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Started by angel8264, August 21, 2011, 06:26:41 AM

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Hi guys,

This is probably going to be where I now keep my ideas posted, updated as i start lemming new things. These are very vague ideas, but you can hopefully get an idea. In general i like my rp's to be long term and very romantic. i like to feel as though im being protected by the guy and so will add new twists to get reactions, i do also enjoy others adding complications as well

1) Inspired by the song "change the way you kiss me" more so for the lyrics, so something along the lines of just starting off dating for some fun, not really taking things seriously. one of us maybe falls for the other, but things change suddenly...maybe an ex comes along, or the other has to move away and it doesn't work out.

It is very vague, but i would love to explore the idea more - ideally via IM.



A second craving:

One of us has just awoken from a coma, and has no memory of anything past. The other is either:

The partner who has to gain back trust and love
A complete stranger, who risks stepping on a past partners toes..

Thanks guys!