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Author Topic: Be The Answer To My Dreams? (Seeking M & F)  (Read 4083 times)

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Be The Answer To My Dreams? (Seeking M & F)
« on: August 04, 2011, 02:26:24 PM »
Angzyn's Request Page
No one should negotiate their dreams.
Dreams must be free to fly high.
No government, no legislature, has a right to limit your dreams.
You should never agree to surrender your dreams.

O/o* ~ Characters ~ Stories

Writers ~ Our Characters ~ Plots/Pairings* ~ Photos

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening...what ever it is for you and thank you for dropping by my page.

First I guess I should introduce myself, you can call me Angzyn or Ang which ever you prefer. So a little bit about me. I was in the Marines for five years. Yes I am a female in real life but like playing the role of both females and males in my stories. I am enrolled in college so my classed do come first as does my family (hell real life always comes first in my books...) But anyways :3

First and fore most I'm a submissive. I can play dominate rolls if the mood hits me but do not come to me to play the part. If and only if I want to play a dominate character I will go looking threw request pages asking for such. The elements have to be just right for me to be willing to play such a part. By nature I'm a very quite, shy and somewhat of an "Outsider" at first. Once my true colors start to show, however, I'm very outgoing, fun loving, twisted, open minded individual who enjoys having people make me submit and please them (yes I like to make people work for what they want ;) ). These personalities tend to flow into my characters and the type of roleplays I enjoy. However, they do not limit me but please understand I do have limits just like everyone else.

I'm am extremely open minded person so don't be scared to come to me with your own ideas. Just have some idea of what you want when you come to play before you PM me please. I'm always happy to try new ideas when it comes to roleplays.

Now for a little bit about my writeing style. My favorite couplings would have to be M/F, F/F or M/M. I just find these couplings YUMMY and can easily put myself into those roles. But again those are not my limits. I also play Futa/M or F. (Though I can't bring myself to play a Futa.) I have to say I'm also quite the sadistic when it comes to my characters in the sense I love for cruel, twisted, dark things to happen to them. I adore reading it and it keeps me coming back for more. My writing style now can go from two paragraphs to several pages long but the longer the post the longer it will take me to write it.

Okay now that you know a little bit about me lets get down to why you came here and what I'm looking for:

  • This is very important to me. Respect is a two way street and I will respect you as long as your respect me. I will always respect your limits, your likes and dislikes, but I expect you to do the same. Failure to respect me and my limits, likes and dislikes will get your nothing and I will drop our RP/Chats and you will be ignored. Please understand I will never force you to do something you do not like and I will do my best to mold my ideas to fit yours. I only ask that you do the same. I should only have to tell you NO ONE TIME and the same goes for me. If you tell me no I will not ask again. This leads me to my next subject:
~*~OOC Friendship~*~
  • While I love making friends OOCly, please keep in mind I am Happily Married and am not looking for a relationship OOCly. If I see that the line is being cross OOCly I will end any RP and cease all contact with said person.

    With that said, again, I love making friends OOCly with the people I write with. Truth is OOC Friendship is welcomed with open arms. I find that it opens the way for deeper plot development and help with character relationships with in the story. I find it is also a good way to get to know the writer better. I'm not asking for any personal details but I enjoy getting to know people outside the story we are doing. Hell, even if we are not writing a story and you want to be friends just send me a PM or IM.

