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Author Topic: Corwinn's Naughty Story Ideas [Looking for F and M roles]  (Read 1084 times)

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Offline corwinnTopic starter

Corwinn's Naughty Story Ideas [Looking for F and M roles]
« on: August 25, 2011, 08:42:50 PM »
My style:
   My roleplays are usually well thought out.
   They often involve constant sexual tension, kinky sex, and strong sexual content.
   Situations can get intense/extreme - see my O/O
   I can roleplay via forums or email.  Not IMs.

All applicants should: 
   Read my O/O
   Be able to post intelligently
      (at least as well as myself)  ;)

If you are interested, please PM me.

Story Ideas:

The Recluse
   World:  Real or Slight cyberpunk/steampunk
   I would play:  Brian, M, 30
   Looking for:  F

This will probably be a good roleplay for someone that likes a lot of conversation and character growth. 
The "recluse" is a 30 year old male who has had horrible things happen to him, and now he spends
his days like a hermit; self-limited to the bounds of his apartment and his mailbox downstairs.
He will start out kind of crabby and very reclusive.
And then a young female (you) moves into the building.  She is energetic, alive, yet troubled herself.
The key here is to build their stories enough beforehand, and determine their own needs first.
Why is she troubled?  Having a difficult time in college? - perhaps the recluse was a professor? or librarian?
The two will unknowingly be a perfect fit.
Applicants should be really interested in the character development, intellectual and thoughtful.


The little thief
   World:  Fantasy realm
   I will play:  Bethany Frisk, F halfling, 18
   Looking for:  F/M DM

This would be a long term roleplay around the life and times of a halfling female thief.
She will start at 1st level, I would like to use a basic rules set (D20) - that will help us from time to time.
However, most of the roleplay will be story driven.
The little thief is working a human town (or human/elf).  She is a very cute little thing, and uses that to her advantage.
It's also a disadvantage sometimes, as those who know her or find her out want to use her.
I like having a long term plot in the background too, so perhaps she is there looking for someone or something.
Perhaps a sacred artifact was stolen from her people, and this is the main trading town... we can work on that.
You can play one or more specific F/M characters, you will also be the DM (someone has to be in charge of the world).
Applicants should be comfortable DMing a long campaign, have a flair for mischief.

Little Thief

Assassin's Game
   World:  Cyberpunk / extreme future / D20 Modern
   I would play:  Jared, M (human?), 23
   Looking for:  F/M GM

Everything starts so clear.  My character is an assassin who is passionate about this current war, and his place in it.
Perhaps it's a trade war, or a full-on territorial invasion.
He is young and athletic, sure of himself.
He seeks out his prey and slays it in the night, no remorse, no residual trace.
He works directly for a high level leader that chooses his targets and provides tech/recources.
And then... he slowly discovers his enemies may have morals too... they may have valid reasons of their own.
In fact... everything he has known may crumble under his feet.
What does he do?  Change sides?  Kill everyone?  Stumble blindly on?
This would be a long term roleplay of character discovery and growth.
I don't usually like extreme violence, but we may use it here within the plot as necessary.
I want this to be a dark journey, but one that has a light at the end.
There is a right side to the war ... my character just starts out on the wrong one.
We will explore what it means to justify his actions, to discover truth and beauty.
The right applicant would be comfortable GMing this path of destruction to justice, playing multiple roles along the way.
This will probably be extreme in almost every way.


Toph all grown up
   World:   Avatar: the last airbender
   I would play:  Toph at 17 (master earth bender)
   Looking for:  F/M

Not sure why, but I like Toph's fat little naked toes.
This would be an Avatar based roleplay, where we explore Toph's later career.
I don't have a specific direction for this; I just know I'm fascinated with the character.
The perfect applicant would be familiar with the entire avatar series, and have a few ideas for us to run with.   
This could be a simple one-on-one roleplay, or a campaign.  Depending on what our vision becomes.

Toph all grown up

Pixie wars
   World:  Modern or Fantasy micro world
   I would play:  Flyt, F nymph, 17
   Looking for:  F/M DM

This would take place in the micro world of the fairies.
The tallest character is about 12" tall, with animals perhaps also playing a part.
The fairy folk of the forest are at war, and my character is captured in a great battle.
Perhaps the goblin king has taken her as his personal slave, or the evil pixies torture her for fun?
This will be a wide open crazy anything goes total fantasy.
The perfect applicant would have a great sense of humor and love to torture his little creatures in fun naughty ways.


