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Author Topic: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)  (Read 9582 times)

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Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
« on: August 08, 2011, 03:15:30 AM »
So it looks like I'm going to have time to start putting a bit more writing back up again, and I've got one to two openings left, but am looking for something to really start my creative interests up, so you'll have to knock my socks off. I'm not necessarily high speed, but I am high quality, which means anticipate a post to be every 2-3 days when I'm on fire and once a week or so when I'm not. That said, I try and write meaty, descriptive, eloquent posts, thus my choosiness when picking partners. There is currently one writing slot available for the foreseeable future.

As a warmup, you can find my O/Os here as an idea of what I like and don't. I'm pretty easy going, but I'm a little picky in who I write with. (Generally female RPers only, but a talented enough writer can convince me to make an exception now and then.) Also, be sure you prefer my style of writing before you contact me - I go long. Big posts, high amounts of detail, a good amount of interplay between the writers during a scene (with significant overlap between last/next posts) and heady mix of both plot and smut. I want large quantities of both. Too little plot? Boring... Too little smut? What am I writing, daytime soap operas? I know what I like, and I play well to my strengths...

Brewster's Brood - highly wanted
The auditorium was filled with a hundred women, all aged between 18 and 35, all gorgeous, of all sorts of styles and races, a veritable cornucopia of beauty, and each and every one of them smart as a whip. "Thank you for coming today, ladies. You'll be handed an envelope with $5000 for your time on the way out. Now, this..." the woman at the podium said as a picture of decent looking forty-something man appeared on the projection screen behind her, "is Montgomery 'Monty' Brewster. He doesn't know it yet, but his great-uncle just passed away a few days ago. Now, the problem is that Monty here has never married, doesn't have any kids and is the last of his bloodline. You're all here, because each and every one of you answered the ad that we listed saying if you wanted to have a baby without a father and have money to help take care of that child, we would help. So here's the game - the 100 of you have 30 days to get Monty to get you pregnant. Now, as long as least ten of you get pregnant from Monty in those thirty days, the pregnant women will each get a thousand dollars a month for the rest of their lives. If that number grows to 20 women, it doubles. If the number's 30, it doubles again. And if 50 or more of you women can get pregnant from young Mr. Brewster here within 30 days, you'll each get twenty-five thousand dollars a month, for the rest of your lives, to take care of the child. Now, here's the extra rub to make it all even crazier - if one of you likes young Monty enough to want to stay with him, you can try and convince him to stay with you after the 30 days is done, but only, and I stress this, only if he's gotten ten or more women pregnant by that point, and yourself included. Because if Mr. Brewster gets ten or more women pregnant in the next month, he will receive his full inheritance, of, and I want to stress this number clearly, $11.4 billion, that's with a B, billion dollars, and you could be part of his life. Last thing, and it's absolutely the most important thing, you cannot tell Mr. Brewster or anyone else any of this, or you, and everyone else in this room, gets NOTHING, and we will make your life a living hell in ways you can't even imagine, but I'm sure you can imagine what a few million dollars dedicated solely to ruining someone's life can do. And we'll simply hypnotize Mr. Brewster and make him forget all of this and start the thing all over again. You ladies are our second group. Our first group had a rat, and she's currently in prison. She told him before he even impregnates a single woman. If you're not interested, you can keep the five grand and simply forget all about this. Or... you can play the game, and see exactly how much money you can get, monthly, to have a child you wanted to have anyway.... so, who's in?"
(age, m/f+, impregnation, power plays, social chaos)
(I've had a couple of false starts to this one, much to my dismay...)

Breeding Stock - highly wanted
Vincent's life had always been a little weird. He'd been an Olympic level athlete a few years ago, and right before he'd been scheduled to go to the Olympics (for fencing, of all things), there had been a car accident, and he'd missed out on his one shot. He'd spent much of the year after the accident teaching himself how to walk again, then how to get back into his agile form, but he knew he'd never quite get back to the shape he needed to be to get a medal in the Olympics. While he'd been recovering, he'd finished college and had picked up a few different degrees, and on a lark, went into medical school. While he could have easily gone on to become a surgeon or a GP, he'd decided to get into research, and accidentally stumbled onto a medical breakthrough that he'd leased out to a big company, and had set him up for life. All of which was to say that he was in shape, smart, well off and, most importantly, bored. He was spending a few months in London, mostly on a lark, when a woman approached him in a bar, with a proposition. There are a number of good families in Europe who want their daughters to have children with the best genetic stock. So the woman offers to provide him with a number of beautiful women, and wants him to impregnate them. And, of course, she intends to stay, watch, encourage and make sure that all parties in the deal are satisfied. Five days a week, sometimes 2 or 3 different women in the week, each desperately wanting a child, each with her own foibles and eccentricities. It's a strange life, but hell if it isn't interesting...
(m/f, impregnation, class warfare)

