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Author Topic: Magic of the Pen (Seeking F)  (Read 929 times)

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Magic of the Pen (Seeking F)
« on: August 22, 2011, 07:04:41 pm »
If interested in any of these ideas, please PM with your interest and any embellishments on the below posted ideas.

Images can be clicked on to reveal full size.

The Exhibitionist

John and Sarah have been dating for a few months now and are very comfortable with each other. John, several years older then Sarah, is also far more experienced and knows exactly what he wants. He has always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in him, and Sarah has slowly started to warm to his antics. She had never been the one to do thinks like feel each other up in a movie theatre, but with Johns gentle urgings she had recently given in to that and given her first 'road head'. Secretly, she had to admit that doing such things had turned her on. But John wanted to turn things up a notch.

It starts at a beach. John takes her to a more secluded area where very people were and convinces her to take her top off like many other women did - and lay there on the sand topless while people walked by and looked. From there they go to a nude beach and have their first public, but discreet, sex. Sarah gets a thrill out of it just like John does and while still showing reluctance she eagerly awaits their next foray into doing things out in public.

[Seeking a character like Sarah - name can be changed - who is slowly being awakened to an exhibitionist side of sexuality]

The Babysitter

The Babysitter (21) has been booked to babysit a boy of 16. He is greatly embarrassed by the fact that his parents are making him have a babysitter and is almost too shy to come out of his room once she arrives. To add more misery to his embarrassment, he quickly discovers that the older girl is absolutely gorgeous - the kind of girl that never gives a guy like him the time of day. She's a bit of a bad girl too and while talking with her (once she coaxes him to the couch with her) reveals that she has a few tattoos.

She also has brought some alcohol and her intentions with it are far from innocent. She plies him with some alcohol to relax him before playing a Truth or Dare game, which soon leads them both to near-nakedness and things only get heated from there!

[Looking for a Naughty Babysitter wanting to corrupt her older-then-average charge for the night]

The Goddess Next Door

A Widow lived in a large mansion on top of the hill. The houses below it were much smaller with gardens that ordered her estate. To the common person, she was a beautiful, mysterious figure who seldom left her mansions. But those of the upper class, the high rollers, the rich, in their Royles Royce cars often filled her driveways.

No one knew what went on at her parties but they were always highly talked of, and invitations always highly sought after. For one teenage neighbor of hers, it was all too much. He snuck onto her property though the back of his and found himself lost in a maze that took up a large part of her back yard, something he had always thought of as a privacy hedge.

Upon freeing himself from the maze, he finds himself walking up the steps from her pool towards a large window when lo and behold, the Widow appears at the top of the stairs, wearing a sheer black dress that was entirely see through to reveal she wore nothing underneath. The curious neighbor was about to find out he knew very little about women.

[Looking for a Seductive Widow to turn the curious neighbor into her call-boy]

The Princess and the Slave

The Princess is young and coming of age. Her father, the King, has kept her secluded from any suitors and keeps a close eye on her, his prized possession. She has yet to feel the touch of a man though it is becoming increasingly hard for her to ignore the changes her body has gone through. At night she sneaks about the Castle - more to go against her Fathers word then anything - to spy on the parties and feasts that go on.

It is while sneaking around one evening that she encounters something that stops her heart. It is late in the night and the wine has been flowing freely. The Servants required for the Feast are able to do as they please and she comes across two of them in an uncompromising position. Gerald, one of the Male servants, is taking Jennifer (another Servant) from behind in an unoccupied room, the door left wide open. Both are stark naked. The Princess has never seen the act of fucking before and she finds herself frozen in spot as she watches. Gerald, she sees, is a fine specimen of a man. He has the perfect body. Toned and muscular. Just the sight of him makes her grow wet between her legs. He is 22 years old as well and she finds herself drawn to him.

Over the coming days, she calls on him more and more to do things for her. Mostly moving things around in her room so that she can watch his muscles and the way his body moves. But her mind keeps going back to that night, watching as he rutted with another female. The Princess knows that she can't hold back anymore so tells him to meet her in a hallway down in the dungeons later that night. Gerald, sworn to obey, does and arrives and soon sees the Princess, shrouded in a Cloak, approach. She takes him into an unused room and pulls her cloak from her shoulders, revealing her nude body.

She wants Gerald to teach her everything he knows about the Art of Sex. Luckily for her, Gerald is an expert and while the Princess is young and eager, he takes things slowly with her, showing great restraint.

[Looking for a young, naive and innocent Princess to embark on a lustful affair with Gerald]

Daddys Girls

I am currently craving an RP focused around this picture. I am open to whatever versions of this idea pop into your head. Essentially, I am looking for what we see in this picture: two daughters. One is clearly older and much more experienced while I picture the other to be a virgin. I imagine Daddy has just walked in on them.

Thats essentially the base behind what I want. From there, we can formulate a dozen different ideas. Perhaps Daddy and the Oldest have been fooling around for a while and this was a set up to get the youngest daughter in on the action? Or perhaps its not Daddy walking in but the Older Daughters Boyfriend? Or perhaps its their brother? Very open to suggestions.

I will be looking for two people - one to be the Older Sister, one to be the Younger.

Do me, big brother!

Sister (16 - 18) has always admired her older Brother (22 - 24yrsold). He's smart, handsome, athletic and has always treated her kindly. He always looks out for her even though she knows she was annoying when younger. In a sense, you could say she has always had an attraction for Brother.

Brother is fresh out of college now and has agreed to 'babysit' her for a week while their parents go on vacation. Brother doesn't mind at all because his current Girlfriend is a local and it means spending time with her. Brother and his Girlfriend are very 'hands-on' even while around Sister, but things get worse at night. Sister, in her PJs, sneaks out of her room to investigate the sounds she is hearing.

Going to his room, she finds the door wide open. Peeking inside, she sees her Brother and his Girlfriend completely naked and going at it. Brother is apparently hung like a horse and his Girlfriend seems to enjoy it very much. Unable to constrain herself, Sister starts touching herself as she watches.

The same thing happens the following night but this time Brother looks right at Sister (who thinks she is hidden in the darkness) as he pounds into his Girlfriend. But then he continues, like he hadn't noticed her, though new positions offer her a better view of his hard cock.

The following day, once the Girlfriend has gone, Brother makes his move on Sister. He pins her against the kitchen counter, she is in her PJs still, and asks if she enjoyed the show last night. She quickly admits she did while rubbing back against him and then, biting her lip, she asks him to give it to her like he had given it to his Girlfriend.

[Seeking the Sister]

Images w/o plots:

[More Updates to Come]
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Re: Magic of the Pen (Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2011, 12:20:47 pm »
Updated with more plots

The idea in RED is a major craving right now.

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Re: Magic of the Pen (Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2011, 07:26:00 am »
Updated with "Do me, big brother"