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Author Topic: F seeking F -- 27 ideas! Updated 8/18/2011  (Read 559 times)

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Offline ready4roleplayTopic starter

F seeking F -- 27 ideas! Updated 8/18/2011
« on: August 17, 2011, 06:10:59 PM »
It has been several months since I have been online to roleplay.  I am rehashing some ideas and have some new ones.  If anyone is interested PM me. :)  I'd ready to get back in there.  I think I would also be interested in trying some forum posts this time around instead of just IM.

Hello... I am looking to roleplay over yahoo.  I prefer long term roles.  My favorite types of scenes to do are relationship style roles which involve storylines or plots.  I love details, input from my partners, surprises, twist, turns, drama, romance, love, love-hate.  Recently I have been wanting to branch out a bit and do roles that are so "cookie cutter" clean, not sure exactly what but perhaps if you are interested we can chat about it.  Also, I will also do roles other people may have thought of and open to suggestions on how to tweak or change mine.  None of these are set in stone and besides what fun is a roleplay without input from both parties?

I don't typically do M/F plays unless I REALLLLY like the idea, when I do prefer to be the male instead of playing against one.    :)  The roles I will accept as f/f only are in purple....

I will roleplay in both third and first person, whichever the other partner prefers is fine with me. So if you want to deviate from traditional third person, just let me know.

1) College students/friends/couple - my character would be an exotic dancer in order to pay for school, eventually her partner would grow to dislike her job choice.   Or it could be a client get involves with my char.

2) next door neighbors - one an older woman - possibly married and the other her babysitter/dog watcher - I would prefer to play the younger woman, but would accept the role as the older.

3)Boss/ employee - in this one, the employee would be the pursuer.  don't have a definite set up for this one yet.   A side note - I would be willing to play this as the daughter of a boss and this be boss' daughter/employee

4) school counselor/student - student as the pursuer - maybe she is a high school senior who's parents have put her out because she came out to them as a lesbian, perhaps the counselor decided to take her in for her remaining few months until college.

5) sisters - Fraternal Twin sisters who were extremely close until one of them hit puberty before the other.  When this twin did, she became a part of the popular in crowd who snubbed all the undeveloped girls, her twin sister included.  As a result, several years of bitterness have developed between the siblings.  The snubbed one finally grows tired of being treated like crap by her twin and decides to do something about it.... This is probably one of my more extreme plays... Don't know what's getting into me :P.

6) best friends since middle school, now college freshmen - one has fallen for her friend.

7) Girl dating a guy and becomes close friends with his sister, while they are on a family trip and the couple get into a major argument and the sister tries to soothe the girlfriend and they end up becoming closer and closer.... Also willing to do this role with the mother of the boy instead of the sister.

8) Lesbian couple going through fertility treatments for a baby -  I would like to play out the pregnancy - a fetish of mine. This role would be a more vanilla scene than anything. Or perhaps its a woman who is a surrogate mother for a married couple or a young single woman giving her child up for adoption. In this case the two woman would develop an intimate bond.

9) young single mother and the daycare provider for her child - not a whole lot of background on this one. If you like this idea we can discuss more.

10)  Your char was a very popular girl - a major bitch/bully to any and everyone you considered beneath you.  My char's older sister just happened to be one of those girls.  Your char tormented her at ever chance you got, creating embarrassing lies and starting rumors about her.  After about a year and a half of this, my char's sister grows tired of the abuse and then transfers to another college in another state. Saddened by the lost of my char's best friend/sister, my character sets the plot in motion to pay your character back and to start by befriending, then eventually seducing your char, ultimately revealing your char's lesbian tryst to everyone! Willing to do this role as either character.

11) Your char married my char's dad years ago when my char was young. Your char has never even looked at my char in a sexual way even though my char is now in her late teens.  In this role, my char would be the seducer and yours would be too reluctant to go along with it since my char is younger and your step daughter but eventually would give in and they would start a mutual, secret relationship.

