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Author Topic: Freeform/Fey... anything is possible:  (Read 1426 times)

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Freeform/Fey... anything is possible:
« on: October 29, 2007, 08:15:57 pm »
Here is a tale I would like to revitalize.... the way I have it set is really for anything you can come up with.  Originally it was set in the Fey Realm Let me know what you might see... and maybe we can write.

She is somewhere she doesn't know where. Someone or something took her out of her reality and put her here. She is living but in somewhat of a state of dream.  I hope this gives you a little more into the imagination. Maybe a supernatural caused her to be here for his/her pleasure? It could be anything...


Looking over the rail, two feet above the water. Its crystal clear, the fish so brightly colored, and like in everything a predator lurks not far from them a barracuda slowly making its way forth. It gleams almost a silver/grey against the clear blue water. Quietly watching nature takes its course, the cuda gets to were it wants and attacks, snatching a brightly blue colored fish. Sighing softly, leaning back and turning, looking around this part of the island is still interesting. The pine trees look so out of place next to the palms. She wasn't sure how she made it there or why. Alone or so it seemed for so long. Walking to the home that also seemed so out of place. She looked at it in more detail today than any other day.

The house was a plantation at best description, it's white washed walls turning a rusty color probably from the batter of the sea swept water. Its windows oddly enough intact despite the storms that grazed the island. She knew this was an island she had gone around it at least once in boredom, but never did she dare venture into it. She survived, her heart told her so. The sound of the waves crashing against the sea wall a comforting thought. Looking again at the house four pillars held onto a two story home. As she walked onto the porch the wood planks creaked. She sighed, and walked into the home the door also creaking. Looking from her view the house must have been one of entertainment, she barely remembered it but was sure. The spiral staircase it's rails of steel. To the left a formal salon that led to a smaller den/library the books there yellowed but still readable, to the right a formal dining area that led to a smaller dining area and kitchen. She went up the staircase and looked around only three rooms up here. Two she never really went to the cob webs beginning to take over the doors and then the room she knew to be hers or was it? sighing she walked to the right, and opened another door, this one oddly enough didn't creaked and in her memory it never did.

A beautiful four poster king sized bed laid to the back of the room, It was veiled in a shimmering cloth that not even time could take  a door just to the right and opposite she walked to though, as she opened it the sunlight kissed the area. Candles all around a Roman Tub that was only lit briefly... Candles and reused wax over and over. She then turned into the mirror. Looking at herself. Her hair was brown and curly and long. Her hazel eyes staring back at her. She gently raised and looked at her hands, nails kept filed with an old emery board, she sighed and looked back, her lips pale her skin tanned. Her cloths were tattered. No clothing truly left in the wardrobes, and she was to fearful to explore the other two rooms.

Sighing, she turned and went to the tub and began to run water. It both ran hot and cold, though she had not figured the source of heat. She had found food and several crates of emergency things though she would use a match stick till it almost burned her nails. She needed to survive, why the urge she didn't know. She had found fishing equipment and there were canned goods.
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