  • Quality over Quantity! That should say it all, while I enjoy a good long post at times, shorter post are always nice as well. All I'm looking for is story development and enough detail to give me something to work with. (Just don't give me one liners!) To me Quality is always linked creativity and as long as you can paint me a good, clear image and give me something to work with you can write as much as you have to ordered to get your post across to me. Detail is good, but there is a fine line between needed detail and unneeded detail that just seems to make your post drag on. I tend to enjoy stories that are around Three to Seven paragraphs at the start of the roleplay. Notice I said start of the roleplay. That's because its very normal for a roleplay to start with Large Detailed paragraphs and slowly work there way down to two or even one paragraph depending on whats going on. HOWEVER, I have also seen stories start off with smaller detailed paragraphs and end up being very well lived and played. All in all I will go back to what I said before Quality over Quanity!
    Example 1
    Example 2
    Example 3
~*~Rolplay Types~*~
  • I do not RP on IM's sorry. My main form of RP is threw the Forums. If my partner wishes a more privet type of roleplay PMs are more then welcomed, emails are also welcomed but not as welcomed as PMs. I also do not do group RPs with more the 4-5 people. I also do no play more the one character at a time. 
  • Now I'm not a grammar Nazi. Hell, my spelling and grammar are not the best at times it would not shocked me if someone PMed me with a list of all spelling errors on this page >.> But please at less try when it comes to writing. Don't be lazy, use capitalization and punctuation. Oh, and no net speak in the RP. Its okay if we are just chit chatting via PM or IM but when it comes to the story ICU or LOL are not words I want to see.   
  • This should speak for itself. I like my partners to be creative when it comes to the stories, plots, characters and their post. I want you to keep me coming back for more, and I will do the same.   
~*~Plot and Dynamics~*~
  • This is a requirement! I don't care if the story is extremely sexually oriented, it must have some kind of a plot or story behind it. That saying I am not roleplaying just for sex. A hot romp is hot and I enjoy is as much as every other person but if all we are doing is having sex ever other post then it will get very old very fast and I will just end up calling the RP quits. Some of the best RPs I have done were indeed adult oriented but there was very little sex going on. A rule of thumb for me --lets try and keep the sex out until the second page-- that leaves room for story development and character development. 

    Now as far as Dynamics go I love it when a story keeps on growing and evolving. At the same time I don't like it when we plan out every last detail...I like to leave some room for random growth and roll with the flow of the story. Unpredictability, twist, turns...keeping each other guessing. I find it fun and again it keeps me coming back for more.   
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Offline AngzynTopic starter

  • This is my rifle, give me your gun, no time for fighting, let's have some fun... (BeaconOfSpirit)
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Re: Blank Dog Tags (Seeking M/F ~Assortie Plots/Pairings~)
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2011, 02:27:13 PM »
This part is rather easy, its just a list of the type of characters I like to play and the type of characters I like playing with. Along with a Dom/Sub Chart near the bottom.

My Characters
  • Closet, Defiant or Unknowing Submissives: This should kind of speak for itself. I enjoy playing submissives, at the same time however I like making the Dominant work for what he wants from my character. Because of this most of my character might not know they are submissive, or they do and will not admit it. I also like it when I play a "Dominant" character only to have another Dominant come in and knock her off her pedestal. She will not be "Willing" to just roll over and open her legs nor will she just become a extreamly submissive, always taking order and obeying over night. She will fight and be defiance. All in character will give your character a run for his/her money. It will take time for me to get from a 4 to a 0. 
  • Colorful Character: I like to play characters that are very colorful in both personality and character.
  • Military Characters: Enough said.
  • Fantasy Characters: Enough said.
  • Girls with Attitude: See my first type of character. I like to play girls that are rather cocky and can be a handful. She can fight, and will do so to the very end if someone is trying to control her. She is not that girl you can just walk all over and she is sure has hell not that bimbo that will slip and fall on your cock. My character have a fire in there soul and spirit in their eyes.

My Partners Characters
  • Aggressive Characters: I like to play with characters that are aggressive, and want to Dominant my character. The kind of character that will not take no for an answer and will do what ever it takes to show my character who is in charge.
  • Dark Characters: Dark, sadistic and twisted characters. Those that like to do cruel, twisted, dark and sadistic things to my character. The "Bad Guy" that will like to do nothing more then to brake and turn my character's hopes and dreams to dust. A full on 12 on my little Dom/Sub chart.
  • The Dominant Character: Just a plan dominant character that likes to be in charge. Not as extreme as a 12 but will never let her/himself submit to anyone.
  • Multiple Characters: I will love you forever if you are willing to play more then one character if the plot fits.
  • Military Characters: Enough said.
  • Fantasy Characters: Enough said.

~*~Dom/Sub Chart~*~

Okay this is easy. When you PM me with what plot/pairing/setting you want or one of your own ideas just post (I want to play____ and you to play ____) at the top of your PM. Feel in the blanks with a number from the chart below.

On a scale of dominance vs. submissive I am usually around a 2 to a 7 but I'm mostly a 4. I can also go as low as 0, and as high as 7.
On a scale of dominance vs. submissive I enjoy my partners to be around a 9 to a 12 but mostly a 12 as low as a 6 and as high as an 12.

