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Author Topic: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)  (Read 1264 times)

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Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« on: August 17, 2011, 07:58:12 PM »

She (Emily) was a bit shy and being a freshman in a large university left her a bit unsure. Her home town of Foster Vermont had few souls living there than in some of her lectures. When she had arrive at her dorm, she was placed in a triple room with two sophomores, who not only looked down on her, but generally ignored her. In self defense she buried herself in her studies, spending most of her time in the library. The one night, as she left the library at closing, her cell phone fell from her backpack as she went out the door. The door swung shut, locking her phone inside. She banged on the door and Bob (the janitor saw her outside.  He was tall and strong and looked handsome despite his plain blue uniform. He came to the door and let her in. She thanked him, took her cellphone and left. It was about a week later when she saw Bob again, this time cleaning the glass doors.

(( we'll continue this in third person))

She caught Bob's eye when she was still about halfway across the Library courtyard away. He had been watching her from a distance all week and couldn't believe his luck that she was heading into the library just when he had to clean the doors. As she approached, he got up held the door open wide for her and tipped his nonexistent hat to her as she walked through. He loved the smile on her cute as a button face. He followed her with his gaze as she walked to the stacks.

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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2011, 08:11:39 PM »
((Magical! Can only stay up to write my reply, for which I am sorry. Will be back tomorrow tho hun. What ages are we roughly? I have no idea of college ages for students in the US although I assume it must be about the same as over here))

Yet again Emily was bound for the library, all this work load was catching up with her, but she was a smart girl and despite her good looks and charm she had never really had much of a social life to leave behind once she started college. As she made her way toward the library she spotted Bob, he was one of the janitors of the college and he was rather good looking and he was a real gentleman. Just a few days ago, or maybe a week she had dropped her mobile on her way out of the library and the doors had shut behind her locking her out before she could grab it, he had let her back in to get it for which she had been very grateful.
She approached the doors to the library and realised that Bob must be about to clean the windows or something as he had all his gear set up with him, as she drew closer he opened the door for her and she walked through giving him her sweetest smile and he tipped the brim of a nonexistent hat, she giggled a little at this and carried on walking. She walked up to the stacks and began her search for the books she was going to need for tonight's mission.
It turned out there were four books in total and none of them were what you might call light reading. she found herself a desk with a working lamp and set about finding the stuff she needed for her assignment. It was going to be a long night, and as she thought this her mind wandered idly to Bob and what he would be doing once he had finished with the windows. as this random thought occurred to her she glanced over to him and saw him looking at her, she flushed a little pink and flashed him a quick smile before returning her gaze to her workload.

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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2011, 08:25:13 PM »
(( your a freshman..19, I'm  27 or so))

Bob could barely stop smiling all evening. Emily (though he did not yet know her name) had actually paid attention to him.  His work seemed light this night and the hours flew by. He was turning out lights and locking up when he noticed a work lamp still on in the stacks. he headed back to turn it off only to discover Emily sound asleep, her head down on an open book.  he walked up and just stood there a moment enchanted. She seemed so peaceful and delicate. He couldn't bare to wake her. But he couldn't leave her there. seeing her keys on the table, he picked them up. The key tag said Snyder hall #33. he set the keys down and walked over beside her and gently patted her shoulder. Miss?? she didn't wake.. Miss?? her body stirred a bit, She looked up at him through sleepy eyes.

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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2011, 11:43:32 AM »
((ah magic I can be pre-twenty again hehehe))

Emily studied on until the light outside the windows grew dim and eventually faltered into darkness. As she struggled on her hand aching from writing and her eyes sore and itching from reading she felt herself begin to tire. This was another night in a chain of many where she had stayed up late trying to get as much work done as possible, and the load never seemed to lessen only grow. She felt her lids beginging to droop but she battled on, as she was nearing the end of this particular assignment.
Before she knew what happened sleep had taken her, she lay with her face in the open book she had been so immersed in moments before. As she slept she noticed nothing, none of the comings and goings of the other students, nor when the lights were turned out, she slept soundly. As her mind began to slip into dreaming she thought she heard something.
She wasn't sure and her mind soon ignored it. But then it was there again
This time there was a touch on her shoulder and she stirred a little before opening her eyes a fraction. As she gazed up bleary eyed she saw that it was a janitor, not just any janitor though, it was Bob. He was really rather handsom and he couldn't have been that much older than herself. She smiled at her as her eyes became clearer.
She said softly her voice still thick with sleep and her cheeks flushing with colour
"I am sorry, do I need to go back to my dorm now? What is the time?"
She added the second part as more of an afterthought. She rarely wore a watch outside of class and she was still too sleepy to think about checking her mobile.