12) Mother/daughter role or motherly woman/daughter role.  I'd rather play the daughter or younger (but legal) woman who becomes involved in either a secret (if mother/daughter) or not so secret relationship.  got a few new kinks I want to talk about with this one. :P

13) This one has a fantasy twist to it -Two sisters, aged 18 and 21.  The older sister is an outcast with their parents.  The younger was never allowed to have a relationship with the sister since they were about 11 and 14.  The older sister had been sent away to live with grandparents on a rural farm in the middle of nowhere due to a condition she developed at 13 "Adolescent Hermaphroditism"  (yeah it's funny, I laughed as I made it up!).  It's a condition where when a girl begins puberty, instead of starting her period, she grows a penis and develops male reproductive organs.  (I think this is a result of my new fascination with futa roles :P )  The older sister is of course bitter and resentful of the way their parents have treated her especially with the way they cater to and dote on the younger sister.  The younger sister doesn't know why her parents shunned her sister but remembers how close they were when they were younger, so when she turns 18, she sets out to find and rekindle the relationship with her big sister.

14) There is a female bounty hunter, per se, who has been hired by a man to find his runaway wife.  The wife ran away either due to abuse or affairs her husband had having behind her back.  The reason the husband wants her back is this: if he and the wife do not produce a heir to his father's estate, he will lose everything to his brother.  The wife has been moving from place to place.  The man hires a woman because he thinks his wife will more easily allow a female friend get closer to her than a man and pays the woman to bring his wife back.  But what happens when she falls for her prey and doesn't want to lure her back to her husband?

15) can't fully claim the idea from this one.... I was inspired by someone else's deserted island idea but here goes.... Two couples,  the husbands are great friends, go on a remote island vacation together, only one night, they tell their wives they are going out camping only to hop on their private jet and leave their wives there.  That being their plan all along.  The woman then have no choice to turn and depend on each other for everything. 

16) this is a weird craving I have.... For a role with a "typical" gf/gf relationship in which one of the girls (A) is more dominating/controlling and emotionally/physically abusive to the other(B).  This girl(B) loves her gf so much she always forgives/comes back when girl A apologizes.... guess if anyone is interested we can work out specifics. I'd much rather play the character of B - but willing to do char A

17)  So... this is an idea I 'borrowed' from someone else.  Your char and mine were high school sweethearts.  The only lesbians in the school, but that didn't bother them. They dated from the moment they met in freshman year up until the end of senior year.  Things ended when, at their senior year party at someone's house, my char leaves to go to the restroom and when she doesn't return soon, your char goes looking for her.  Your char finds her  laying on a bed with your char's male cousin or twin brother laying on top of my char.  Your char flies out of the house after calling both of them dirty names.   After your char refuses to accept my char's phone calls or to see her, she leaves town for a different college instead of their plan to go to one together.  It has been 4 years since then, my char has finished college with a business degree and she and her 3 year old daughter move back home to help her father with the family dry cleaning business. also willing to do this one as either character

18) Your char is a professor at a university. Over the summer your char is sent to Brazil for a study project with several universities in the surrounding areas. While there, your char falls for another participant of the trip, my char.  My char tells yours she is an associate professor with another school and the two of them become involved. It is not until the next semester begins that your char finds out that my char lied and is actually a student at the school you teach at.

19) Your character recently married my father/older brother.  My character hates yours with a passion.  My char suspects that your char married her dad/brother for the family's money and aren't really as in love with your husband as you claim.  After several months, my char hits the jackpot - a secret bank account of yours (where you have been taking money my father/brother gives you and putting it into) which you use to pay for call girls to visit you at various hotels during the day. Since my family is loaded my father/brother doesn't make you work.  As soon as I make this discovery, it's my intention to show up at the hotel as your call girl one day and finally bust you.

