Batman-related Plots (female.)

Started by Stan', August 21, 2011, 07:05:19 PM

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Old Man Batman

Heavily based off The Dark Knight Returns, this story sees an older, broken Bruce Wayne (35-40s) coming out of retirement (perhaps due to the death of Robin, or being unable to recover from Bane breaking his back) to fight against the scum of Gotham City once more.  I am more than happy to play as Two-Face, Joker and Bane as recurring villains to spice some things up.  Primarily looking for someone to play as:
• A journalist, caught up in a major crime.
• Reluctant, naive henchwoman who has fallen in with the wrong crowd.
• Batgirl (Barbara Gordon/OC)
• Catwoman (Selina Kyle/OC)

"Team Joker"
Although Heath Ledger did a decent attempt at playing the Joker, my favourite still has to be the animated version (the one voiced by "Luke Skywalker") who was also in the recent Arkham games.  Anyway.  The story goes that Harley is out of the picture (either she left him, or he finally got round to strangling her).  I need a female to play the role of Joker's new "henchwoman".

One idea is that he needs someone to help him achieve his (latest) evil plan, so could possibly use/force a reluctant/blackmailed Catwoman (Selina Kyle/OC) to run his errands.  If you would like to use/create a different character, then give me a PM and we can discuss it more.

Film Noir
Falling in Love with the Wife

This role requires someone to play a confident and dangerous femme fatale who knows that she can get what she wants.  In this case, she wants her husband dead and it just so happens that my character is the one that has to do it.  Before he knows it, she's put a gun in his hand and is purring instructions in his ear.

My character can be a Private Investigator, a corrupt Cop, innocent drifter, etc.  I'm obviously looking for a strong female woman who won't turn in to a shy, goodie-two-shoes.  I've went down that road before.

Current Stories
Rogue/Gambit: Back in New Orleans


So I've completely revamped my request thread, deleted some ideas I'm no longer interested in.  Definitely in a "Batman" mood, as you can probably tell from my numerous ideas and pairings on offer.  Surely there must be someone out there that's interested in a little story-writing in Gotham City.


Well hello :D
nice to meet you, I am always interested in batman related role plays.
I love the idea of playing Catwoman.
I also have my own original character if interested ;) Just let me know if your maybe interested.