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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2011, 01:04:31 PM »
((congrats on your approval...I'm still waiting ...6 days now... sure hope you will continue with me in the meantime...on to the story))

Its 2am actually, Bob said smiling at her, amused by her sleepy condition. Ive got to lock up. need some help with your books?? Not waiting for an answer he started stacking her books for her and picked up a large armload.  She got up a little wobbly with sleep and bob took her arm and steadied her for the first few steps.  Just touching her was a thrill for him. He lead her slowly to the door set the alarm and locked up behind her. Do you know where your car is? Emily looked at him puzzled, Bob said, I'll take you home in mine and you can get it in the morning. He lead her to his car and seated her in the passenger seat. Putting her books in the back seat he got in the car and before he asked where she lived he realized she was sound assleep again. Asking her wasn't going to be very productive.

Bob drove home, picked her out of the seat and carried  her into his apartment. He sat her on the couch, and helped her out of he jacket. He knelt down and removed her shoes. he streached her out on the couch and tucked a pillow under her head.
Going to the closet bob found a warm blanket and tucked her in. Leaning over her he gently kissed her forhead. "goodnight my sweet" he wispered.

Offline MizzEmilyJayne

Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #5 on: August 18, 2011, 06:20:20 PM »
(Many thankies hun. Well fingers crossed you will get in. Of course I will continue in the mean time, and then if you get approved we can move our little roleplay up a notch))

Her jaw dropped a little as he told her the time, she then got to her feet stumbling a little as she tried to find her feet. She heard Bob saying something though she wasn't sure what it was but she assumed it must have involved her books as moments after he spoke he stacked her books into a pile and picked them up. They both headed for the door at the same time and again Emily stumbled with her footing, taking hole of Bob's arm to steady herself, she hoped he didn't mind she would have thanked him but she was struggling to stand at the moment let alone find the right works to say to him for his kindness. They reached the door and he stopped to set the alarm, she waited outside for him holding onto the wall for support as she felt her conciousness slipping from her. He was with her again in just over a minute and she took his arm once more for support smiling softly up at him as it was all she could manage at this time. Again he spoke to her but her mind was beyond all comprehension she simple looked at him blearily. He walked her to what she guessed was his car, her got the door for her and she climbed in falling asleep as she got the belt to clicked into place.

As she slept Bob placed her books on the back seat and got into the drivers seat, he turned to her but saw she was asleep so he stayed silent. He drove back to his and carried her in laying her on the sofa and making her comfortable. She slept through this without a care in the world, she noticed nothing except a gentle brush across her forhead and something whispered softly near her face. As she slept she had a strange dream, but she could make neither head nor tales of it so she fidgeted a lot.

She awoke in the morning as the light flooded over her face, as she began to wake up properly she started to realise she wasn't at home, infact she had no idea where she was. She sat bolt upright in an instant and then clutched at her head as the blood flowed away too quickly. Once she had again regained her senses she realised that her jacket and boots were gone, and that there was a blanket around her, but nothing else seemed out of place, she also realised that she had been given a pillow. She got up and stretched looking around trying to figure out where exactly she was.

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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #6 on: August 18, 2011, 06:51:52 PM »
As Bob worked away in the kitchen making breakfast he heard rustling in the living room. He stuck hes head in the doorway just in time to see Emily stretching and looking around.  "Well its about time sleepy!" he called out to her. "Breakfast is ready ...are you hungry?" Emily walked slowly to the kitchen, running her fingers through her hair and realizing that sleeping on the couch, while comfortable hadn't done her  clothes or her hair much good. She sat at the table and was  served eggs benedict and bacon, and fresh hot bisquit and butter, a steaming cup of coffee and juice.  Bob sat with Emily and chatted while they ate (( I 'm leaving the conversation for you to fill in)). After breakfast Bob said I bet you could use a shower. There's towels and a robe in the bath. If you want I'll toss your clothes in the wash while you shower.

Offline MizzEmilyJayne

Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #7 on: August 18, 2011, 07:14:18 PM »
As she looked around in her search for something, anything familiar she saw Bob poke his head around the doorway from what she now realised was the kitchen area. She smiled at him as he bidded her a good morning, she stiffled a yawn and shot him a warm smile.
Wow good looks, charm and a gentleman. There is a god! She thought to herself as she shuffled over towards him and the very tempting smell of bacon and coffee. as she walked over she ruffled her hair and gave her clothes a look over realising how she looked she grimaced a little but then looking back at Bob she smiled brightly again a sort of glow seeming to warm her body.
She walked past him and as his back was still turned she glanced down at him rear, giving him a proper looking over. She couldn't fault him for anything. She sat down at the table as Bob done the same and dished out some of the food he had made for the two of them. She smiled and muttered a soft thanks feeling herself growing shy as she took a sip of the coffee.
"Wow this coffee is amazing, I bet your girlfriend loves staying with you." She said beaming at him as she took a bit of biscuit and butter. It was amazing and she felt her stomach grumble happy in gratefullness of this early morning feast.

