Corruption (F looking for F/M)

Started by Pixietwist, August 21, 2011, 04:59:26 PM

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I've got a craving.  It's mostly a smutty craving I admit and a rather kinky one at that.  I would love it if we could develop good enough characters to have some real plot...but...for this one...well, read on.

It was inspired by the Buffy/Spike relationship of season six.  Basically, good girl Buffy is doing the (really) nasty with bad boy Spike.  She's hiding it from her friends and feels terribly guilty...but loves every minute of it.

I'm not looking for a Buffyverse RP in any way, but that sort of relationship.  A corrupter and the corrupted.  The corrupted needs to be unable to resist the naughty, naughty things they do, but still be torn up inside about doing them.

I'm open to playing either role, it's the story I'm craving, but I will only play female.  If I play the corrupter the other character must be female.  If I'm corrupted then either sex will do for my partner, with a slight female preference.

There's a huge range of possibilities here.  Only things I really don't want is a high school setting or any incest.  Also, want a plain ole boring modern day reality setting.
Missionary type church takes in a troubled young woman who corrupts one of the leaders
College student corrupts his/her professor
Secretary in a charity organization corrupts his/her boss
Small town soccer mom corrupted by new woman/man in town
Pitch me ideas if something else pops into mind...the themes are taboo and corruption

The underlying key here is control.  One party has always craved being naughty and the other gives the excuse to give in to those urges...power exchange.

Must haves:
Role playing (pet play, possible age play (adult forced to pretend to be younger), servant play etc)
Breast/nipple play/torture

Negotiable (things I want but not a must):
Public play
Body worship (including feet, but in general worship)
Piercings/Tattoos (would be able to be hidden, a secret between the pair)

**Edit** Please PM me with your thoughts.


hi Pixie,

Sounds like a quite interesting concept and I would love to try it.
Personally I would prefer to play the corrupted and I will be up both for bondage and public play, and quite possibly worship (whichever you prefer) and secrets tattoos and/or piercings.

a couple of ideas that might interest you:
*a young female attorney helps one of his clients to no go to jail, maybe even getting him a job in her own company trying to help him/her to reorient his/her life, she is attracted to this client, but she knows it wont be good for her career... still his client gets her isolated and seduced until she is ready to live all her secret cravings and desires... maybe she latter tries to leave the relationship just to be blackmailed by her corruptor, only pushing her into deeper depravity.

what do you think?
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