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Author Topic: A dolly to be abused  (Read 10967 times)

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A dolly to be abused
« on: August 16, 2011, 05:38:47 PM »
I've been around but for those that might not know. I'm dolly. I like things Dark. If you want some light romance I'm probably not your girl. I don't have any limits and if you can do something that dose bother me limits wise, then I would probably love you forever. The darker you make it the happier the dolly. 

Ideas dolly has without much plot
In parings I always play the first one
anything high school
fallen angel/human
princess/ a person from a warring kingdom

Forced marriage. I can't seem to come up with a good plot, but it would be fun to play this.

A walk in the woods
A man and his friend go out for a hike and find a girl all tied up in the woods, do they come to her rescue or use her?

More thought out ideas

There is no ransom

Tiffany was the bratty daughter of  Jonathon Morison a wealthy business man who has his hands in almost everything. He tries to stay as secretive as possible about his dealings, and his private life. Tiffany whoever loves the spot light and goes out to clubs every night. No matter what her father dose he cant keep her out of the press. Then one night coming out of a club Tiffany gets kidnapped.

To her father this solves all his problems. He is a little sad to see his daughter go, but at least his life can go back to being a mystery. Business wise its better that she is gone. The kidnapers realize that they aren't going to get any money from her, so they start using her to make scandalous stories about her and her fathers company. At first shes against it, but after a while it becomes a game, what can she do to embarrass the bastard of a father she has more?

Actress do it in the spot light

Alicia has gained quite a following as the star in many B rated films. Some of her following might be more dangerous then she thought. A certain studio  decides they must have her, and after she ignores there advances they kidnap her instead. The studio makes adult films and  far from the light and fluffy kind. The darker the better in their taste and Alicia shall be their new star. Alicia is pretty , but she has never even been topless in one of her movies. She has a set of values and there all about too be ruined.

Werewolves revealed
Humans are so stupid, they don't think anything exist without proof. For hundreds of years  werewolves have been living in hidden secret with the mortals being none the wiser. That was until Lilia got her foot caught in a hunters trap. Now the hunter has her and is parading her around like some freak. This doesn't make the other werewolves to happy. Their out for both their blood.

The cursed

 Magic has been banned. Magic and humans have not gone good together. While the other races such as the elves can wield them with ease it has often made humans either insane or destroyed there bodies all together. There is one group who has found a loophole. They call themselves the Strati and they safe guard there magic by carving runes into their body. The runes keep the flow of magic from destroying them, but it also marks them for what they are and if anyone sees them they are likely to hunt them down for being a witch.  So the Strati all live in a tower where they are protected from the outside world. To some this can be a cage, to jade it had been a nightmarish prison. Brought her when she was just a small child all she can do is think of a way out, and a plan has finally come to mind. She summons a powerful demon, but she has no idea what she is doing or how to control him.
He helps her escape but now she is out in the open with no place to go, and a powerful blood thirsty demon who seems to think he is the boss of her. Not to mention the Strati who want to hunt her down and do who knows what to her as a punishment.

Apocalyptic Rp

I need someone to play a solider taking this girl from Oklahoma to the D.C in an apocalyptic world.
Where people are sparse and un trusting, and  Humans crazed with madness roam the streets. It will have a sort of horror/ survival feel to it. We will both play other characters, soldiers, government people, The survivors and crazies on the streets, whomever are main characters run into on their journey. This is mostly plot action oriented.
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