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Author Topic: Needing male Final Fantasy fans for a creative rewrite!  (Read 750 times)

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Offline MissInkTopic starter

Needing male Final Fantasy fans for a creative rewrite!
« on: August 16, 2011, 07:55:26 AM »
Greetings fellow knights of the English language!
I am looking for creative males who can give me detailed posts of a min of 3 paragraphs, any more than you are <3.
You need to be able to carry the story with me other that leaving it all to me. I am a great lover of creativity, character development, twists and detail and I hope you are too!
I would prefer to rp over the following-
Emails-  This is my no 1 choice. I can reply the most often. I use Gmail because it files emails for you and has a IM system. I much recommend using Gmail for roleplaying.
PMs -  I can reply often, but not as often as emails
Boards – I can reply at least once a day
Skype – This really does depend as time zones. I am in England.
MSN – Would really not prefer to use this. It encourages short posts. Also time zone issue
Im looking into rewriting, yes....rewriting the whole plot to Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 and 10.
The main two will be played by our own creative OCs.
The timeline of the story must be played out, but you can change the events within it. This may cancel out other events in the story, but its okay as long as the majority of the story is played.
Either parts can be played by either gender, but the pairing must be MxF.
Our OC doesnt have to be in anyway like the characters!!! They are up to you! (However, if you wish…you can play the cannon, you can or have and different character but with the same characteristics as the cannon)
7, 9 and 10 are muched craved.
Get creative!!! I am happy to discuss anything with you.
Please PM me with the form below so we can get brain storming.

Cloud and Tifa’s roles to be cut out.
Would prefer Tifa’s role
Ideas and examples -
It starts off with both of our characters at Nibelhiem as teenagers, saying goodbye as you are off to Midgar to join ShinRa (either to join SOILDER or be a Turk or whatever. Perhaps you made it to SOILDER as Cloud didnt)
Skips ahead in time a few years to you with Zack in ShinRa when you discover your childhood friend sitting in the mess hall (who is also employed by ShinRa). You havent seen her since Nibelhiem. So after a happy and hopefully sexy reunion, we'll brief on the mission that lead to Zacks death (Maybe you didnt get Mako poisoning as Cloud did).
So after all that, now into the game. Maybe you didnt join AVALANCHE and went to destroy the reactors on your own accord, with your childhood friend, in revenge for Zack maybe? This would knock Barret, Jessie, Biggs and Wedge out of play (Which would also cancel out the Dean event in the Gold Saucer, but thats okay...its not a interesting part in the story anyway.)
During the last reactor, you fall into the Slums and meet Aeris and bring her with you, creating that love triangle. (Maybe our two were in a relationship which you stopped because of your interest in Aeris, but overall, love your childhood friend. Maybe you always go to do something with Aeris and then end up doing it with my characer because its her you love)
Blah blah blah. It was my character dressed up in the WallMarket and not Tifa. Blah blah. You get it.
You still have that choice to take either Aeris or my character on a date in the Gold Saucer, or both at different times.

Squall and Rinoa's part will be cut out.
Would prefer Rinoa’s role

Zidane's role will be cut out. Garnet doesnt have to be, the OC can just be an 'add-on' to the team.
Wouldn’t mind either role
What if the plan wasn’t to steal the Princess but to steal treasure or money? This would leaving the summoning power left to what would be Garnet’s role. Zidane’s role would have to be in someway non-human for the story to work out, but doesn’t have to be a tail. Could be other animal features or neko like or even an anthro.

Tidus and Yuna's part will be cut out.
Would prefer Yuna’s role
It has to follow the same timeline as the game, so it would have to be Sin in order for it to work.
But it doesn’t have to be father, it could be a sister, brother, mother even that is Sin. Maybe you didn’t hate him/her either or maybe that even Sin is an aeon or maybe even Seymour himself.  
Perhaps even you had been in Spira for a while before coming to besaid.
Yuna and Tidus took too long to get together so we’ll speed that up either by having a secret affair or an open relationship.

Please can you PM or email me with the following form-
Name to call you:
What Final Fantasy – 7, 8, 9, or 10?
Method of rp: Email, boards, pm or Skype?
What role you wish to play:
Ideas for your character:
Any ideas for the story:
Happy to brainstorm!
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