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Author Topic: Dizzied's New Idea Thread! (Non-con, transformations, WoW, Fandoms, and more)  (Read 3349 times)

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Offline DizziedTopic starter

Welcome to my ideas thread! Here you'll find all my cravings.

If you see an idea that you like, feel free to send me a PM to discuss details.  The tags beside each title describe things that I would like the RP to include. Note that I will almost always play the submissive role-- an uppity submissive, who does not give up easily, but ultimately submissive.  Almost all ideas include a little bit of non-consensual, or as I think of it, soft non-consensual.  (Check my on/offs for more info.)  All ideas are negotiable-- these are just skeleton structures, and while the basic idea should remain the same, there's always room to work in your creative mojo.  Just check my O/O list to make sure we're compatible. 

So, without further ado...

New ideas: February 21st


World of Warcraft (Exotic, harem, impreg)
I'm always open to WoW based ideas. It's been years since I played, so I'm not too keen on the lore, but I enjoy the rich fantasy setting, and I find it pretty easy to flesh out a plot between characters.

Currently looking for larger, more monstrous males--A Tauren or perhaps and Ogre-- for a breeding/pregnancy themed story.


Old ideas--These are my past ideas, closed, but still viewable in case you want to get a feel for things I might like.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
1) The Wrong Summon (Modern day, magic, demons)

She was tired of being belittled by men.  Equality was all she ever asked for; was that too much?  She studied the occult for years, memorizing chants and mantras, carefully inscribing mystical symbols, and preparing magical formulas.  She picked a small, benign spirit for her first summon, intent on harnessing it to accomplish her will-- to weaken the minds of men around her, make them recognize her as an equal.  It should have been simple.

But somewhere she made a mistake.  Or perhaps the ritual book she used was wrong.  Either way, her call was answered not by some petty minor spirit, but by an incubus, a demon of noticeable power.  And his agenda is quite different from hers...

Here, I would like to play the arrogant young summoner,  full of hubris, who calls the incubus to her circle one night.  His exact appearance can be up to you-- he can take many forms, if you wish, but I would like for him to turn the tables on our heroine.  Posing as the benign spirit at first, and maybe convincing her that the ritual requires one more step that her book didn't list-- a sexual element that, unknown to her, will bind her to his will, not the other way around. 

The exact direction this takes is up for discussion, but I was thinking he would enter a human form and pose as her new boyfriend, inserting himself into every aspect of her life.  Maybe not actively trying to torture her, but awakening her to her own severely repressed sexual desires, while at the same time embarrassing her in front of her friends, her co-workers, in public...perhaps some light transformation as he tweaks her body to his will.  Eventually she will know her place, and only then will he release her. 


2) Harem Builder, v1.0 (working title)(Historical/Fantasy, harem)

He was a young man, gifted in many ways, and his quiet hometown held no real excitement for him.  But the traveling bards often spoke of excitement over the horizons.  The most exciting were the tales of entire tribes of female warriors.  Blonde-haired raider-women to the north, silent assassins in the deserts, skilled martial-artists in the far east, savage spear-wielding jungle women across the sea...

As a skilled warrior in the midst of his prime, there was only one real thing to do.  Pack his things, set off and build a harem for himself.

For this, I'd take a storyteller/dm role, playing the various women your character encounters on his journey.  His end goal?  A harem full of only the strongest, sexiest warrior-women the world has to offer.  They will not come quietly, and he will have to fight the leader of every tribe, temple,  etc, before taking his prize.  The setting can be either historical or more fantasy based, in which case it could also include women of other races.  (Elves, Dark Elves, Fey,tieflings, etc.)  We can do this either with a system (Preferably DnD or Pathfinder) or  freeform.  To add to the story, I'm thinking there should also be some kind of overarching quest behind all of these tribes...perhaps each tribe has the piece of some ancient artifact, and with each victory, he comes closer to assembling it.  What will the artifact grant should he complete it?  Eternal youth?  Godlike power?  A portal to a new world to conquer?

3)  The Gifted Artist (Transformation, Photography/Videotaping)

While bored at school, he would sometimes doodle.  Sometimes he would sketch other classmates, or his teachers.  Then one day, he noticed something...the things he drew began to come true, several days later.  A shorter haircut for his teacher, or a bigger bust on the flat, nerdy girl.  At first he thought it had to be coincidence, but...

