Lycan's Lustful WoW RP Cravings! [NC][Light][M/F]

Started by Lycan Queen, August 16, 2011, 11:13:30 AM

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Lycan Queen

Okay, these are all ideas I've had for a long time, so I'm finally looking for someone to rp them with. However, due to my schedule and the billion other things I have to do, I'd like to keep it maybe one, two paragraphs each to keep the muse flowing. I don't need a novel's worth of words each post, but at least one paragraph would be very nice. Should any of these ideas interest you, feel free to send a PM. Now onto the rp ideas!


Note that my O/O lists rape as a"Maybe/NO". That's outdated. Since then I've grown quite a fondness for rape scenes. However, most of the other things in my O/Os list is still in effect. As for the whole rape vs coerced into it, I can do that, but I'll outline which plots are which. In all of these plots, I'll be playing the female.

1) Hunter and Prey: (Troll F/Worgen M). Kirkal (troll hunter) has never thought of the various Alliance races as sentient. To her, they were just another set of enemies that she tracked down and slaughtered. However, the tides get turned when a clever Worgen decides to turn the hunter into the hunted. Another variant of this is KirkalxSon of Arugal, and that works just as well. The actual sex can be in worgen or human form, or perhaps even transforming in the middle of the act. Also that I'm willing with this story to play the angle that Kirkal was already horny and the rape basically gave her what she was already craving.

2) Welcome to Moon Glade: (Troll F/Night Elf M). Zinzerkal (troll druid) is an up and coming new druid. Sent to Moon Glade on a mission, she finds her naivete is taken advantage by everyone, particularly the Night Elf druid instructor. Zinny has always been the innocent character in my mind, so while it might take a bit of coercion and even force, she will fall for it. Willing to try public sex, but one partner at a time please.

3) Enslaved in Silvermoon: (Blood Elf F/Blood Elf M). Ellivia (blood elf hunter) never really cared for the city life. But when she stops to get supplies one day, a blood elf noble from one of the most powerful houses sees her and wants her for himself. This is the least developed of all, as while I do have the character on WoW, I haven't really played her much.

The first two ideas are mostly good for one shots, though if there are any ideas to continue the story, I'd be more than happy to.


Oh man I've wanted to do this story for a long time. I don't quite know what to call it, but the character I'll be playing is my troll druid Zinzerkal. Zinny is a strange troll in that she's very curious, innocent, and doesn't really hate other races. Both her and her sister are Revantusk (forest) trolls, but while her sister insults and snarls at all Blood Elves, Zinny will talk with, drink with, and party with them happily.

My idea is set in Silvermoon, where Zinny is sent there with some young druids to examine and try to heal the large scar in the land left when Arthas rampaged through as part of their training. When they aren't studying, Zinny loves to wander around Silvermoon, despite all the looks she gets from the various inhabitants. I don't quite have the details, but I'd love for someone to play a Blood Elf noble who somehow has to hang out with her, and the two eventually fall in love.

Overall, there won't be much sex in this story, as I want to focus on them falling for each other despite social boundaries. One of the big images I have in my head is some kind of formal dance, where Zinny's in a pretty dress, being laughed at by some of the girls, but eventually getting to dance with the noble. Multiple characters are going to be involved as people either supporting or condemning the relationship, from other trolls being disgusted that she could like a “pinky” to other blood elf nobles putting on the pressure for him to break it off. I really want to make it a forbidden romance, but whether it works out in the end or not depends on how the story plays out.

Those are the ideas, hope you found it at least an interesting read. Again, feel free to send me a PM if any of these catches your eye.