Coming of Age(2 females needed, D/S)

Started by LimitlessNikkie, August 18, 2011, 04:05:43 AM

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Coming of Age(M/F/F, Incest, D/S, light bondage)
Sarah never knew much about her parents beside what every kid knows, they work, their past, some of their interests. She had no idea her Dad was an extreme dominate who'd been watching his little girl for years. Interest in her blooming with each passing year as sarah made the transition from awkward and unsure to graceful and beautiful. Mom and Dad have a healthy dominate submissive relationship, but Dads desire for his little girl who's not so little anymore had put strain on that.
Mom was the one to suggests bringing sarah into their bed room games hoping to please her husband and master. Sarah's parents struck one night when she came home slightly drunk from a party very late waking them as she tried to sneak into the house. They promised punishment but she laughed it off imagining grounding rather then the hand cuffs and paddling her father had in mind. (looking for the mom and dad roles)

So I have a guy interested in playing the dad(LandofromTexas) and I'll be playing Daughter so basically we need a mom. So thats were you come in. If you could just fill out the nifty bio below then we'll be set to play.
Edit: another guy I know Eeyore is also interested in playing the father role so I'm going to run this twice but this time we're in need of a stunning daughter!

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Profiles for group two imcluding myself as mom and Eeyore as Dad

Quote from: Eeyore on August 18, 2011, 04:06:10 PM
Name: Connor
Age: 42 years old

Personality: Connor is a dominant man. He sets rules in the house and expects every one to follow them. He is very strict and does not take disobedience well.

History: Connor did a brief stint in porn to help pay for college. He had the looks, the stamina, and while not hung like a horse he was certainly larger then average. And he certainly enjoyed it. It was also when he discovered his dominant streak, taking such roles during sex with other aspiring porn stars. He clearly liked it but knew it was not a career for him.

Lying on his application, he joined the Marines after college and served 4 years. His dominant streak peaked through the discipline learned there. Once out of the military, and working a regular Civilian job, he met his wife who seemed a natural submissive to him. The two would marry and have a daughter while continuing with a healthy sex life.

Quote from: LimitlessNikkie on August 18, 2011, 04:41:31 PM
Name: Roxanne 'Roxie'

Age: 36

Personality: Roxie loves to make people happy, no one more so then her husband. She is soft spoken and calm seeming never to get agitated or upset. She seems always to ease, happy and content.

History: Roxie had an average life, with two normal parents and a normal brother. She was an average student in an average school, in an average part of the state. On paper nothing stood out about the girl. But in her town she was beloved. She volunteered at the homeless shelter, worked at the library, helped clean parks, and did fund raisers for the school.

She was active in her community and her community loved her for it. When she went to college she did so with scholarships won locally and followed her love of literature. After four years she came out with a degree and took a job working at a local library. She loved the quiet, and though she could have found something more challenging she didn't seem to have the drive for it.

Romantically her life was bland. She'd dated in college but found no one that really seem to interest her. Most of the men in her social circle were wonderful to talk to, to debate with, but did nothing to inspire her sexually.

She met the man who would be her husband on a seemingly average day. They seemed to hit it off quiet well and she went home that day with high hopes. As things between the two of them progressed her interest only deepened, she never for one moment grew bored and as the roles between them were subtly put into place she found herself loving them. It felt natural, as easy as breathing to serve him, do anything to make him happy.

She bore him a daughter and was thrilled their little family was growing. as the girl grew Roxie started noticing little things in her husband, a lingering glance, a moments hesitation. She didn't want to think anything of it but as the young girl grew into a stunning woman it was impossible not to notice Conner's interest and it broke her heart.

But she wanted to make him happy. It was all she ever wanted. So she spent days agonizing over it but finally concluded that the only way to make him happy was to give to him what he wanted so late at night once she'd acted up once again, have a lack of disciple that was starling considering who her father was Roxie suggested she might need a stronger punishment then usual.