0: Extremely submissive, always taking orders and obeying, with no fight or defiance
1: Very Submissive, taking almost every order and request, obeying with minimal defiance
2: Slave-minded, taking orders and requests regularly, within reason, only refusing more dangerous tasks
3: Pseudo Slave, taking orders because I enjoy doing so, not following through with things I know I don't like
4: Defiant Submissive.
5: Switch, submissive preference, taking orders that I feel like taking, asking things in return
6: Neutral, neither taking nor complying to orders, fulfilling requests as an act of charity or no Dominant/Submissive play needed.
7: Switch, dominant preference, making requests and orders occasionally, taking a few requests in return
8: Somewhat dominant, enjoying the act of making orders and expecting compliance but not doing so very often
9: Dominant, giving orders and expecting compliance regularly, administering punishments as seen fit
10: Master-minded, giving orders constantly, expecting full compliance and administering punishments for disobedience
11: Very Dominant, giving orders and taking pleasure in humiliating a submissive, expecting zero defiance and punishing when not truly deserving of them
12: Extremely Dominant, taking great pleasure in mistreating and ordering a submissive around, punishing severely for trivial defiance

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Offline AngzynTopic starter

  • This is my rifle, give me your gun, no time for fighting, let's have some fun... (BeaconOfSpirit)
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  • Location: West Coast (USA)
  • Gender: Female
  • Your Submissive Little Soldier
  • My Role Play Preferences
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« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2011, 02:28:10 PM »
World Of Warcraft*****
Legend Of Zelda***
I only play the pairing on the right side.
~♥~Slave Play~♥~
Master x Slave
Mistress x Slave
Slave x Slave

Collage Roommates

Arranged Marriage



Nurse/ Patient
My Trainer
Gijinka Houndoom/Gijinka Zoroark

Pokemon I will Play
Eevee Evolutions
Mewtwo (f)
Zoroark (f)
Ninetails (f)
Rapadash (f)

~♥~Angels and Fallen~♥~


~♥~Vampires & Werewolves~♥~


~♥~Elf and Drows~♥~
~♥~Mystical Creatures~♥~

Evil King/Princess
Evil King/Knight
Evil King/Peasant
Evil Prince/Princess
Evil Prince/Knight
Evil Prince/Peasant
Evil Knight/Princess
Evil Knight/Knight
Evil Knight/Peasant

~♥~Roman Empire~♥~


Tygra/"Street Rat"
Lion-O/"Street Rat"
Soldier/"Street Rat"

Any Teahouse character/OC


~♥~Movies and TV shows~♥~ (I only play OC)
Harry Potter
White Collar
Burn Notice
Royal Pains
Resident Evil
Dawn of the Dead

~♥~Video Games~♥~ (I only play OC)
Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10, 13
Call Of Duty (Modern Warfare)
Kingdom Hearts
Silent Hill
-Angry Spirit/OC
Alone In the Dark
Harvest Moon

~♥~Anime and Cartoons~♥~ (I only play OC)
Wolf Rain
Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball Z
Princess Mononoke
Outlaw Star
Cowboy Bebop
Dark Shell:Lust in the Cell
Yu Yu hakusho

~♥~Legend Of Zelda~♥~
Ganondorf/Dark Link***
Dark Link/Link
Dark Link/OC*****
Dark Link/Sheik*****
Gerudo King/Sheikah****
Fierce Diety(Oni Link)/OC****
Fierce Diety(Oni Link)/Sheikah****

Military Roleplay Ideas
Male/Female, Female/Female, Male/Male, Futa/Female

Nazi Soldier x Allied Nurse
Nazi Soldier x Allied Soldier
Nazi Soldier x Allied Pilot
Nazi Soldier x Nazi Soldier
Russian Soldier x Allied Nurse
Russian Soldier x Allied Pilot
Russian Soldier x Allied Soldier
Russian Soldier x American Soldier
German Soldier x American Soldier
Foreign Soldier x Prisoner of War 
Foreign Officer x Prisoner of War
Staff NCO x NCO or Lower Enlisted
Sergeant x Lower Enlisted
Officer x Lower Enlisted
Enemy Soldier x American Soldier
Enemy Officer x American Soldier
Modern Military
Officer x Lower Enlisted
Officer x NCO
Foreign Soldier x American Soldier
Foreign Officer x American Soldier
Foreign Soldier x Prisoner of War 
Foreign Officer x Prisoner of War
American Soldier x Civilian
American Soldier x Student
Civilian x American Soldier
Student x Soldier
Soldier x Student
Drill Instructor x Recruit
Prisoner Of War
Russian Soldier/Officer x POW
German Soldier/Officer x POW
Japanese Soldier/Officer x POW
Enemy Medic x POW

