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Author Topic: LF female "Corruption of Champions" player [Exotic][NC]  (Read 3140 times)

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Offline rhevTopic starter

LF female "Corruption of Champions" player [Exotic][NC]
« on: August 23, 2011, 10:29:14 PM »

TAKEN - Currently running this game for more than one person and I'm afraid to add any more.  Unless you're a huge fan of CoC, are desperate to play in this type of game, and can post repeatedly during a day, I'm going to have to say no to taking on any new players.   Thank you for reading this however!

I am looking for female players who would be interested in playing in an erotic role playing game.
The game will be based in the "CoC-verse" that is set out in the adult text game Corruption of Champions.
CoC can be found here -  or (old site)
I highly recommend trying out this game, especially if you're interested in this thread, it will give you an idea of what to expect.

In this game you will take on the role of a woman that's sent to the demon world for one reason or another.  It could be punishment, it could be chance, it could be her own desire, etc.  There in the Demon World she will realize that she's trapped and can't return home (or maybe she doesn't want too).  You'll have to survive in this violent and sex filled world where every corner could bring a gang of imps who want nothing more than to gang rape fresh meat.  The worst part is that the longer you stay in the demon world, the more you become corrupted, and the more you become like the residents of this place.  Will your character be able to escape the demon world?  Maybe she doesn't want to escape, maybe she wants to stay and build her own power?  Maybe she's looking for a way to seal off the portal that leads from her own world to here so no one else can ever be trapped like she did?

What I'm looking for is for female players who would like to play in this setting.  It will be largely run like a game where I'm the GM and I run the story and characters and combat.  It will have a role playing system, including statistics, items, spells, and leveling up as you get stronger and more powerful.  Ive had two games of this start and then peter out as the other players lost interest and am looking for another player who will be interested in keeping this game going for a while.

The game will include any or all of the following things.  We can remove some of these based on player preference.   For example one player didn't want to deal with pregnancy, so we removed that.
  • Forced Sex
  • Non consentual Sex
  • Demons
  • Furries
  • Magic
  • Corruption
  • Transformation
  • Body alteration
  • Hermaphrodites / Futas
  • Violence
  • Pregnancy
  • Unrealistic bodies / ejaculate

Note that I said forced and non consensual sex.  The demon world is a strange place, where lust and sex rule supreme over everything else.   Even the newest person to the demon world forced into a gang rape will end up perversely enjoying themselves.   This isn't a place where reality intrudes, so I don't want a player who's going to get all Emo and cry after she loses a battle and her opponent takes his lusts out on her.  If anything she should look back on it as a learning experience.

Now, I'm looking to play either on the forums here, over private message here, or over email, whichever is the most preferable for you.
What I'm looking for:
  • A female player who won't disappear after 4 or 5 days.
  • Someone who will post a MINIMUM of once a day when it's their turn to reply.  Notice I say Minimum, that means at least.... not on average.
  • Someone who can post repeatedly over the course of the day, two or three replies would be great.
  • Post length: Sometimes multiple paragraphs, sometimes one or two sentences, as appropriate
  • Spell check is appreciated and grammar is as well, but as long as you're trying and not using 'leet speek' I'm happy.
  • A player who has an adventurous spirit and says "yes" and not "no"
  • Someone who will have fun with this.

I will post below a sample of the game I've been playing with one player lately as well as her 'character sheet' just so you can see what sort of behind the scenes there is.
If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to post them below, or send me a private message. 
Thanks for reading!

The following spoiler is my original advertisement.  I'm saving it for posterity.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Have any women of E! played the adult text game "Corruption of Champions" yet? It's a fun little game where your character enters a demonic realm and almost like Alice in wonderland eats and drinks things that transform his or her body over time.

I was thinking I'd like to run a female adventurer through a journey into this corruption. Themes will definitely include transformation, breast expansion, forced sex, squirting, lactating, anal, corruption both moral and physical, fantasy creatures, and magic use. Are there any women out there who are brave enough to travel to the demonic realm and fight / fuck their way to victory? And even if they do manage to escape, will their time in the demon realm corrupt them so much that they will even want to leave?

Private message me if interested or if you want to discuss this idea further, but I do have TWO requirements:
1. You must be willing to post at least once a day, more is better though.
2. You must not have a signature that is 300 lines long or full of long pictures.

I would be willing to play this over emails as well if preferred.
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Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: LF female "Corruption of Champions" player [Exotic][NC]
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2011, 09:28:19 AM »

The following is a sample of the 'character sheet' for one of my players, named "Bell."   Then following that is a sample of our back and forth game play showcasing combat and her eventual defeat and the results of that loss.

