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April 11, 2021, 02:13:45 pm

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Author Topic: Craves. . .Ideas. . . Dribbling? [WARNING ALL MxM/FxF PLOTS] [MULTI]  (Read 724 times)

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Offline DonaGothikaTopic starter

So. . . in my never ending quest for an RP partner that will be consistent and like me write to enhance their written ability I bring you:


(Bare in mind these are dabbles of ideas I have had and I like to work out plotting with my partner before we begin)

**NOTE: ALL MY MEN are "SEKE' "VERSATILE" OR "SWITCH" so please don't reply if all your characters ONLY top or bottom in RP-land as in life if you give you should be able to RECEIVE too! I also don't feed into Homoerotic stereotypes--so I not going to play men who behave like weak women. My men ARE MEN, or YOUNG MEN and will behave as such (even if they are in a non-traditional roles, odd situations or setting)

PM me if interested in any of my bits!

I wanted to try an MPREG. but WITH A TWIST. . .

A) Dude is not walking around with a belly (it's just not hot I don't care how "glowy" one gets)

B) My character is the MPREG. . .ah. . .victim? LOL! But he will be Seke and alien (just the idea of a human trying to get knocked up is just so implausible I wanna gag!)

C) I refuse to have my character behave like a hormonal woman (so don't ask)! He will however have normal preggie symptoms (hunger, irritability, changes to his fight stance to protect offspring, etc.) 

D) MY CHARACTER IS SEKE!! VERSATILE. . .what ever you want to call it but he doesn't have an "assigned" position. So YC can't be an "exclusive" bottom or top.

Basic Plot (can be negotiable)

My character is an alien from light years away, that to his dismay has just gotten the news that he is incompatible for mating with ANY other gender of his species. Meaning his gonna die childless and alone (the worst kinda death to his people). Tired of family beginning treat him like an invalid--my character steals his fathers ship and runs away from home (he's 16, and even with his deficiency--it's a HUGE taboo to run away from his planet, underage, and with a council members ship).

Anyway, he makes he way to Earth unaware that it is inhabited by a less evolved species (Earthlings). But he crashes somehow and YC, a regular high school senior finds him and helps him (as the fact that he is bleeding blue blood is a concern that prevents your guy from taking him to the hospital).

While my character is mending, he and YC slowly "explore" each other. YC cause he's curious. Mine cause he's just happy to have any affection. Long story short, they have sex (likely multiple kinky times (causes that's how I roll). . . But my characters father has sent a team to retrieve him. YC gets captured too as he is considered a pervert for having sex with MC who is two years younger than him. Aside from that as a human he is a lower evolution chain, and considered a pointless roll in the hay. They decide to drag your character back to be executed. But when they return it's discovered that MC is carrying YC's offspring, making it illegal to kill the genetic producing 18 year old.

And thus the adventuring begins. . .Trying to avoid hands on alien scientists, a distrusting set of "in-laws", and an alien culture that has turned the whole idea of this alien offspring with a null (derogatory term for barren types like MC) into a media frenzy--making the whole affair very public, and MC & YC become the subjects of something like reality TV just to keep from being assassinated (which only further complicates matters), oh and an some really evil politicians that wanna use the baby as an excuse to invade Earth.

PM to chat if interested. . .

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Offline DonaGothikaTopic starter

Re: Craves. . .Ideas. . . Dribbling? [WARNING ALL MxM/FxF PLOTS] [MULTI]
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2011, 12:42:13 am »
A man alone after his boyfriend commits suicide finds that day-to-day life is hard. He can't sleep, he can't think or focus on getting back to life a single person. On the verge of suicide himself--he comes home late one night to an attrative young man sleeping in his bed. Upon awaking this young man announces to the forlorn man that he is his brand new........

Temporary sweetheart. Sent to make life sweeter.

Who is this stranger? Why is he in the man's bed? Who let him in? And better yet, what is a "temporary sweetheart"?