((Its more fun if you join in the conversation. I don't want to get your words wrong =] ))

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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #8 on: August 18, 2011, 07:55:58 PM »
(( that's the problem with this format... dialogue is awkward but oh well.. btw thanks for sticking around))

"Girlfriend? he said quizzically. I don't think you've been here before." It was out of his mouth before he realized the error of his words.. He looked deep in her eyes hoping he hadn't presumed on her affections, and half expecting to be rejected on the spot.  he was about to apologize when she interupted him.

Offline MizzEmilyJayne

Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #9 on: August 18, 2011, 08:13:14 PM »
((You are more than welcome my sweet. I wouldn't rule you out just because you are not approved. Not very nice, or fair. And I am having fun =] ))

Her mouth fell open just a touch as he spoke, then she smiled.
"Shall I take that as you are single then?" She beamed as she spoke again "Don't look so shocked hun. It was simply a slip of the tongue. I'll let you off this time." And with that she grinned and winked at him and took another mouthful of food and a sip of coffee.
"So," She began looking up at him through her long dark lashes "How exactly did I come to be in your apartment this morning?" She asked him softly and with nothing in her voice but pure curiosity.
Bob proceeded to tell her the story of finding her asleep in the stacks the previous night and bringing her back here where he knew she would be safe in her sleepy and incoherent condition.
"So was that you I felt brushing my forehead in my dreams or did I imagine it?" she said flushing pink as she realised what she had said, she quickly took another swig of coffee to cover herself and then almost chocked on it as it went down the wrong hole.

((p.s. I am loving this roleplay and the colour option teeheehee))

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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #10 on: August 18, 2011, 08:31:19 PM »
Bob's hands were sweating and he cleared his throat. It was me.. but it wasn't a brush ... he cough again... it was a k kiss" there! he had gotten it out. His heart was pounding now. He wanted to offer her a shower, but was afraid .. how would she react? He made some more small talk. "we have to get your car later do you remember where you parked it? You were pretty out of it last night. Finally he decided he had to ask or give up completely. he just blurted it out " would you like a shower? Theres towels and a robe in bathroom and I can toss your clothes in the washer for you.

Offline MizzEmilyJayne

Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #11 on: August 18, 2011, 08:52:10 PM »
(Thus will be my last reply before I go a nigh-nights *gigglesnort* But I will be back tomorrow day time and then again after work. And I will probably be here all night tomorrow =] ))

She looked up at him as she got her breath back, this made her feel a lot better about blurting it out now and she sighed very softly from relief. As she looked at him she saw how very uncomfortable he looked but she said nothing fearing she would only make him worse. But she did give him another of her warmest smiles. As he spoke about getting her car she vaguely remembered a snippet from the night before and why she had been so confused by his words.
"I don't actually have a car, so to speak." She said to him softly "I ride a motorcycle" She told him beaming. This threw him off guard for a moment as no-one would think a little thing like Emily would ride around on a motorcycle let alone a Harley Davidson custom made Panhead chopper.
There was silence for a moment and then the words stumbled from him in a rush and she had to stifle a giggle as she realised his embarrassment she stoped and looked up at him warmly getting to her feet and walking around the table to his side.
"That would be wonderful thank you. You have been so kind to me I don't know how to repay you." She said softly as looked down at him in his chair. "Would you mind showing me to the bathroom?"
With that she followed him to the bathroom and went in to undress, she wrapped herself in the bathrobe that he had told her she could borrow and then opened the door and handed him her clothes, she had nothing in her pockets as everything but her keys were in her backpack. As she handed him the bundle of her clothes they slipped a little and her underwear fell to the floor, she bent to pick them up at the same moment as he did but thankfully she got them first, flushing a rather violent shade of red she stuffed them back into the bundle that Bob held in his arms.
"Thanks." Emily muttered softly as she closed the door and turned to the shower turning on the water and making sure it was nice and hot. She moved the towel so that it was within easy reach for when she got out and then she stepped into the steaming jets of water issuing from the shower head. She let out a soft moan as she let the water cascade down her back, which was aching just a little from her night on the couch as opposed to her comfy double bed back in the dorm she occupied alone.

