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May 25, 2018, 12:01:36 PM

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Author Topic: Brittlby's collection of rough ideas for possibly fun games for two. (Or More)  (Read 813 times)

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Online BrittlbyTopic starter

Brittlby's collection of rough ideas for possibly fun games for two. (Or More)

This aptly named topic has a vague collection of ideas. I've intentionally left them open ended and vague, allowing for a great deal of leeway from a co player. Male or female players and characters are welcome in any of the plots, and I'm always up for brainstorm/plot discussion if there's something you specifically wish to change or add.

I'd appreciate it if you contacted me via PM, if only to keep this thread somewhat clean and managable. Thanks in advance.


Righteous in Her Profanity

Untouchable by the armies of darkness, and the vices that found purchase upon the soul of lesser mortals, she was the avenging blade of the Ecclesiarchy. Hers was the face that plagues the sleep of the damned. So it was... until a scheme was designed, its intention to take advantage of her only known weakness.


In exchange for her sister's life, she forfeited her soul in a devil's barter. Betrayed by the fine print, her sister was taken alive to the heart of the shadowlands, along with her own inner light.

The corruptions of the shadowland are as predictable as they are terrible, the taint of inhumanity spreading through her body and mind. With only twenty one days left to her before the total consumption of her humanity, she has chosen to undertake a final quest. To cut a path of vengeance straight through the heart of darkness.

More dangerous than ever, her strength increases in equal time as her sense of morality has begun to fade. Accompanied by a powerful cleric, she is entrusted to them, first to act as her conscience and eventually, her executioner. Allied with the forces of darkness, she would bring the banner of the shadowlands across the globe.

(You will play as a remarkably powerful cleric of the Ecclesiarchy. His/Her skills and abilities are entirely at your discretion. Your task is to keep HER on task and walking the moral road, given her lack of conscience. Or perhaps you decide to let a few indiscretions slip. After all, she was always too pure before to notice your affection for her...)

Twisted Transistor

Everyone has dabbled in it. As the interactivity increased, the popularity of sexual AI's soared. The software finally caught up to the interface five years ago, artificial personality algorithms making them indistinguishable from a flesh and blood human being. Jacked directly into the mind of a user, they subtly changed themselves over time to better suit their owner's particular preferences.

Unfortunately, for a small percentage of users, the AI doesn't stay on the system. It makes the jump into the internal storage of the skull jack. As real as anything else a person might perceive, the AI begins to intrude. Is it an algorithmic program run amuck or something more sinister?

Regardless, you are once of the unlucky few, and an AI has made the jump. A digital hallucination that knows all of your secret wants and needs is loose in your head. And it becomes more and more bold with each passing day.

(It's not widely known that AI are hitchhiking in the cerebellum of their users, so it's more likely any attempt to tell anyone would result in them assuming you were insane. Besides which... informing you coworkers and friends of your cyber sexual  activities is never comfortable.)

Six Gun Sonata

Something horrible has arrived at the small frontier Fort Cunningham. Acting as a waystation to the California's, the Fort is at the center of the coming storm. Unspeakable things begin terrorizing the inhabitants of the Fort and its neighboring shanty town once night falls.

Monsters that defy description stalk the shadows, full of the vices of man and driven by tremendous appetite. With dwindling supplies and the coming winter, the mystery of where they come from is likely to consume the people of Fort Cunningham, bones and all.

Taking place in the years following the Mexican American war, you can play a soldier stationed at the Fort, a newly arrived gold hunter, local unlisted of any variety, etc. I would recommend your concept be combat oriented and interesting as I'm trying to give this game a feel somewhat akin to "Feast", "30 Days of Night" or "Dusk Till Dawn" in the wild west with a hint of Cthulhu mythos.

A secluded small group of people versus the unknown... with some tongue in cheek humor and excessive violence. May become a group game, depending upon the applications.


Numbers surround us. They stifle the air riding on electromagnetic waves and are legion within the hundreds of thousands of exchanges of information across the grid. This flow is largely harmless, digits being shat into the electrical ether.
The rational minded could hardly conceive of the threat, minuscule though it may be, but the veil that separates this world from those adjacent is not as solid as the quantum phyisicsts would have the world believe. Gates were flung open in the past via ritual and meditation, blood and ceremony.

Housed within the scribbled chalk circles and entrails were equations. Savage and bloated with needless factors, ritual magic was an uncertain thing at best during its peak in the druidic circles. As these rituals were stumbled upon via meditation and observation of the very fabric of our reality by those of gifted sight and indulgent in psychotropic substances, this new man has begun to trip over the threshold between worlds.

Much like the old joke about ten thousand monkeys working at ten thousand typewriters, in the CPU of a cash register in Tulsa or a video poker game in Biloxi or a lottery ticket machines random number generator... a certain set of numbers at the right place, the right time.

The planets are aligned. The clerk accidentally rings a can of diced tomato twice. The coupon for a quarter off detergent is the final series in the sequence, the numbers answering an equation older than man and rupturing the surface of this world. It's that easy to open a gate to hell or some where worse.

That's where we come in. The Accountancy

Double entry bookkeeping was developed by Frater Luca Pacioli, a Tuscan monk. Its intended purpose being one of balance. To balance the books, as they say. That's what we do.

(Looking for the game to play out in an almost MIB/X-Files/Hellboy style episodic game. Essentially your character is a government sponsored demon hunter. It can be anything from a priest to an executive mage or even just a superior marksman with a gift for talismanic charms.  A modern setting demon hunter with government funding. In-humans welcome, assuming they're inventive and original.)


They say the shadows are darkest when the light is most bright. Welcome to the world of Inger, a continent of searing purity, guarded by a cadre of unstoppable heroes. In decades past, they and their forefathers pushed the forces of darkness off the map and into sea.

And this world is their gift. Shining and pure, with out the forces of chaos, the attention of its guardians have grown ever more stifling. With minor vices heavily policed and the sins of days bygone inconceivable, the golden goal has turned into a curse.

Thankfully, in the icelands to the north there is a Bastion of hope. Awakening in this terrifying age of purity, the Lord of Shackles and his/her faithful general are faced with the task of bringing back the darkness to a world that is aching for some shade in the sun of purity.

(Looking for someone to play either the Lord of Shackles or his/her general. I'll take whichever is left over. The basic flow of the game will be seeking out the guardians in their various homelands, spreading seeds of discord as we go. The intent is not to conquer them, so much as corrupt them and take over the infrastructure that's already in place.)

Online BrittlbyTopic starter

It's been six years. I guess it's due for a bump!

Online BrittlbyTopic starter

Appreciate the applications, I'm now full up I'm pretty sure! Thanks for your interest! I've got a bunch of apps to sort through after work. Lol