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Author Topic: Locked Up: Prison Themed Stories  (Read 419 times)

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Locked Up: Prison Themed Stories
« on: August 19, 2011, 02:29:00 PM »
So yeah, I've been having a real good craving for some prison-themed stories as of late.  I have no idea why, but it's just been something that has interested me a lot lately, and would love to find someone or two to write a story or two with.  If interested, please send me a message.

Roles can be negotiated.  Willing to play either male or female roles.

Sudden Death
Based on an idea inspired by Death Race and “The Gladiator’s Prize” Idea
Near-Future Setting
Non-Con OR Extreme
MxF preferred
Set in the near future…

It was only a matter of time before the world’s economic institutions began to falter.  One by one countries began to crumble away to the effects of the global melt down.  Some panicked, some drove their economies into the ground out of fear.  Others, on the other hand, began to sell off it’s institutions in the hopes of pulling free from the economic gloom overcoming the nation.

In the United States, it was no different.  The very first thing to go were the nation’s prison systems, sold one by one to various corporations and companies that could afford to.  But what to do with these prisons?  The answer was simple.  Right there within their hand was the perfect opportunity to cash in on what America loves most:  violence.

“Sudden Death” became an instant hit amongst the nation’s population, and soon the world.  Twenty First Century Gladiator Games as it was billed, pitted the most dangerous, violent criminals against one another in a fight to the death.  It was more violent than UFC.  It was more entertaining than the NFL.  Where else could you watch two men beat each other senseless until one died in battle?  In no time at all Sudden Death had become the nation’s new national sensation, the year-round event with no offseason or holdouts.  It was either fight, or face execution.  There was no way around it.

But what to give a top prisoner after so many victories?  Food was fleeting.  Entertainment wouldn’t last.  But a woman, now that was something worth fighting for.

This is an idea based off of a combination of some Jason Statham movie and a story idea I had entitled The Gladiator’s Prize.  It would be one of the best, if not the best, fighter within the system receiving a gift of a personal female slave, whether it’s just some poor runaway, some prostitute, or female inmate.  For twenty four hours a day on non-fight-days, she would be chained to him, helpless to escape in a prison full of dangerous men and criminals.  I had envisoned this to be a sexually charged, action packed story or a prisoner/gladiator trying to escape, using his slave as a tool in his quest to finally be free.

The Bounty Hunter and the Outlaw
Inspiration:  Red Dead Redemption and 3:10 to Yuma
Light or Extreme
MxF or FxF
The Old West.  A time and place where cowboys, vigilantes, outlaws, and Native Americans roamed the frontier.  It was a place of opportunity and risk, where outlaws roamed the towns and railroads.

I would like to do a story like 3:10 to Yuma, in which an outlaw (in this case a female outlaw) is captured by a bounty hunter in Mexico or somewhere like that.  In order to collect the bounty, the Bounty Hunter must get the female outlaw back across the border to collect the money, doing whatever it takes to ward off wild animals, hostile Natives, and other opportunistic vigilantes aiming to collect on the bounty.

It's not much, but it's a start, something that's up for discussion.     

The Gladiator's Prize
Inspiration:  Gladiator
Historic:  Ancient Rome

Non-Con or Extreme
Male Characters only
He was known as the best Gladiator in all of Rome, if not the vast Empire.  The way he could carve his opponents with his sword was unparalleled by any man or woman.  It was through this particular Gladiator that his owner made a fortune in betting and using him in games.  The Gladiator is far too valuable to him, and as a sign of just how valuable he was, the Gladiator Owner decided to reward his prized possession with a toy, a fresh, young slave from Gaul.  However, as time slowly wears on, the Gladiator devises a plan for her, a special and intricate plan for his eventual escape from this servitude to rise up and rebel against Rome.

The Bitch
Non-con OR Extreme
Female Characters ONLY
This idea I can't take full credit for.  Due to inactivity on the original game thread, I've decided to see if anyone would like to play a new version of it.  This is one of the few stories that are no-negotiations when it comes to the pairings.  It has to be FxF, and I will only accept F characters for the story (gender of the writer isn't important, as usual).  The submissive of the story is a young, innocent woman, sent to jail for something petty, like theft, or framed for arson, whatever.  She's sent to a state of the art woman's prison, under unknown circumstances.  Little does she know the Warden herself had pulled strings to get her there, all to put her in the same cell as one of the most dangerous prisoners in the prison (Dominant character).  She's been sent there and placed in the cell by the warden to just find out information, all in an attempt to get rich on hidden gold and money the Dominant character had hidden before going away.

The Prison Whore
Inspiration:  A Piece of Erotica I'm Writing
MxF or FxF
Bondage, Light, or Extreme
The warden of one of the largest, most efficient prisons in the country is one corrupt bastard.  For years their reputation has been built around his ability to do and get anything.  Ever an opportunistic man, he devised a cleaver way of getting what he wants and what he needs:  prostitutes.  By catering to the most ruthless of people behind bars, the men with actual power and muscle on the outside that could and would do anything their leader tells them, the warden offers the prisoners a choice of whore for a few hours, privacy in a small, furnished trailer in the prison grounds.  For this, I would be playing one of the whores, a young girl that got caught up in the wrong crowd, whereas you would be playing one of the ruthless, cut throat gang leaders in the prison.  After a while, with your charm, I'm virtually powerless to resist you, helping you do anything you wanted...  Even escape.