Cabbie Tales - highly wanted
Finn was nearing the end of his rope. His year's worth of unemployment had ended and now he was struggling to figure out what to make of himself. He was approaching forty and it seemed like he was too qualified to get minimum wage jobs and not qualified enough to get work in his field, or they could get someone cheaper, younger and dumber to do the work they'd be looking at him for. So then he'd seen the ads for this ride-sharing service. It sounded like he'd basically be a cab driver in his own car. Finn figured he could drive for them at night and during the day look for work. And it turned out the Friday/Saturday night driving scene was loads of fun - he did pickups from the bars downtown and drove them home. Sometimes it was working stiffs like him, but a lot of times it was college girls out for a night of fun on the town. And sometimes they liked to have a little fun in the back of his car. But they never seemed to invite him to join in. His sister, however, had a great idea - she had been working on a relaxation hypnotherapy music file that should make the difficult people a bit more docile. As it turns out, though, his sister had gotten the mix wrong, and instead, it flared up libidos of girls from the ages of 18 to 25. But Finn doesn't know any of this. He's just got the music playing as he goes out for his first night with his sister's mixtape... also, the music's addicting, and the orgasms it grants girls are stronger than anything they'd ever get on their own. So Finn just might well end up with a couple of sex addicts, always looking to find his car...(age, m/f, m/ff or m/fff, exhibitionism)

Jedi In Exile - highly wanted
The Empire had risen. The Jedi Order had fallen. Almost all the Jedi Knights and Masters were slain in a single moment in time, an order issued and thousands of Jedi shot in the back by their own troops, no warning, no chance to respond. But a few had survived. And now, they all needed to hide. Raan Del Visso had been scheduled to take the Master's examination in just a few days, so he hadn't been out fighting, and he had gone to have a few drinks with old friends when the Temple fell, and they had spirited him away from Coruscant, getting off the grid as quickly as possible. The Jedi had fallen, and so while he was still a Jedi, he needed to conceal that fact as best he could. He would need to use the Force sparingly, hide his lightsaber, learn new skills, pass himself off as a mercenary, a bodyguard of sorts if he could, a rogue drifter if he couldn't. Find work, keep busy, keep moving... And that meant doing all the things Jedi weren't supposed to do. He needed to blend in. That meant he would need to drink, swear, fuck... he would need to keep his secret hidden. But what happens if he found a lover he could trust? Would he tell her? Would she discover his lightsaber? Would she turn him in? Would she want to run with him? What do you do?
(This is a sort of crisis of faith story, mixed with a drifter's tale, and, yes, a bit of fan-fic. I realize it says I don't typically play in other people's universes in my O/O's, but I'm willing to make an exception here, assuming I find a writing partner I like, and the story seems to take. My real world partner chided me the other day for being afraid to play with other people's literary toys, and she makes a good point, so I'm going to take a shot and list this idea here, and we'll see if someone wants to give it a go.)

Dorm Room Addict - highly wanted
For his senior year, Kai had decided to become a Residence Hall Assistant. That basically meant he was sitting around in his dorm room when he wasn't in classes, so that if someone on his floor had a problem, they could come by and ask him. Advice about drinking, about relationships, offer condoms, settle roommate disputes... it was all rather trivial, but it needed to happen. Of course, he'd also been assigned to a co-ed floor, which meant things were a little crazier. He had to knock on dorm rooms now and again to tell people to keep it down - music or fucking, it was always a tossup - but for the first few months, it had been easy enough. And then one night, he'd noticed there was something at the back of his little closet, a wooden panel that seemed to be stuck on, and out of his curiosity, he pulled the panel off, and pried something loose. Behind it, there was some kind of sigil, a rather ornate piece of metal that had been painted onto the brick, and when he'd exposed it, it glowed for a moment, then faded again. How odd. He didn't think much of it until the next time one of the girls on the floor came by, and she seemed to be practically ready to crawl into his lap and fuck him. But the minute she was outside of the room again, that lust seemed to fade. Now he was just curious what to do the next time a girl came by...
(m/f, m/f+?, magic, possible transformation - there's a lot that can go on here. I'm very open with the idea.)

