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Author Topic: Hungry For  (Read 1132 times)

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Hungry For
« on: August 05, 2011, 09:06:10 AM »
Alternate Title: Well, everyone else is doing it.

After taking a few peeks, I decided to make one of these for myself. Preferred method of contact would be the PM, and I'm mostly available for stuff over PM, on the forums. It's possible to use chat or IRC, but I'm not as sanguine on using those two.

Generic Ideas
Mostly for one shot things, or just something I want at the moment I go and type. Some will have more specific versions later, just for redundancy's sake.

  • Corruption Games: Taking something pure (or looks pure) and making it base. It'll involve NC, or at least a lot of trickery. Whether virgin, monk, or what have you, let's corrupt some people. (Being on either side is fine for this one.
  • Moaning over Milk: Tie me down (perhaps literally) and milk my cock dry. Perhaps I'm a super whose powers you're after. Perhaps you're a succubus, out for my soul. Or you're just going to show me who's boss.
  • The Sky, the Road, The Wanderers: A classic picaresque tale of two innocent travelers. Now, having said that with a straight face, it's pretty much just wandering around a setting (even a generic one), and interacting with people, keeping one step ahead of our own actions. Note, doesn't actually need to be a picaresque, I just wanted to send a lot of people to wikipedia.
  • Ignoble End: This one can be related to the first two, but it's more about taking a hero (preferably me), beating him, and then treating him to a BAD END. Genderswap, body changes, all sorts of things.
  • Big and Little: This one's very, very simple. Size difference. No less than a whole foot and some change. No more than a meter and some change.
  • Sexy Magical Girl: (Or other kind of transforming hero/heroine of the same general type) "Let's make a deal" says the untrustworthy, but apparently ex-dark general. "You want power. I need to survive. Why not work together?" In hindsight, perhaps you should have put more qualifiers on what your transformation was like.

System-ed stuff

I know a few systems and am willing to try new ones. Unfortunately, several of my books are actual books, and some of them I don't know of any place to get a pdf of. So I'm probably not going to be using the original HKAT! to run "Kung Fu Harlots", or Everlasting to do "Angels versus Vampires" sexy edition.

  • Drow Lost Alter Version: Ok, stop me if you've heard the idea of a Drow (usually young-ish and low leveled) running to the surface, meets up with good guy. Let's make the rather uncertain Drow probably the nicer one, if less socially able on the surface.
  • Assassin Pygmalion: Being your master's top assassin is a tiring, thankless job, but you don't kill for your own glory or fame. You kill for something greater than yourself, or even your master. And you have never failed. Until now, when your information was completely wrong. The target? Far, far stronger than you would have ever expected from the mission briefing. Now, you have to try and escape before you are used against your master. (Any system)
  • The Tower: Treasure hunters have tried for ages to penetrate the Tower and get its riches. Most return, stripped and humiliated. Some return changed. A few don't return. (Any system, as DM or player)
  • Fallen Monk: For much of Creation, the Immaculate Monks of the Realm are the only hope they have against the predations of greedy gods, Anathema, and Raksha. But even the monks are not immune to the powers of those they fight. Seeking to play an Immaculate Monk across a Celestial Exalt [or mortal] of opposite gender. Discovering your sex drive while being somebody's enchanted slave is probably not healthy, but makes for an interesting story. (For this one, either Exalted, or something lighter, possibly even free-form. Possible pregnancy kink, or at least some of the trappings of it.)
Fandom-ish Jazz

Note, that most of these, I'm willing to do for any fandom I can be pointed at a good wiki for. I'll eventually put fandoms that I want to work in here by title, later.

  • You Look Familiar: Take fandom. Have character meet version of self from another setting, or gender swapped, or some other change. Chill, serve on ice, share and enjoy.
  • ZnT Exploitable: Ok, who here knows about Familiar of Zero? Most of you that do should have plenty of ideas about where this will go. Those that don't, or want to try variations on it, girl tries to summon familiar animal, gets intelligent (probably) human familiar. Hijinks ensue.
  • Actually, let's put Rule 63 just here by itself because I forgot what I was going to originally put here because of the cats.Any specifics will go under this one. For some reason, my current craving for this is Link and Dark Link, with one genderbent. Why, I don't know.
  • Code Geass 63: Or more specifically, Lelouch and a Genderbent Suzaku (getting names from the thread that gave me the urge ,we have Shizuku, Shizuka, or Suzaka). I'd prefer Lelouch, mostly because I can bleed ham easier than Hot Blood. This can be switched around in a few ways with a lot of the cast, but this is the combination I'm wanting the most.
  • Persona 34: Nothing in particular, just wanting to mess around with the setting a little. (Although, for fun, let's use a genderbent version of the male MC, like was suggested when the female option was first announced.)
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Re: Hungry For
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2011, 02:40:53 PM »
Hi Alex.

I have been trying to play a corruption story for sometime that might interest you. It involves a young couple moving to a city and being seduced by their neighbor into a life of vice.


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Re: Hungry For
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2012, 12:42:27 AM »
Added Fallen Monk and Persona 34.