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Started by Malgriff, August 26, 2011, 12:38:54 PM

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I am willing to discuss Ideas and chanes in any of these stories if you feel you want to add/take away/change something.
The character's in bold are the ones I'd like to play and are the submissive characters.

Strawberry panic. If you arent familiar with the anime basicly it is set in three all girl schools that are very close together and as well as student council presidents there are two head girls called Etoile. I don't want to use the characters that have been used in the series but maybe have a little history repeat itself kind of. A transfer student goes to one of the schools and gets a little lost and meets one of the ( or the only) Etoile without realizing and immedietly becomes infatuated (but not fall in love yet) with her. Their relationshp can develope from there but not in the same way as the original series.

public school A posh upper class girl under some dramatic circumstances is forced to attend a public girl's school miles from her home and lives with relatives, while at this school she sticks her nose up at some girl's attempts to  be her friend thinking they are only interested in her money or her clothes. But one particular girl wont just go away, the rebel of the school takes an interest in this upper class girl and shows her how to have a good time her way. Thrills chills and hopefully some sexy scenes wanted :3

Science is fun A young lab assistant thinks her boss is a bit stuck up herself when in reality she is just stressed out and on a time limit from the company that has employed her services. The assistant then gets over confident and tries to stand up for herself, tired of being overworked. Which then makes her boss 'assert her dominance' over her assistant's little outburst and starts taking a liking to the idea of making it a more regular thing.

Will Add more later.