I Belong To You
At some point, he had to admit things were getting a little out of hand. He was just a simple writer who wanted to tell simple stories, but as it turned out, some people had gotten more than a little addicted to the fiction he was writing. It was part of the reason he wrote under a pseudonym, why all the details attached to his bio were fake. The first book had been a huge success, and now the pressure was intense. He'd written three, and each time, he figured they would back off, but the fans were even more intense now than they'd ever been. And so he wrote, no one the wiser about who he was. Until. Until. Until everything started to go off the rails. He was working on his next book on a laptop in a bar, when a girl peeked over his shoulder and saw what he was working on. She followed him home, snuck into his bedroom after he was asleep, and she was going to make sure he was happy enough to tell her the whole story, whatever it took. But he had a dark sexuality, one based on possession, and she was still not going to be dissuaded...
(m/f, d/s)

Possession is 9/10ths of the Law
As the line from Max Headroom goes, 15 minutes in the future... Just a short while in the future, the barrier between has and has not has grown into extreme levels. The rich are ultra-rich, the poor are ultra-poor. And with the wealth comes the status. Hunter is the son of one of the most successful CEOs ever, head of the insanely profitable NegaCorp. And Hunter's father is frustrated that Hunter doesn't seem interested in carrying on the family line, especially since his own health is starting to fail. And so he's insistent that Hunter provide an heir. To do so, he has provided Hunter with a wife, some beautiful girl from the wastelands who is so desperate to get a better life that she's willing to try and tame this angry, directionless twenty-something with money to burn and no cause to put his mental energy towards.
(m/f, humiliation, public, etc. - think of it as a reverse Taming of the Shrew - he's not a bad guy, but he's very much opposed to the wife he's saddled with, and so will be a bit spiteful until he's slowly converted)

A Survivor's Tale - highly wanted
The year is 2028. Four years ago, 90% of the male population was wiped off the planet by a bioweapon. Now, the remaining 10% of males have been locked away, forced to breed and impregnate as many women as possible to repopulate the species. Josh was having none of that. He'd fought in the war leading up to the Great Wipe, and he had no interest in being someone's captive, so he was living off the grid, keeping as well hidden as he could. But three girls come across his hiding place... A man to themselves, without the regulations of impregnate and move on? Could they capture him? Could they blackmail him? Could they just convince him that a deal was in everyone's best interests?
(m/fff, d/s?)

Besties - highly wanted
The apartment next door to Lawrence just had two college freshmen move into it. They were cute and he'd offered to help them move in, and they told him they were 'besties' - best friends who'd been friends for several years, one girl the extreme extrovert, the other a super introvert. Then, a few days later, they come over, and the extrovert says she's got a secret to share... she's actually a submissive, and the introvert is her Mistress. Both girls have been drinking, so Lawrence thinks they're kidding, until the introvert tells the extrovert to get on her knees and suck him off... he's going to learn what secrets best friends keep....
(m/ff, power plays)

Breaking The Girl
The condo complex Michael lived in was nestled back a bit from main roads, only two minutes or so from a major thoroughfare, but it might as well have been a private grove, and most of the people kept to themselves. Until one night, the condo next door to his started to blare loud music. It was a Friday night, so Michael tried to ignore it, but finally it got to be too much and he went next door to ask them to turn it down. The daughter answered, and she was having a party, and she was drunk, and too young to be drunk. So Michael called the girl's single mother, who drove home and apologized, kicking all of her daughter's friends out of the house, and Michael went back to his place with a sigh, hoping the whole mess was behind him. The next morning, however, there was a knock on the door, and there was the daughter, dressed in her private school uniform, handcuffed, with a collar and a leash around her neck, and her mother holding that leash. "Look, Michael," her mother said, "I want to apologize for her disturbing you, and thank you for not calling the cops on her. My daughter's something of a trouble maker, and I want you to help me teach her what her place is." Michael raised an eyebrow before bringing them both inside of his condo before someone saw them. "And what is her place?" he asked her. "On her fucking hands and knees, of course. If she's going to act like a little slut, someone might as well enjoy it who deserves it. Wild fillies need breaking. Help me break my daughter..."
(m/f +f spectator/talker - happy to have the spectator be a shared NPC, or the daughter, if my co-writer is interested more in the mother's role)

