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Author Topic: Another one I am Redoing... any takers?  (Read 1063 times)

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Offline SlvKittyTopic starter

Another one I am Redoing... any takers?
« on: October 30, 2007, 07:26:38 PM »
She = A pirate captain really a noble woman hiding from Mother Spain and her obligations as such...

He (which could be played by any sex) is a privateer (paid to be a pirate) who has heard of the ship though knows not of it's captain. He would somehow make it to her either by force, or a man overboard to come aboard.

The idea is he would eventually overcome her, find out who she is and either take her for her money and station... or just take her for his... so it is left wide open.


Another night of restless sleep, she awoke a little dazed and confused. The soft rocking motion reminding her of where she was. As she stood, she put on her skin tight breeches, and tucking in her poet shirt. She could not believe it was still dark. Again the fates would not allow her rest and she wondered why. Quietly she went to her table and struck a careful flint to turn on the lamp. Looking down on the leather bound book that had been her fathers and now hers. She didn’t bother to put her boots on and at the moment stretching and freshening up was in order.

Carefully lifting her hands above her head, letting out a soft yawn. She was still tired and thoughts invaded her mind. Before she sat at the table to write she went over to the port side of her cabin and looked at the oval mirror. Looking at herself, long soft black curls beckoning calm. She took let comb and gently began to brush. Her hair reaching past her shoulders but when wet easily went to her waist. She paid close attention to it until the tangled mess was controlled. Taking her hands dipping it in the water she patted her face, cat green eyes staring back. She had been accused of being a Spanish Witch more than once. A soft giggle coming from her lips as she recalled the one woman at the last port who dared speak to her in such a manner and the Captain of the Ghost’s Moon. Her second had well put the lady in her place.

Most didn’t know her origins, though her crew, were trusted for generations. Very few outsiders ever entered her ship and so was the way of the Ghost. Generations of crew and only married outsiders ever came to the for. Mostly for purposes of keeping the Captain a quite mystery as she was a Witch by rights or so they said. She had the ability to move objects with thought and somewhat she always knew what others thought. No one realized her condition was one of higher state of mind rather than ‘magic’. Very few dared challenge the Ghost or her Crew; she was a woman of Noble birth.

Though that alone, had one to many bachelors after her dowry. After the death of her parents on land, she took to the sea to run away from the possibility of marriage.  Her name changed to suit the needs of the sea. Her birthname few new and she only prayed that if she where ever caught the house pendant she wore would not be recognized. House Pelera, had stayed out of Courts of Spain since her coming of age. Now in her early twenty’s she was just grateful to have a crew that took care of her and a fast ship to carry them along.

She finished her freshening and went back to the table picking up the quill and ink she quietly began to write.

((Ghost is doing well, she is holding as father said she would. I miss him to the core. Mother has been plaguing my thoughts, I feel she is restless in the other world, sometimes I wonder if it is because I have not married and become a part of a protected name. I think I want to wait a little longer; my desires are not clear, and for lack of time and not being at court probably this is the best measure. The crew now wishes home, and to the Isle of Pelera we go. I am hoping to evade the noble privateers; I am hoping that our swiftness will guide us through once again. - Captain Aria ))

Offline DonJasper

Re: Another one I am Redoing... any takers?
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2007, 10:27:31 AM »
Well to quote one of my favorite movie actors:

"Pick me! Pick me!". 

Offline SlvKittyTopic starter

Re: Another one I am Redoing... any takers?
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2007, 10:07:06 AM »
Your it  ;D ;)