Back to the Fallout (timetravel Fallout RP) (F seeks GM)

Started by GloomCookie, August 05, 2011, 08:37:57 AM

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Marcia coughed as she fanned the black smoke out of the Delorian, then sighed.  She'd really done it this time.  The young woman had been playing around instead of just taking a peek at the future and going back, but now she'd been shot down.  She'd gotten quite a ways away, but she'd still had a hard landing.  The engine wasn't a total write off, but she'd need to repair it, and from the looks of things, she'd have one hell of a time doing that.  The entire place looked like it'd been blasted clean, so there wasn't much for even Mr. Fusion to work off of.  The entire place was desolate and barren.

Climbing up to a nearby hill after stashing the Delorian in a small cave and hiding it, she looked around.  It was early morning so she'd have most of the day to walk, but she had no idea where she was.  She knew exactly WHEN she was though... August 5, 2277.

Basically the entire premise is a crossover between Back to the Future and Fallout New Vegas, where a young Marcia McFly (Marty except changed by altering the past into a girl) has to try and survive and repair her time machine in order to get back to the past.  Will she make it?  Or will she end up with a bad case of lead poisoning?
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