   World:  Planescape (D20)
   I would play:  Rio, F ninja/psion, 17
   Looking for:  F/M DM

A young ninja, just out of her training is sent on her first mission.
She must travel to a distant city and gather information on the army they are building.
While lurking through the dark alleys, she sees a mysterious figure walk up to a wall, toss a feather at it... and walk into it.
The figure disappears.  Gone.  She checks the wall... it's solid.
She looks around, finds a raven's feather... throws it at the wall... the wall glows... and she steps through.
... and that is where we pick up the story.
Where does she go?  Sigil?  The plane of earth?  The plane of chaos?  Who knows?  ... You do... if you're the right person.
The perfect applicant would have extensive knowledge of the planes and enjoy running campaigns there.
As I see it, the planes are a great place for constant unbridles sexual tension.  fun fun.


Lab Pet
   World:  Sci-fi / Steampunk / D20 Modern
   I would play:  Cami, F pet
   Looking for:  F/M scientist / owner

This would be a chance for me to play a furry or similar character.
She is a scientists pet, kept in the lab.
She is happy and playful.  Not terribly smart.
What would you do with her?  Or would she be sold?  Captured?  transmorphed?


1778 Spy
   World:  America, circa 1778, Height of the revolutionary war
   I would play:  Laura Samson, F human, 19, spy for the Marquis de Lafayette
   Looking for:  F/M GM

General Washington used several civilian spy networks during the war.
Because both sides shared a culture and language, spying was easy for civilians.
Judging true loyalty was very difficult though.  Who was your friend?  Your enemy?
The idea here is that one of George's favorite generals (the Marquis) also ran a spy network (that we make up).
One of the main spies is a young girl (me) working in British territory.
She must do all she can to stay above suspicion, and gather information.
Applicants should be familiar with the revolutionary war era, love spies.


Goblin Wars
   World:  Dark Fantasy
   I would play:  Gram, F goblin warrior
   Looking for:  F/M

A young goblin warrior is captured by the humans/elves.
You think this creature is worthless, not a true intellectual race.
You justify treating her however you want.  Doing whatever you want.

Goblin Lady
   She's not perfect, but Here's an idea.

   World:  Real
   I would play:  Steve, M Human, 18
   Looking for:  F/M

You are a traveling musician, a good one... but you haven't quite broken through yet.
At one particular town in the middle of nowhere, you notice a young man who pays to see every show.
Sits in front, watches with awe and wonder.
Intrigued by such a person, you spend a few minutes with him (me).
You find out that he has been listening to your music online, knows all your lyrics (even correctly) by heart.
And... you find him attractive, especially the way he seems to worship you in a pure/inocent way.
This is an opportunity for you to take advantage, this you man would follow you anywhere... do anything for you.
Applicants can play a F or M role.  I'm more interested in someone who is passionate about the idea than any one type of person.

Steve the Roady

Kept Changeling
   World:  High Fantasy
   I would play:  Shift, F changeling
   Looking for:  F/M

Changelings are an amazing - and a very rare race.
They can assume any humanoid form, and change scale (one size larger or up to two smaller than human).
As far as anyone knows, they are immortal. 
Eons ago they were powerful and feared, now they are almost extinct.  Some say they are extinct.

While adventuring in the horrible dungeon of a lych/mage you find a gold plated treasure chest.
Shaped like a small coffin, the box has a ruby lock on it.
Luckly, you found a ruby key once you destroyed the lych and it's phylactory.
Now... you open the coffin, and inside you find a halfling sized female with a ruby color.
The owner of the ruby key has the power over this changeling.
You can make her assume any form/shape/size within her capability.
She has no self control over her shape... it is all as you command.
The one constant is she always has a ruby colar on (that changes size to match).
Applicants for this one can be F or M adventurers, or take the role of an entire adventuring party.
This is an anything goes roleplay.  Are you up for the challenge?


If you are interested in any of these, please PM me.
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