Character sheet for "Bell"

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character Name         Bell                                          
   Level      2         Current HP      41            Gems      0         
                                 Current Lust   5                           
   Strength      7                                                               Value      Name   
   Toughness      8      Unarmed damage   1 d6                  Equipped Weapon   5      Basic Sword   
   Speed      14         Armed damage      1 d6   +5         Equipped Armor      1      Leather Dress   
   Smarts      24         Magic damage      2 d6   +1         Attack Spell      1      Spark   
                                                                                     Defensive Spell               
   Libido      25         Melee hit chance      70%   +10%                        
   Sensitivity      24         Ranged hit chance   70%   +10%         Perks               
   Corruption      4         Spell hit chance      70%   +20%          - Wet               
   Max HP      41                                                                     - Squirter               
                                                 Defense bonus      2                           
Possessions                                    Description               
   Clothing      Leather Dress                           Age      18         
   Weapon      Basic Sword                           Height   5'2"         
   Pouch 1      2x imp meat                                          Weight   109 lbs         
   Pouch 2      2x succubus milk                             Hair      Long, Blonde, usually in a bun         
   Backpack      Map                                                Eyes      Green         
                 Badly damaged local clothing                  Breasts   D-Cup         
                 2x Smooth stone                                 Waist      Slim         
                 2x Bundles of herbs                                       Hips      Average         
                                                                            Ass      Round and Muscular         
                                                                            Pussy   Hairless and often damp         

Bell's combat where she was almost defeated by her own lusts.
Left justified text is the GM text, right justified is player text.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Bell woke the next morning, shortly after sunrise.  Her bed was empty and looking out of the bedroom's small window she could already see figures moving around the fields outside.  Her pussy was sore and felt a little looser than the tight virginal feeling that she had been used too.  It hurt, but in a somewhat pleasant way.   Bell looked over her belongings and tried to decide what she would do today.   The grasslands had been rather uneventful yesterday, maybe the forsest to the east and south would be more interesting?   Then again Helene had told her that it was more dangerous than the grasslands.

She could probably stay here at the ranch too.  Helping to pull weeds and water plants during the day, then getting fucked well at night.  She shook her head, that wasn't the way to get out of here, to stop the demons from invading her world.  She couldn't settle into a nice domestic role, she was a champion gods damn it!

Well, she still needed more gems, and had seen some success with the grasslands.

Maybe a careful stroll though the forest would be more rewarding. She grabbed what little she brought with her, and started to make here way to the forest.

None of the people at the ranch seemed to notice or care as Bell set off early that morning.  Heading south east it took her a little while to reach the edge of the forest.  Unlike the rather placid grasslands with rolling hills and not much else, the taint could be seen here in the forest.  The trees were twisted into shapes not normally found in nature.  In addition they had suggestive shapes and twists that reminded Bell of , well, of a lot of things actually.  She couldn't help but think to how the roots of the berry plants had seemed to call to her body a few days ago, and wondered if it would be even moreso in the forest.

There wasn't a path to follow, as for the most part she could wind her way between the trees as she saw fit.  Though it wasn't long before she knew she was hopelessly lost in the forst.  She began to panic until she remembered she could always quick walk back to her cave in the foothills.  So she wandered the forest for a little while longer.  She was just starting to feel relaxed when she heard a noise behind her that made her spin. Warily she spun around only to see....

Nothing, it was just her imagination.  There was nothing behind her.   Then with a burst of pain she felt sharp nails claw into her thigh as an imp lept from the bushes to her left.  It gibbered madly and it's thick cock swung between it's legs as it prepared to attack again.

She let out a scream of pain, as the demon dug it's nails into her thigh.

It was everything she could do simply to try to kick it away from her.

She knew she probably should have used her spell ... or some such thing, but the surprise didn't give her much time to think about what to, instead instinct took over.

She caught a glimpse of the creature's cock, had she not spent the night at the farm that may have been enticing enough to get her wet... but with the memory of Daxter claiming her virginity fresh in her mind ... it didn't seem to phase her at all.

 Bell's kick boots the three foot tall beastie away.  It rolled and tumbled  falling into a tree.  Standing up however it began to chant magical words as  it stroked it's cock.  Bell felt a familiar wave of warmth wash over her and knew where this battle would go if she wasn't careful.

She fought to stay in control... This imp was larger and stronger then the previous ones she face....

Keeping her guard up she ore aired drown attack... Her hand craved with electricity

 Bell charged at the imp, sparks shooting from her fingertips, but the imp deftly sidestepped and raked his claws along her hip.  The weak leather thong holding her skirt up snapped under the assault and her wrap covering  her hips fell to the ground.  The imp leered at Bell's now naked ass and began stroking his cock again as he chanted the words to a new spell.