Kai wasn't a remarkable guy by any stretch of the imagination. He played poker well enough, he was a decent guitarist and he'd done well as a PR maverick for one of the big tech companies in Silicon Valley, but he had been single so long, his friends were threatening to just start throwing women at him, to break the rut. One of his friends even joked that he might be cursed. So when he and a few friends had stopped at a traveling crafts fair, and the sign of a traveling sorceress was up, his friends had practically dragged him into the booth. The tale was told, and the sorceress seemed sympathetic to his plight, so she put a spell on him, or so she claimed. Kai found the whole thing a little silly, but his friends were the ones paying, so why not. The sorceress said that she had cast a spell to draw the perfect person to shake him from singlehood to him, and that the woman in question would find herself impeccably lured to him, obsessed with him, until she was practically mauling him for sex. Kai had sort of laughed and said the whole thing seemed silly, and the sorceress had smirked, saying that if he didn't believe her, she would add a little bit more to it. The woman would become addicted to him, to touching him, to being near him, to fucking him, and each tryst they had would sate her... for a time. But the need would flare up again and again, and each time, the woman would slowly devolve into bitch in heat in an effort to get him to slake her thirst for him. It was a great story, but surely it was just a story... right? Right?
(M/f, exhibitionism?, aggression?, mind control?)

Voices in the Ether - highly wanted
Tommy had been the kind of guy who didn't mind hanging out in chat rooms, because it let him be himself, be honest, not worry what anyone thought about him. The anonymity gave him strength, as he was a bit more shy that he really liked to let on. But one girl in particular started to take an interest in him, and they started trading stories, then adult stories... And then Tommy started to get nervous and disappeared. The internet was supposed to be his safe haven. But as it turned out, his partner on the other end of the line was a famous young actress and she'd gotten worried that maybe he had known who she was, so she hired a private investigator to find him, and when she found out he was just a regular guy, she decided, maybe she should just go and talk to him... Will he believe her? Can he keep her a secret? More importantly, how will she convince him that it was really her on the other end of the line?
(m/f, celebrity, shy male)

The Initiation
Kevin Day kept to himself on campus. He was in his second year, lived in a dorm room by himself, and didn't talk to a whole lot of people, spending most of his time in his room, making music on his computer or with his electric guitar. That was, until the Friday night he got that fateful knock on the door, at almost 3 a.m. Outside were two beautiful girls, a senior holding a leash around the neck of the other, a freshman pledge. As it turns out, the local sorority has an initiation they like to put new pledges through, bringing them to some cute campus recluse and making sure he used the pledge as, as the senior sister said, "the good little fuckbait" that she was. Kevin was taken aback by all of this, and accepted, figuring he could just let the girl in, send the senior sister on her way and then they could both claimed he'd done.... whatever it was he was supposed to. Instead, the senior sister came in with the pledge, and was going to watch the whole thing, and offer him tips on how to do it, and maybe even lend a hand. It was going to be a wild night with a Tri-Delt girl and her pledge. (Tri-Delt? I think I will! or Delta-Delta-Delta, can I help ya, help ya, help ya?) (It's expected this will work best with a female player who wants to play both parts.)
(m/f, m/ff?, power play)


I'm back to more regular posts again, now that a couple of storylines have lost their partners. My muse seems to be back, which is funny, since I'm also working shaping up one of my novels for publication, so I'm actively generating between 5k-10k words a day. (Good lord, I can be longwinded!) I only have space for one more storyline at the moment, so will be fairly picky about applicants, at least until some threads wind down or flame out. Send me a PM if you're interested.


Seeking Experience - extremely highly wanted
Tyler's life was nice and quiet. He was on-call tech support for one of the big tech firms, but he worked remote, so he didn't have to live anywhere near it, so he'd chosen to live in Santa Cruz, the nice sleepy college town right on the beach, about two hours south of San Francisco. He worked when he needed to, and when he didn't, he could go work out or go surfing, although people occasionally teased him about his age, even though he wasn't even forty. Then one day, one of the college girls, Shae, decided she had had it with fumbling boys who didn't know what turned a girl or set her off. She was 19. And she'd set her sights on Tyler - he was good looking, muscular and seemed smart, as she'd seen him working on his laptop on the beach. Who cared that she was half his age? Surely they'd be good for each other... and what guy wouldn't want a 19-year old beach babe in a bikini? She had energy, and he had the experience...
(m/f, age)