A New World War
A New World War

Idea: I really like the Hentai “Dark Shell: Lust in the Cell” so these are a few ideas that I made from the show.
Setting: World War Three: Modern Times
Seeking: M/F, F/F, F/M M/M, M/M/F, M/M/M, F/F/M or F/F/F (I will really love you if we can do M/M/M/M/F, M/M/M/M/M/F or M/M/M/M/F/F)
Characters Personality: Yours-Cruel/Simi-Cruel (8-10 on my list) Me-Cocky, Unbroken Sub. (4 on my list)
Kinks: (Can be talked about in PM: but would love if Knife Play and Physical/Mental Torture could be used)
Story A:
-The U.S. has been working on a new project for years. With it finally working the U.S is no longer depended on foreign fuels and is using there findings to developing a new weapon. Other world powers want the right to use this “Project” to better there own nations and build weapons to defend themselves from the growing power of the U.S. but the U.S. has refused to share any knowledge of its findings. Outraged, world nations such as the USSR, China, Mexico, and even Europe have declared war on the U.S. unless the knowledge of its finding are shared but also in fear of this new weapon being made and used. Also mid-eastern countries have joined these world powers angered by the stop in fuel trades. Soon the U.S. finds itself attacked on all fronts. Mexico and South American from the south, Europe and the USSR from the East, and China and Mid-east from the West. With their shores and boarders being attacked from all sides the U.S. finds there defenses spread thin civilian deaths at a all time high. The northern borders with Canada being the only safe haven from these attacks the U.S finds itself moving north. Civilians fleeing into Canada before the borders are closed off.
1) A small group of soldiers find themselves trapped behind enemy lines  (South, East or West) and are trying to make there way north where the main body of troops have been moved. They find themselves faced with life or death choices and emotions are on a all time high. One can only guess what is happening to the youngest and lowest ranking of this team.
2) A young soldier has been taking captive by the enemy. With a lovely face so hard to come by its not a shocker that the soldier’s life is spared and is turned into a Officer’s personal hobby. (Open)
3) A young sniper is caught and captured during a battle for one of the U.S. last remaining territories. Little dose the sniper know he has more to fear then just the idea of being killed. (Thinking my character is tortured for information, then the person doing the torturing turns my character into his personal play thing.) (Open)
4) While on vacation in a different country the child of a Powerful American __________ (General, Politic, maybe someone that was working on the “Project) is kidnapped just as the war starts on American Ground. There she/he is questioned for information and turned into her kidnappers personal play thing. (Open) 

Starting Post Idea (1)

The U.S. has been working on a new project for years. With it finally  working the U.S is no longer depended on foreign fuels and is using  there findings to developing a new weapon. Other world powers want the  right to use this “Project” to better there own nations and build  weapons to defend themselves from the growing power of the U.S. but the  U.S. has refused to share any knowledge of its findings. Outraged, world  nations such as the USSR, China, Mexico, and even Europe have declared  war on the U.S. unless the knowledge of its finding are shared but also  in fear of this new weapon being made and used. Also mid-eastern  countries have joined these world powers angered by the stop in fuel  trades. Soon the U.S. finds itself attacked on all fronts. Mexico and  South American from the south, Europe and the USSR from the East, and  China and Mid-east from the West. With their shores and boarders being  attacked from all sides the U.S. finds there defenses spread thin  civilian deaths at a all time high. The northern borders with Canada  being the only safe haven from these attacks the U.S finds itself moving  north. Civilians fleeing into Canada before the borders are closed off.

Welcome To Base No Where
Welcome To Base No Where

Idea- A while back I had to go do some training on this base in the middle of NO WHERE. It was a small base but it was so beautiful. In the middle of the mountains and everywhere you looked there was a “view.” Wonderful place, I would not mind going back….one problem…okay more like a few problems. NO Cell Service, nearest town is 40 minutes away and well I was maybe of four girls on the base (that’s because the other three where part of my unit and everyone else on the base where grunts.) I was thinking about this place today and I thought what a fun RP it would make.