20) An idea I sort of saw else where and decided to tweak it a little.... My character's father works in upper management of a profitable brokerage firm. When he is caught by the CEO (your character) for embezzling funds, she offers him a trade off : he can either lose his pension and serve jail time or he can marry her - and give her permission to do whatever she pleases with his teenage daughter while he turns his head.  My father, of course, agrees to this plan to save his own ass. -- If you are interested, we can discuss more details about this one.

21) Two female characters.  Char A is a successful pediatrician with her own practice. Char B is a teenager from the 'other side of the tracks.'  Char A catches Char B breaking into her office along with Char B's younger sibling.  Char  A is ready to call the cops until she realizes char B is only trying to steal some medicine for her sick sibling since their father is a deadbeat alcoholic who leaves them to take care of themselves.  She steps in as a guardian for the two children only looking for more with the teen.

22) This is an idea based on the movie Hancock. Char A and Char B are the last few of their kind, humanoids with superhuman strengths or talents.  Years ago they were best friends, romantically involved for a short period of time.  Things ended on a bad note when char A happened to fall in love with and mated/married a regular human.  Char B was furious about it because not only was she still secretly in love with Char A, but when one of their became committed to a normal human, they would lose their strengths/talents and convert to a normal human so that they could live out a regular life-cycle with their loved one. Char B would be trying to win char A back 

23) Char A has been in a terrible car accident that leaves her comatose for about 2 weeks. When she comes to, her memory is hazy and the woman beside her bed, Char B, is heartbroken that Char A doesn't remember much about their relationship.  She sets out to refresh Char A's memory.  Problem is, they have never been more than innocent friends. Char B is simply using Char A's amnesia to her advantage to finally get the girl of her dreams. NEW- added 12/24/2010

24) not a completely flushed out idea... well, I don't have a concrete idea for this at all actually. But I have been craving a futa role.... Any ladies up to creating one with me?  PM me and let me know. :)    New added 1/1/11

25) Char A would be a very successful and rich older woman and char B would be a younger one in this idea.  If SHE (char A) hadn't laid him off from his job (char B's husband or father) then he would have never started drinking.  If he hadn't started drinking, he wouldn't have been in the accident that almost killed a man.  If he hadn't been in that accident, he wouldn't have been arrested and serving jail time leaving his young wife/daughter to fend for herself.  In char B's eyes, it was all char A's fault that her life was in shambles.  Char B sets out for vengeance against char A anyway she can.  Added 8/17/11

26) Char A would be a college senior. Char B would be a college freshman and Char A's niece.  char A had always somewhat resented char B because she felt her niece's birth had taken away the attention her parents and older brother heaped on her.  Once char A was old enough, she moved away from home to go to college and since her parent's did not support her choice, she was forced to live in the crappy dorms.  Now, 3 years later, her parents finally agreed to pay for her apartment and let her move.  It wasn't until after Char A had signed her year long lease before they'd mentioned her niece would be moving in with her so char A could "keep and eye out for" her niece.  In char A's eyes, it wasn't fair she'd had to live in the dorms, why couldn't her bratty, spoiled ass niece?  She wasn't looking forward to having to babysit char B until the plan hatched..... She was going to turn her "sweet" little niece into the campus slut!  added 8/17/2011

27) Have an idea for a medieval-ly type role.  I'm not a history fan so most of it will be from my imagination. Here is what I am thinking.  There is a young warrior knight who has been fighting and winning for the king for a year or so now. As a result, the king has taken very good care of the knight's poor family and the knight.  The king has a problem child daughter, the princess, who refuses to be courted by or betrothed to any men. Instead she prefers to discreetly be intimate with her chamber maids.  At some point in a battle, the warrior knight is wounded, but refuses to take off the armor to be treated by the king's nurses.  It's not until the knight passes out from pain that the king orders the knight to be undressed and healed.  It is then that the King realizes his star knight is actually a woman.  After the king swears the nurse to secrecy, threatening her with a beheading if she reveals the secret of the knight.  As the knight heals, the king reveals to her that she - under her disguise as a knight - will wed the princess and solve the King's problem once and for all. added 8/18/2011
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