A Game Of Twins - highly wanted
Jim and Tim are twin brothers, and are used to having a little bit of fun with girls they're dating. Jim goes to University of San Francisco, and Tim goes to University of California at Berkeley, just half an hour away. Jim's a bit more manipulative than Tim is, and Jim likes fucking with people's heads, so every so often, he brings Tim over to the UCSF campus to fuck whatever girl he's dabbling with at the time. And right now, Jim is seeing this girl Chrissy, and he decides he wants to have Tim come and show her a wild time. Tim feels like they've been getting too old for these kinds of games, but Jim is insistent. What he doesn't know is that Chrissy has a twin sister, Missy, who also goes to UCBerkeley. And Chrissy and Missy like to play the same games. All is well and good until the next day, when Tim and Missy run into each other on the Berkeley campus, and the whole story comes out. Missy's also the more reticent of the two sisters, but she decides if they're going to be in this situation, they can make the best of it. (So it's two sets of twins, and one of each of the twins knows the whole story. There's a LOT of ways this story can go - my current preferred thread is that Chrissy decides she wants to break it off, but decides to give her guy (who she thinks is Jim) a night with both sisters, as a way to let him down easy. The day after that, Missy sets up Chrissy and the two brothers give her a double header. Then it's all bets are off, and anything goes. But again, lots of other possible paths.)
(m/f, m/ff, mm/f, mm/ff, d/s, power play, public?, incest?)

To Create An Addict - highly wanted
There was a lot of things Jack expected from his freshman year of college - parties, drinking, late night conversations, missed classes - but being embarrassed half to death wasn't one of them. As it turned out, one of the girls pledging to join a local sorority had a dare to catch a picture of a student jacking off, so this girl had walked around the windows of all the first floor dorm rooms peeping in, until she found she could see through a tiny crack in the window and caught a photo of Jack jacking in, which she spread around to all over to her sorority. The amount of teasing he endured was only tamed by the fact that every so often, one of the sorority girls would say 'nice cock' to him, or 'if it's half as thick as it looks in the picture, you'll be fine.' But it still ate at him, and he complained to the only real friend he had on campus - his big sister. His sister, a PhD candidate who lived off campus, had a rather deep hatred of the sorority in question, and so she decided to do something about it. She would avenge her brother's honor, and test out the chemical compound she'd been working on for the last three months. It was supposed to be used on captive animals that were having trouble breeding, and would send a female into heat for that particular smell, but it was only a small step to test it on humans... No need to tell Jack, though. Let it be his little surprise.
(m/f, m/ff?, transformation?, bimbofication?, public? - lots of paths this storyline could take. It could be a one-time thing, the drug could have transformative effects, the drug could cause a recurring need that requires slaking every week or so... many many options)

The Accidental Aphrodesiac - taken
Chemistry was never Will's strong suit, but it was a class he needed to pass to get his degree like anyone else. Except that he found he had a curious mind and started fiddling around with it in his off-time. All of his other classes were easy, so he had time to muck around in lab after he'd finished doing the actual assignment. When he ended up mixing a bunch of chemicals together for the reaction, he wasn't expecting a puff of smoke and for the liquid to evaporate, but it did. What he didn't know was that it had bored into his skin and modified his sweat glands to also exude an aphrodisiac. It wouldn't have any effect in the short term, but any woman who was exposed to him regularly and for extended periods of time would eventually grow more and more attracted to him until it was almost feral, and she would do anything to get him to fuck her, until it had practically clouded her mind. Once they'd had sex, though, it would reset her back to where she was, a little confused perhaps, but back to start the whole cycle over again... Who would be the one to first get lured by this chemical honeytrap? Someone in class with him? A coworker? Someone in his dorm?
(m/f, mind control)

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Re: CP's Story Ideas (M for F or FF)
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2013, 08:02:28 PM »
I'm interested in your Held Hostage idea, already sent you a PM :) (and I'll delete this message if you want me to...)

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2016, 02:04:48 PM »
After a significant unavoidable absence, I have returned and a number of my story threads seem to have died off, so I have space again, for those interested.

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
« Reply #3 on: December 15, 2016, 02:47:15 AM »
Added "Jedi In Exile," surprising even myself.

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Moved "Seeking Experience" into tentatively taken. Still can probably handle one or two more threads.

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
« Reply #5 on: December 24, 2016, 12:47:43 AM »
Also worth pointing out if you have an idea you think I might be a good fit for, feel free to reach out and we can discuss.

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Added "Dorm Room Addict"

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Added "Possession" and "To Create An Addict"

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Moved "Brewster's Brood" back into Open, and set to Most Wanted.

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Moved "A Game Of Twins" into Taken

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Moved "To Create An Addict" to Taken

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Added "I Belong To You"

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
« Reply #12 on: March 01, 2017, 06:28:06 PM »
Reorganized the list - moved a few things in/out of taken. Could probably handle one more game at this point.

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Seems like I may have lost a partner or two. Could probably take on a couple more games...

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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A few minor edits here and there.

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Added 'Breeding Stock.'

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Minor adjustments.

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Bumping back up now that I've returned from my absence due to a death in the family.

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Moved one story to taken.

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Re: Corrupting Power's Story Armory (M for F or FF)
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Minor adjustments.