((Night night pudding, catch you in the morning x))

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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #12 on: August 18, 2011, 09:17:38 PM »
Bob took the clothes to the laundry. He could smell her perfume on them. The scent made him warm all over. He couldn't help pausing a moment with the panties. They were red and sooo tiny just the sight of them aroused him. His hands trembling as he held them he put them in the washer and started it. He then went upstairs and cleared the breakfast dishes and washed up. He was just finishing when he heard the shower turn off. He checked on the clothes but they were still washing. as he came up the stairs from the laundry. the bathroom door opened and he was met by Emily wet from the shower in his robe. She smelled wonderful all clean and wet. seizing the moment he leaned in and kissed her wrapping his arm about her waist. Suddenly alarmed at himself he broke the kiss expecting a rebuff. he wanted to scream he was so excited. His heart was pounding in his chest. He looked deep into her eyes searching for approval. Time stood still as it seemed an eternity to him before she reacted by........
(( I will be on for a minute or two during the day from work... but not in the evening....I have a wedding rehersal and I must play my music for... the wedding is saturday evening.. I may be on a bit saturday morning, then not again till sunday afternoon or evening.... this is a wonderful roleplay. Cant wait til we can take it to a new level hope you enjoy it as much as I do))

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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #13 on: August 19, 2011, 09:20:03 AM »
She finished in the shower shut the water off and stepped out wrapping herself in the towel briefly before putting the robe on and towel drying her hair. There was nothing to use to brush her hair with in here but she remembered that she had a comb in her bag so she stepped out of the door to go and get it and ask about her clothes, as she stepped out the door she walked right into Bob and she stumbled back just a little. She looked up at him and smiled "Sorry" she muttered her face filling a little with colour.
"Are my clothes done ye-" She began to say but suddenly his lips were at hers moving with passion and his arm was at her waist, she felt a heat inside her rising up and then it was gone as he pulled away from her looking excited yet horrified. She was a little amused at the expression on his face but she held her ground for a moment trying to figure out her next move.
"Well that was unexpected!" She announced with a grim and she moved closer to him again "I'm not complaining, But you could have let me finished speaking first." She beamed at him again before reaching up onto her toes to kiss him once more, she wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers in his hair. She then pulled away slowly.
"So are my clothes done yet? Cause my first class is in just over hour and I have no idea how far from the college we are, or where my dorm is from here and I still need to get the right books for class." She smiled at him again sweetly and then gently brushed past him on her way towards the lounge and her bag. She grabbed it and went back into the bathroom passing by Bob again as he remained there looking slightly transfixed.

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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #14 on: August 19, 2011, 11:50:32 AM »
(( this will probably be my last reply until sunday, I have a wedding to play all the music for rehearsal is tonite. ))

He was starstruck when Emily raised up to return his kiss and was still floating when it registered that she needed her clothing.  Uhh-UHH oh yeah I just put them in the drier they will be out in about 20 minutes. He said. Don't worry, I'll drive you to the dorm and then back to class. You can get bike after that. Meantime, we have a little time while you brush your hair. He looked down just in time to see the robe gaping. He struggled to maintain his composure. The smell of shampooed hair and clean skin intoxicating him. You are so beautiful he managed to get out in a cracking voice.

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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #15 on: August 19, 2011, 07:45:25 PM »
((That's ok. I am still trying to figure out how to sort loads of things out at the moment))

Just as she took hold of the door handle to close the door behind her while she sorted out her tangled mess of hair out Bob told her that her clothes would be about twenty minutes and that once she was dressed and had her hair sorted her would run her back to the campus via her dorm, she smiled and began to close the door when she heard a strange cracking sound that must have been Bob speaking, the words weren't quite distingishable to her so she simply smiled at him and thanked him for her clothes and told him that she would be back out in a moment once she had sorted her hair out.
She closed the door and walked over to the mirror, her hair was always a mess after it had been washed, but it was quite long, almost down to her butt. She rumaged around in her bag for a few minutes before eventually finding her make-up bag which had all sorts of handy things in it, she was suddenly very grateful that she hadn't given up on carrying it around. She pulled out the comb and began gently pulling it through her hair and easing out the tangles and knotts. She hummed softly to herself as she did so, once finished she found a hair band and tied her hair up into a loose bun at the nape of her neck.
"Bob?" She called out softly as she opened the bathroom door again. She found him halfway up the stairs his arms full of her clothes. "Oh excellent timing!" She exclaimed taking them from him gently and returning to the bathroom to get dressed, it was quite a nice feeling putting on clothes that were warm from the dryer. Once dressed she sprayed on a little purfume and threw her make-up bag back into her backpack. She Then stepped out of the bathroom door and made her way to the kitchen where Bob was waiting for her.
"Hi!" She said beaming at him as he looked her up and down apreciatively.
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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #16 on: August 20, 2011, 10:38:22 PM »
I have been put on hold, so I won't be approved for at least 6 months if at all.<snip>


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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #17 on: August 20, 2011, 11:35:33 PM »
wolvenrouge, you may continue posting during the waiting period, if you wish.

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Re: Em and Bob (Emx and Wolvenrogue)
« Reply #18 on: August 21, 2011, 03:00:50 AM »

See my final post on my intro page which is now in "held introductions" if they will let you. As you can see above they are "protecting" you. Tell Sybll its there too please.  I won't be back,  I'm soo sorry.
As to where I am, use your imagination. I would love to hear from you someday.

Good bye my sweet.