What's This!? Hardcore Perversion!?

Started by Xilos, October 27, 2007, 02:05:20 PM

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The pretense behind my idea is fairly simple, since I'm just in the mood for some hardcore perversion.  Yeah I know.  Me?  Hardcore perversion?  Go figure.

The Lords of some solar system are in the process of "creating" a new planet, so to speak, and are going to populate it with all sorts of creatures they can breed for war.  They have abducted one relatively unremarkable female from a separate world (my character) and are basically going to put her through the ringer.  They toss her into a research facility along with droves of horrifying, monstrous, brutal alien creatures to determine if they can be cross-bred with a Human in an attempt to make them more Humanoid.

Of course this means lots of NC, rape, gang-bangs, monsters, aliens, tentacles, multi-penetration, giant cocks and spooge!  Also, Human's being the fertile individuals they are apparently, will mean my character gets pregnant with dozens of monster spawns, but due to the nature of the facility, the birthing process is extremely fast (like, an hour at most).  So, add heavy lactation and impregnation to the list.

If anyone wishes to take on the role of some monsters, prepared to sow their seed into the womb of some poor abducted and unsuspecting lass, just let me know either through here or through PM.


Should I be ashamed of the fact that this sounds interesting? *blush*  My posting rate has been nothing short of abysmal because real life is leaving me feeling less than fresh... errr... I meant erotic, but thank you for the head full of images your idea evoked *purr*  Who knew I had a cruel streak? *adjusting my halo*
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This does indeed sound very interesting. Sick, perverted, probably short lived, but if you need another monster... count me in.


Any other individuals for a short lived by potentially very fun romp as a myriad of different vicious alien beasts?

Far eyes


Degenerated alien beast of sex and depravity

And I can think up a monster to
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Oh my. o.o That actually sounds quite fun... But alas, I'm more of the victim type myself.

That said! If anyone is up for victimizing more than one helpless female-type, or Xilos winds up deciding he's got enough, I'd be up for doing something similar or same-ish. <_<  I'm fascinated by the prospect (conjures up some... interesting mental images, I will admit), and I'd be ever so interested in acting it out, if Xilos doesn't mind sharing his idea.

Edit: Feel welcome to message me, if interested. :x
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Sounds fun, not too good at the tenticle thing but basic horny monster that is looking for a body to use then that I can do no problem.

Any type of critter your interested in?
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Yeah, I'm a twisted person, this sound rather intresting.  I'm up for creating a monster for this if there is room.