Setting: A small military base in the middle of no where. Somewhere up in the mountains where the nearest town is a forty minute drive away and there is no cellphone service.   
Seeking: M/M, M/F, M/M/M or M/M/F
Characters Personality: Can be talked about in PM
Kinks: (Can be talked about in PM)
1- She never thought she would be stationed in a place like this. A small base in the middle of the mountains. Such a beautiful base with a stream running right threw the middle of it. It would be the perfect place for someone to just melt of the face to the earth. The base itself was no bigger then a mile long by a half a mile wide with noting more then  a small PX (little store), NCO Club, Chow Hall and anything else that was needed to make a base like this run. Her being only one of maybe a hundred permanent personal stationed there….but no one told her that the other ninety-nine personal where male making her the only female one base. (I was thinking because the base is out there and no one really regulates the base rules she would be roomed with one or two males seeing she is the only female. We can twist this story as much as we want…maybe because she is the only female her Officers have a different job in mind for her instead of the one she was sent there to do.)
2- Same idea as one but with a new male among ninety-nine others of his gender. Maybe they decide to make the new guy the “bitch” sense most of them have not seen a female in months.   


How long could one bus ride be? It had been nearly ten hours now that she had been on the road. Arriving at the San Diego Airport only to get put on this bus and shipped to the middle of no where. Slowly watching as signal of her cell phone died as they went deeper into the mountains. The view was to beautiful for words, but as they neared the base all she could recall was the nearest town the passed was over an hour away.

The bus would stop as the front gate, letting the girl off with all her things. The cold mountain air sending chills down her spin. The breeze holding a feeling of a nearing winter even if it was still only summer. Funny how the high altitude seemed to change everything. Deep blue eyes looking down at her three sea bags and back pack. A light sigh leaving her lips as the girl looked once more at her cell phone.

“No Signal?” The voice seemed to come from behind her. Turning slowly to see two dark black staff sergeant insignias, almost making her heart stop. “Yea all the cell phones are like that and the internet is no better. I’m taking it you’re my new helicopter mechanic?” Those dark colored eyes seemed to look right threw the new mechanic. “Well we only have three of them. All of them recovery helicopters for when the students get lost or hurt up in these mountains. After all most of the military you see here are just here for the mountain and cold weather training. There are few personal that are stationed here. A few air wingers like us to keep the recovery helicopters up, two grunt units, and any other personal needed to keep this place running like MPs, Admin and the Armory personal….a few other MOSs here and there. Hate to brake it to you but I think your the only female military personal here.”

God this guy talked way to much, Anica could not get a world in edge wise. Once he stopped chatting the Staff NCO would walk over to her and grab two of her sea bags and start walking over to the duty van. Anica having to grab her other two bags in a hurry to catch up and get in before he left her.

Once the van was started and they started to drive the young marine opened her mouth to try and speak. Only to be cut off once again, “So the base is not that big. Don’t think you will get lost. Lower base is where most of the students stay while upper base has your PX (post exchange), Chow Hall, Medical, Gym, Enlisted Club and Personal Barracks. Lucky for you they are only two man rooms.”

“But I thought…..”

“Well seeing we don’t have female rooms here, guess we are going to have to bend the rules a little for you….”

Maybe she was going to get a room to herself. Watching as they parked in front of three large Barracks. The larger one she took at once as the officer and staff NCO Barracks and the two smaller ones as the enlisted Barracks. Not taking long to get out and grab her bags once again. Following the Staff Sergeant up four flights of stares. Moving down a breeze way stopping in the middle of two long lines of doors. Her dreams of having her own room slowly fading as she heard music playing from the other end of the door.

The Staff Sergeant handing the key to her before he started to walk away. Again she could not ask him questions. Leaving before she could ask any. Anica turning to look back at the door, then down at the key. “Great…”

World of Warcraft Roleplay Ideas
Male/Female, Female/Female, Male/Male, Futa/Female

