spoiled girl hiding in her cabin, she decides to try something new. She has her bound and plans on training her, taking all of her possessions and her ship. She frequently gives out a reward to her crew members if they do well in a battle or job by allowing them to spend a night with her new toy. If nobody is using her, she uses her for herself.

-A rumor, or perhaps a legend, is known at Briggs Highschool. One of the female teachers there is said to sleep with any boy or girl who applies to her. Rumor has it, you must fill out your own application and place it on her desk. You'll know if you are accepted, and if you are, you'll know what to do. Though most don't believe it, it is true. One of the teachers secretly allows a boy or girl, if they ask in the correct way, to come to her house at night. She prepares a bedroom with scented candles, seduces and sleeps with them, and lets them tell her all of their secrets.

-A teacher at a local school is so lonely. Her husband is always away and too tired to sleep with her. In desperation, she goes to a local prostitute she has heard of. She is amazed to enter into the room and find that the prostitute is actually one of her students! An awkward, yet romantic scene follows, the teacher second guessing herself, but the student, knowing of her problem, drags her in and gives her what she desires. The teacher continues to come back, and a relationship grows.

-In a medieval, fantasy setting, an immortal group of vampires controls most of the world. There are seven vampires. They recently awoke from their slumber, and have began conquering the world at alarming rates. The human empires that were once strong fell by their might, each vampire staking and claiming the land once they took it. One of the vampires, a cruel, harsh woman, was taking them at a slower pace than some of the others. Destined to control the best land, she finds something spectacular. While the others and herself have been taking human lands, which is all that was discovered, she fell upon an ancient elven kingdom. She conquers them, claiming their princess as her own personal new pet. She brings her along with her as she continues to conquer more lands, forcing the elves to be used as slaves, which they excel at much better than humans due to their strength and ability to not tire.

-Set in a modern, realistic setting, a school has been over run by a zombie. The zombie has captured two girls already, and most of the school fled outside. Nobody knows what happened to the girls, but screams were heard from all over the school (we can talk about what happened to them). A group of girls, including teachers and students, have been trapped in one of the rooms with only one exit. Outside looms the zombie, waiting for them. One by one, they slowly come out, some hoping to escape, others to find their friends, or whatever reason they have. One by one, they are captured, raped, and whatever else the zombie wishes.

-A large mansion sits for sale in a dark part of Japan. Both the mansion and the buildings around it have been deserted for fifty years. Even still, the ancient mansion holds its beautiful architecture and furniture from before. The realtor sells it to a woman for an amazingly cheap price, and she moves in, making it her first house. She knew it would take a lot of working to pay it off, but she found it beautiful. The house is haunted by a dark, evil demon. The demon has raped and killed the last twenty two owners of the house, and for so long, has waited for a new one. Now she has her. She teases her, scaring her silly for days. Finally, she makes her move, forcing her and trapping her. She begins her normal routine, toying with her as she pleases, but instead of killing her and waiting for a new owner, she takes a liking to the new girl, and decides to keep her least for a little while longer.

-A girl lives alone in her parent's mansion. Her parents are almost always away on business trips, leaving her alone to explore and learn in her home. Since she was young, she had a bland, boring butler. But recently, he retired, his job being filled by a rather curious and hyper maid. The maid, realizing this poor girl was lonely, began to bond with her. She realized how beautiful the girl was, and how weak as well. One night, the maid seduces the younger girl, perhaps by force, and their relationship begins.

-Set in a Steampunk era, the princess of one of the largest nations is forced to flee her country. Her entire family was assassinated by a sole killer, and she is the last one remaining. The best bodyguards at her service find her and they attempt to flee the country in hopes of entering another and writing up a plan to retake the empire. The assassin doesn't plan on letting them. She tracks down the group of four and, after much hard work, over takes them. She can choose between disposing of all four or keeping some to herself. The plot would follow her choice, though I'd want her to at least seduce and keep the princess, and if you want, the three guards as well.

-Set in a modern era. On the battlefield and in her camp she is the strongest of all of the men. She is a leading commander of the nation's military, but at home at night, she is the biggest slut known to mankind. She masturbates as often as possible when not in the field with her soldiers, but none know it. She dominates the men in camp with her orders and all fear her. She especially picks on the women soldiers in her group, though few. One in particular she makes work harder than all the rest, yet at night, she dreams of this girl dominating her in bed. It is so hypocritical, yet it's who she is. The female soldier has had enough, she sneaks into the headquarters and temporary home of her commander to pull a prank. With her video camera ready, she sneaks in to see the officer in bed, hair a mess, nude, fingering herself in both holes over the course of thirty minutes. The soldier, wildly happy to find some dirt on her, films it all. After the officer seems to have concluded and dresses, the soldier moves to the front door and rings the doorbell. The officer answers and sees the grin on the soldier's face, along with the video camera, and knows it all too well. The soldier storms into the house bragging and the officer does nothing but fall to her knees and apologize, begging for forgiveness. When the soldier asks why, the officer replies that she was thinking of her. The soldier not only takes extreme pity on this woman who is so sensitive and fragile on the inside, but she finds herself amused. She abuses this lust of her officer, having the woman up rank her, move her quarters into the same home as the officer, and submit to her each night. The soldier gets all she can desire with a new pet, home, and pay check, while the officer gets to finally be the whore with her dream girl, the one whom she used to torture and abuse during work.

Other Interests Based on Things:
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fire Emblem
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Avatar: The Last Airbender.
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Re: A Wide Range of Plots! Do you dare to enter? (Mostly FxF)
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2011, 04:34:00 PM »
-A college in New York boasts the best foreign exchange program around. Many flock to the college just for this, spending their summers studying abroad in lovely places like Italy or China. Some students stay in somebody local's home, learning the culture and language. The plot follows either one or multiple students who elect to study in Mexico, or a different South American country. They stay with an older woman who is strangely generous (She could have an adult daughter, if you'd like to play two characters). The woman seduces the younger girl with her experience in romance. The girls, mostly party whores, gladly take a back seat as they grow in their love for this woman, all the more wishing to stay in the country each day with her.

