Two minutes until Midnight...

Started by Zombie Apocalypso, November 05, 2007, 12:37:08 AM

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Zombie Apocalypso

The just of this story will become perfectly clear in my initial post, however here is the general idea.

  • Two people for whatever reason end up locked in a room with one another.

  • They with hold all sexual advances for two months steering clear of one another for the preservation of the ones they love.

  • However in those two months they have grown attached, fighting through hell itself and coming out victorious.

  • When they get out of the room, they find that everyone (As far as they know) is gone. It is just them on this desolate planet.

  • They stick together continuing to fight off their sexual cravings until finally they break.

  • It becomes a battle of dominance, one taking control only so the other can become frustrated and break the chains.

Other information:

One person should not completely dominate over the other person.

I invision this game to be between a man and a woman (Mostly for preservation of the human race)

I would hope that the two were polar opposites.

If you are going to be a hybrid of sorts or character other then human (Which is of course okay with me) I would need to have a logical reason for why your character became so, this is sci-fi, so for instance, They were genetically created to be a military test subject.

Anything else goes (As long, of course, as it follows site rules)


I love the idea! I'm definitely game for a good post-apocalyptic type adventure. What kind of char are you looking for? If I was left to my own devices, I'd be a normal human male with a background dependent on the time period. Lemme know if you'd like more info from me!
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Ray the Wicked

Did you already do this?  I really love the concept.  The both dominant opposite pairings are really some of my favorite.  If you haven't done it yet, I could be a male or female.  Male character is already itching around in my hear wanting to be heard, and I never have trouble thinking of female ones.  I'm wretched at prolonging their breaking point, but I would try very hard.

PM me if you like.
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