Fast forward to many years later.  He's a well off artist/photographer.  His power works not only when drawing, but when Photoshopping, video editing, etc...he's developed his power now to the point that the changes can take place over a matter of hours or minutes.  He's used it in self-portraits to make himself a jaw-dropping male specimen.  And he's going to use it to make the perfect little slut for himself, once he finds the right model...

I'd like to play an un-suspecting woman who gets roped into modeling for him one day-- maybe a police officer who comes to his door, or a young woman in the military home on leave.  Someone strong and independent, who finds her body changing, becoming smaller, softer, curvier...while he cant' affect her mind with his drawings, the right conditioning will turn her into the perfect little live-in slut that he's after.  Maybe he'll even draw her with a nice, rounded belly too...

Lara Croft in: Escape from Zack Island (Harem, Non-con, Cannon chars, impreg)
Lara Croft, the famed treasure hunter and explorer, has heard rumors of a mystical artifact that was buried ages ago on a tropical island.  It's said the owner will be given great power...and their children will change the world. She also learns that the island is owned by one incredibly wealthy man. Suspecting he is the mastermind of an evil organization, she arranges to go to the island and steal the artifact.

She's naturally a little surprised to arrive there to find beautiful, bikini-clad fighter-women playing volleyball. Or to meet the outrageously eccentric and playful owner, Zack, who seems to be anything but an evil mastermind. But she finds the artifact in a tidal cave and steals it anyway...unaware of its real powers. Such as how it imbues supreme fertility in anyone who holds it.

Zach has known all along about the mystical artifact, though. And he's actually been waiting for someone to get it out of the ancient, trapped cavern. Now that Lara has the idol, he intends to add her to the ever-growing list of women on the island who pay regular homage to his immense manhood and immaculate body.  There are many ways to do it, but he prefers to wear her down slowly, let her own body announce its attraction to his...he will break her, but she'll be breaking herself, too. Who knows...maybe she'll enjoy the change in lifestyle, from adventurer to mom-to-be.

While there's plenty to discuss here, I'd prefer to keep the same basic plot idea. Zack would be a dominant stud, slowly seducing, fucking and perhaps enslaving all the women on the island, which we don't have to necessarily limit to the DOA girls. While I would start off playing Lara, I wouldn't' mind playing other female characters as well, provided we keep a story of some kind going.

I would also consider trying this with some original characters instead of Zack running the island, although it would depend on their personality, appearance, etc.

Busted! (Transformation, non-consensual, High School)

A police investigation yields evidence pointing to the local criminal kingpin being...a high school student. He's brilliant, at least in a streetwise sense, and no matter what they do they can't seem to figure out who it is. An undercover investigation is initiated, and a young policewoman is treated using advanced technology to change her appearance, making her into just another high school student. Her goal is to find out who's running the show.

Unfortunately for her, our kingpin has eyes and ears everywhere, and he knows about the investigation. But that doesn't mean he can't fool around with the sexy new girl...maybe he even lands some of that advanced technology for himself, and starts changing her a little more...

Obviously more body modification in this one. For the young kingpin, I'm thinking he would be involved in drug smuggling, prostitution, burglary and other small crimes, but I'd prefer to avoid large scale organized murder. For my character, ultimately, I'd like to see her forced to adopt a new identity as a high school student, and made into his toy or concubine.

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Offline Drakan

Re: Dizzied's New Idea Thread!
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2011, 11:48:25 AM »
I had a couple questions regarding your harem thread (which is probably every guys wet dream lol)  First is this gonna centralize along the male character and 4 tribes or were going for more characters?  and second does the male character personally desire the Harem, or are there other motives (aside from the treasure you mentioned in your thread)?  I guess you could say I am interested in that storyline but I want to make sure just the progression of the story curtails and whether its more smut than story.  I'm gonna take a gamble and say your more story hence why i'm writing :P....In anycase I'll read some more and double check your ons/offs but I would enjoy to discuss with you further details if you like.


Offline DizziedTopic starter

Re: Dizzied's New Idea Thread!
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2011, 11:38:01 AM »
November 5th: updated with new ideas. I seem to have a bit of free time, and some of my games have slowed down for the time being, so I'm looking for more.

Offline Mycroft

Re: Dizzied's New Idea Thread!
« Reply #3 on: November 05, 2011, 11:49:33 AM »
I'd be interested in Wrong Summon

Online Gman001

Re: Dizzied's New Idea Thread!
« Reply #4 on: November 08, 2011, 09:28:08 AM »
New teacher plot sounds awesome.

Offline DizziedTopic starter

February 21st: New ideas and some updates.