It seemed almost instantaneous, the imps attack.... Her skirt nothing more then a piece of leather laying on the ground, her defensive stance giving the imp a clean profile view of her rounded ass.

She took a breath of air, feeling flush watching the imp play with his cock... Her face turning a little red As she stood with her lower region exposed.

Rather then all out attack, she tried to cover up with one hand... Using the other to strike at him... With a slap.

Your sparking hand slaps out, striking the imp in the face and cracking him soundly.  His eyes rolled back in his head and you could tell that he was close to passing out, but he managed to hang on.  His spell completed and you felt another rush of warmth and felt the moisture between your thighs as your pussy began to dampen beyond your control.

Bell let out a suggestive moan, as her mind flashed back to the night before, as her pussy was being filled by daxter.

She fell to her knees in a moment of weakness. Unable to get the mental image of daxter fucking her out of her mind.  She could still taste his salty cum, like it was on her lips.

The she could do nothing but try to fight the spells effects.

The imp jeered, seeing his spell take effect, and though he was stiff legged, he walked towards Bell.  His high pitched voice already starting another round of the arousal spell that was decimating Bell's body.  He stopped a foot or two from Bell, who knelt on the ground, one hand already cupping her moist vulva.  He presented his cock to her.  "Suck it slut," he gibbered as he released another wave of the lust spell on her.

Bell knelt before the imp, her knees apart ... Her hand unconsciously caressing her lower regions... Pressing an index finger against her tigth asshole, before sliding between her moist slit.

She continued to fight for control of her body... Her mouth opened slightly at the imps demands, her head moved forward and back ... The spell forcing her closer, her mind forcing her away.

While still unable to act .... She was still fighting.

Thinking Bell completely under his control at that point the battered and injured imp cheered, "Yeah yeah yeah, that's right, suck it bitch!"  He grabbed Bell's blond locks of hair and forced his cock into her mouth.  It tasted awful, sweaty and dirty, and somehow tainted.  Yet even as Belle fought the compulsion, she realized her lips were wrapping around the shaft and her tongue was circiling the imp's cock head in her mouth.  Her body was trying to give in, to let this imp take her however it wanted.
((ooc - only when you reach 100 lust do you completely lose control fyi))

Bell, finally winning out over the fight for her body ... at least for now.

She used both hands to push him away... she looked up at him ... that big cock of his still staring her in the face. "If you want me, you're going to have to try harder then that."

She brought up her fists, in a defensive position, and waited for the imp to make his move ... no magic this time around ... she wanted the joy of beating this create to a bloody pulp to be all her own.

((OOC - ~.^ I figured, wanted to thrown in a little extra drama to spice things up a little.))

The imp gibbered back.  "You need more of this?"  it said in his high pitched voice.  It waved it's cock, the head still wet from your mouth at you.  "I'll have you drooling as I fuck you"  it said as it began chanting the words to the lust spell again.

Ready and waiting for that moment you lept forwards.  While his spell hit you, you were focused and prepared.  Even as your pussy dampened again, your own excited juices running down your legs, you sprang.  Following the weight of your first fist, you cracked the Imp in the face and followed through with a punch to the chest that blasted the wind out of his lungs.  His eyes rolled back and fell over, out cold.

You celebrated your victory for half a moment before you fell again to your knees, your body struggling to cope with the artificial lust that he had implanted in your body.

Bell feel to her knees, her face and chest falling all the way to the ground ... her ass still in the air.

She moaned like a whore as floods of images flashed though her mind, all she could think about was running back to the farm.

The last bits of the imp's spell planted an image in her mind ... a crass well endowed horse-man ... fucking her in the ass... as the group watched.

Maybe she'd do it ... maybe she'd have a better idea by the time she got there, maybe she'd simply show up completely naked and leave the rest to chance... yes leaving it to chance did sound like fun.

Bell's hands found the imp's horns and violently cracked them off, tugging the small pouch that was tied round it's neck she also gathered up the leather wrap that was her skirt.  She thought it would be salvageable if she had some time to sit and work on it.  But all of these things were done almost on automatic.  The scavenging, appraising, these were things her tutors had taught her back home.  Her conscious mind was on nothing more than the aching need between her thighs.

Having gather everything up ... she headed to her intended target ... the farm.

With her skirt still in hand as she arrived, at the back of the farm, opposite of her usual entrance ... ready to be fucked by the first thing that showed any interest.

Did the above whet your interests?  Why not contact me and talk to me about starting a game up with me?