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Author Topic: Something New, Something...  (Read 1654 times)

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Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Something New, Something...
« on: November 14, 2007, 01:32:21 pm »
Thought 1
Act of Treason
A rumor has spread through the Kingdom that the Army is corrupt and that the increased in attacks in the Borderlands is because the Border Watch are being bribed to let raiding parties inside the Kingdom with out being hassled. Its also rumored that one village and its garrison have completely switched sides, joining a neighboring Kingdom which has been a long time foe. The King was withdrawn into the inner-palace, keeping only those he trusts the most closest to himself. The rest of the Palace is in lock-down mode as an attempt on the Kings life is feared.

Not knowing who to trust, and not wanting to risk his most trusted Captain of the Guards, the King has summoned for Champions of the Kingdom to journey to the North and discover the Truth behind the matter, to see what has happened to the silent village, and to return to the King with a report.

This could even become a small group game if there is enough, and equal (M:F) interest. A little intrigue, a lot of betrayal, death, and excitement in this one. Don't want to reveal anymore otherwise it might ruin the plot

Thought 2
High-School Games
So this is more of a goofy, less plot orientated game. Sorta like those text games where you pick the next action...
High School is that period of life where young girls start to blossom into young women, and guys voices deepen as they put on more muscle. Relationships and sex are all they can think of and Mark is no exception to this. His parents recent divorce have forced him to transfer schools, and entering his senior year of HS, he wasn't looking forward to this. Luckily, being a soccer star, he decided to try out for the HS team during pre-season before classes started and made some friends through that. Now that the first day of classes is upon them, he's discovered his friends aren't entirely who he thought they were.They have a running bet on who can get with the most girls - students and teachers - this year, the winner winning the combined $100 they've thrown together.
What I am looking for her is a group of people (at different times, or occasionally at once) to play various girls and/or teachers in the HS that Mark gets with. Some of them will seduce the joke, or even have their own bets going on, while he'll try to get in others pants. Or just one person willing/capable of playing different roles through out the game.

Thought 3
Where Did All the People Go?
The last thing you think before entering the cryogenic tube that will freeze you in time for the next 200 years as you journey back towards the Home Planets is that while you're sleeping, the World- Earth -and Humanity are destroyed. You wake up to a universe where as far you can tell, you and those on board the Swallow are the only beings left alive. Only then do you begin to wonder what happened and how you will survive...especially when the shit hits the fan in a big way.
This one is Sci-Fi and could be very interesting. Sorta like a post-apocalyptic world only after Humans have colonized other planets. Space Travel the 'old fashioned' way in the sense that 'warp speed' doesn't exist and while you're traveling faster then light, long journeys take years.

Thought 4
In the Middle of the Night
Life in the military was good. Nightly decisions were down to 'who do i wanna fuck in my sack tonight' and it had been years since the UFP (United Federation of Planets) had gone to war. Things would change overnight, even while countless military personnel humped each other in their beds. Overnight, the forces of COP (Coalition of Outer Planets) launched a surprise offensive. Battle-fleets and troop-transports that they weren't supposed to have after the Planetary War Treaty (PTW) dropped out of Hyper-Space over key planets of military installations of the UFP, reigning down fiery death on the unsuspecting troops. Will you be able to survive the night?

Looking for a 'sack' partner to enjoy things with until all hell breaks loose, at which point we'll concentrate on staying alive, escaping, and being marked as fugitives as all UFP Military Personnel will be once the COP's take over.

Respond here if at all interested, or through PM. I will mark the Ideas that are taken once they are taken. Further details can be worked out in PM before we start the game. Also, please read my UPDATED Ons/Offs to be up-to-date with them.
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Offline Mia

Re: Something New, Something...
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2007, 04:20:09 am »
Hmmm PM about Thought 4.

Offline delle

Re: Something New, Something...
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2007, 03:10:46 am »
If Thought 3 is anything like the corny Leisure Suit Larry 8, I'm in! :D

Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: Something New, Something...
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2007, 08:24:07 am »
Can't say i've ever played LSL or really know what it is like, but if you're still interested, you can always send me a PM.

FYI (for everyone) i'm packing these next few days, flying out for thanksgiving, then driving down to Orlando when i return, so i might not be able to post for ~1 week or so.