Additional plot.

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Re: A Wide Range of Plots! Do you dare to enter? (Mostly FxF)
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2011, 09:29:17 AM »
New Plots to add! Looking for many more! :)

-Three college friends have just graduated and for celebration they decide to go on a tropical vacation together. They rent a beautiful house on an almost private beach made of bamboo with lots of gorgeous rooms. They begin to bond rather closely though, forming relationships with each other that become very personal and competitive. It would follow the bonding of each one with another, and eventually their coming out and admitting that all three form one 'couple'.

-Set in a medieval, fantasy village surrounded by a forest. Several years back, the villagers elected somebody to scout the forests around them and live there for protection. A woman, stronger than any of the men, elected herself and left the village to live in the forests as she was tired of the village. Over the years she has grown accustomed to it and protects the village from beasts and threats on a common basis. The villagers send a young lad to enter the forest and find her. His job is to thank her and aid her if possible. He searches and finally she finds him as he becomes lost. The older woman doesn't care much for the village, as she loves the forests now, but the boy is genuine in his gratitude. She asks the boy if he wants to join her and, after some convincing, he agrees. She trains him on how to survive in the forest, taking him under her wing. More importantly for her, she begins to train him in the arts of sex. She has been alone, nude as an amazon, in the forests for so long, and this boy is willing to worship her. She uses that against him, showing him how to please her as she begins to mold him as her new servant in a way.

-Set in a realistic, fantasy, medieval era. The largest nation controls most of the world besides that which is unexplored. Every day, slave traders come into the capital city where the Queen presides and sell their wares. Several countries border them, but they are not yet discovered fully. Still, slaves are captured from rebellions and travelers from these unknown lands. One day, a slave trader captures a beautiful woman traveling alone. She is not like the others, she has light skin and golden hair. She is brought into the city to sell, and the trader believes he can get a high price for her. One of the Queen's personal boy toys, a noble in his social life outside of her bed, who is wandering around the city and spots the girl. He purchases her, knowing the Queen would like to see her, paying a hefty price to do so. He brings the woman before the Queen, who is attracted to her in every way imaginable. The girl is a dancer from a foreign country, and the Queen quickly has her stripped, wearing beads that still reveal her body. That night, during a party, she has her dance for a show, attaching a chain to her neck that connects to the Queen's throne and whipping her when she doesn't obey. After a few whips, she dances, showing off her gorgeous art. Everybody is amazed, especially the Queen. The Queen brings her to her chambers that night and has her dance once more. But that is not all, she also has the girl become her new favorite servant, staying by the Queen to fan her, dance for her, as well as please her sexual desires. The dancer tries to escape several times, some attempts working better than others, but she always ends up winding back in the Queen's bed or dance floor.

(The Queen and the Kingdom could be any other race besides caucasian to spice things up.)
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Re: A Wide Range of Plots! Do you dare to enter? (Mostly FxF)
« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2011, 09:35:56 AM »
-Set in a mythical land in the sky, two factions of Heaven and Hell collide and skirmish on a daily basis. One day, one of the rebellious angels wanders off to far from her scouting patrol. She is overwhelmed by one of Hell's patrols that takes her back to the forward base. The base is led by one a high ranking succubus. Instead of the usual torture method to get information, she hopes to try something new. She realizes the hate this girl has towards her and decides to turn it against her. She seduces her slowly, raping her as she desires, until the angel reveals all that she knows. Even after that, the succubus plans on her doing more. She sends her back to Heaven with a story of being captured and escaping where she gets more information to relay back to the succubus, whom she now has grown so attached too. She is rewarded with love and compassion each time she returns with something helpful, but is rewarded with pain and torture if she fails her task.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

-A young student aims to be the best surfer in the world. Every summer she travels around to beaches, staying at each for a week or so, and practices her talent. During one trip, something a bit different happens. After a long morning of surfing, the girl walks off the beach covered in sand and sweat. She goes to the public shower and finds it broken. A woman yells down at her from the balcony of one of the beach front houses below, telling her to come inside and she can clean her up. The student, being very care free, takes the offer. She goes to the street side front door and knocks. The older, but still beautiful, woman lets her in. She lets her take a shower and prepares a meal for her. She even offers to allow the girl to stay in one of her extra rooms and skip the hotel bill. The girl, not being very wealthy, takes up on the offer, loving the quick access to the beach. After the meal, she returns back to the beach till the sun begins to set. She comes back to the house where something is different. The lights are out and candles are on. The older woman approaches the girl and begins to flirt with her, slowly seducing the tired, sandy girl. The plot will follow their relationship during the week and even afterwords...

-Set in a fantasy, medieval era. An angel is set to patrol the lands above one of the many Kingdoms in the world. One day, she stumbles in one of her Kingdoms, the worst of all that she could fall into. It is the land of the beasts, half human, half animals. The animals are sexually aggressive and lustful. Their entire culture is about breeding in the woods with one another, hardly ever building cities. The angel's wings are wounded and she is unable to fly. She tries to heal them with her magic, but it doesn't work. She knows that she must wait for them to heal. Meanwhile, two of the beasts begin to approach her, as they saw her fall from the sky. Being full of lust, they trap her and rape the high being. As long as the angel's wings are wounded, she is forced to be their pet on the ground. The two beasts learn of her wings being wounded, and keep them tied or hurt at all times so they can keep her with them. Will the angel escape? Or will she learn to love her new friends?