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May 21, 2018, 09:44:51 PM

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Author Topic: Cravings and game ideas [Dark Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Noir, NC] (F/F, F/M, F/Futa)  (Read 383 times)

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Here are some of the ideas I have in mind and that I would really like to play. I am ok playing with characters that differ from their player's own gender, as I also enjoying playing female characters. I am up to IM, but since I don't know when or if the times at my work will change forums or email work like wonder for me, I am up to play free-form or with a known system. I can work with either, just think it more like dungeonmastering to a single character instead of just narration between two characters..

My ons and off are in the list below my icon, but the main ones are not killing, maiming or watersports. If you are interested send me a PM, it will make things easier :)

Going on with this the ideas in order of the strength of the craving:

1. A light in the darkness: A young priestess (me) working as a ecclesiastic investigator/inquisitor has received the mission to travel to a distan and isolated town, where people is falling ill from an strange disease weakening disease, some of it had been described by letters by the local parish but after the letters had stopped coming they chose to send her to investigate and discover what is going on.

The story will begins when the priestess is reaching the town where she is received with suspicion and hostility from the inhabitants while she searches for clues of what happened to the old man and the secret behind the mysterious illness. But when she arrives she discover that its not natural, people are anemic, pale and usually weak, but not all of them, sometimes the sickness comes and goes, as the priestess investigates she discovers that most of the ones who have been ill had gone to the Baron's castle in the mountain, either for a couple days of work or to deliver him the taxes... or because he calls them... some doesn't even return and people is afraid of saying anything about the Baron (maybe only one of the wenches at the tavern will be talking, but she might be one of the Baron's agents)

So all in all either the priestess decided to go by herself to the castle or she might be captured (either the baron's agents in the town drug her or bandits on the way to the castle attack her) and they deliver her to the count. Either she is captured or she arrives to the castle on her own, she is made the Baron's guest by the nobleman, an old and powerful vampire (could be male or female) who is planning to make her his new plaything, maybe even his companion for eternity, of course the priestess might think otherwise.

2. Justice among the stars: The idea is to have an authority agent (an Specter like in Mass Effect or any other such agencies) traveling to known and unknown worlds investigating crimes or searching for fugitives. She always catches her prey (or so she says) but her work bring her in lot of humiliating and dangerous situations that might break others people spirit but not hers, at least not for a long time. Here we can have all kind of creatures, monsters and aliens, from humanoid like up to tentacle monsters, everything is open. Here I can work either as narrator or the heroine, but to tell the truth my craving right now is for the heroine.

3. Dark Streets, Dark Times: A noir story either with a male or a female hard boiled detective, solving mysteries that brough him/her closer to the abyss. (I am still trying to get some ideas for this, but I can either  take the main character or be the one narrating the story, the only thing I am not interesting is M/M stories).