Horde x Alliance
Orc x Human
Blood Elf x Human
Forsaken x Human
Troll x Human
Tauren x Human
Orc x Night Elf
Blood Elf x Night Elf
Forsaken x Night Elf
Troll x Night Elf
Tauren x Night Elf
Orc x Draenei
Blood Elf x Draenei
Forsaken x Draenei
Troll x Draenei
Tauren x Draenei
Horde x Horde
Orc x Blood Elf
Blood Elf x Blood Elf
Forsaken x Blood Elf
Troll x Blood Elf
Tauren x Blood Elf
Orc x Forsaken
Blood Elf x Forsaken
Forsaken x Forsaken
Troll x Forsaken
Tauren x Forsaken
Troll x Troll
Orc x Troll
Alliance x Horde
Human x Blood Elf
Worgen x Blood Elf
Night elf x Blood Elf
Draenei x Blood Elf
Human x Forsaken
Worgen x Forsaken
Night elf x Forsaken
Draenei x Forsaken
Everything Else
Forsaken x High Elf
Troll x High Elf
Blood Elf x High Elf
Orc x High Elf
Tauren x High Elf
Human x High Elf
Worgen x High Elf
Night Elf x High Elf
Draenei x High Elf
Naga x High Elf
Naga x Night Elf
Naga x Blood Elf
Naga x Troll
Naga x Draenei

In The Name Of Peace *Craving!!!!!!*
RP Type: WOW (World Of Warcraft)
        ~Orc/High Elf
        ~Blood Elf/High Elf
        ~Forsaken/High Elf
        ~Troll/High Elf
Ratings: You playing 9-12 and me playing a 4
Post Requirements: At less Four to Six good quality Paragraphs.
RP Requirements: Knowledge of World of Warcraft.   

In the years after “The Cataclysm” the many races of Azeroth find themselves trying to rebuild, while the Horde and Alliance still find themselves at war.

A High Elf village (The blood elves, making up only approximately 90%[2] of the surviving high elven population) neural to the war find themselves under attack by Horde Troops. The Horde Commander demanding the High Elf village join the Horde cause or watch there village burn. The small clan had been in several talks with the Horde who camped out only minutes from there Village and had attempted to get some sort of reinforcement from the Alliance several times. But help would not be coming soon, and the village found itself with no choice but to give into the Horde’s wants.

The treaty to the compromise; the Leader's daughter in return for peace from the Horde.

A plan to rise to power, showing the Horde that the High Elf’s could be dealt with not with death but by taking their young. Slowly turning them into members of the Horde (By turning them into Blood Elves or otherwise) weakening the numbers of the Alliance and growing the number of the Horde. After all what would the rest of the remaining High Elfs think of there Alliance friends knowing they let their villages fall into the hands of the Horde.

Post Idea

Quote from: Angzyn

Oh how she remembered that night, all seemed calm, peaceful. The moon was full and the stars seemed to shine brighter then normal. The sky did not go dark, rain did not fall…it was nothing like the stories she had heard about how the Horde invaded. She not sure what woke her up first, the sounds of screams or her fathers arms pulling her from her bed. Half asleep she was rushed outside and given to her aunt who rushed her toward the temple. Her father not far behind, but there exit was soon cut off by several soldiers. Other members of the village being brought to their side, ether caught by the horde while fleeing or pulled from their homes. Her aunt shielding her head, muffling her ears.

Because of that she could hear what was said between her father and the dark armored elf that stood before them now. Watching out of the corner of her sapphire eyes as her father was lead toward the temple…

All the rest was history.

Now Angzyn stood at her father’s side, watching as the same man walked toward them. The sound of his armor ringing against the temples stone floors echoed in her years. Weeks of talk with the Alliance willed nothing but heartache. No troops would make it in time, the small village of High Elves where left to defend themselves. Something they could not do against this threat. Her father had no choose but to made the deal with Commander of their attackers. Though it was not Ralohs Morningray first choice, no his council had lead him to doing such a thing. Giving up his only daughter. A heartbreak even if he had two sons, still to give up his youngest was almost more then he could bare. Yet, he could not watch what was left of his people be killed by the hands of the blood elves.

Poor girl was not quite an adult yet in the eyes of her people, still maybe ten or fifteen years left until she reached adult hood. Dressed in a gown of white and silver as well as a matching vale like cloak, her youthful yet lovely face hidden from view like the rest of her body. Slender and strong, with slim hour glass curves that seemed to make her body flow left unseen. Fair in complexion with long auburn color hair. A mirror image of what her mother looked like in life.

Those sapphire eyes daring only to look up once at the Commander that was speaking with her father. Watching as the parchment was being handed to him. Looking down and away as chatter began to ensue.

The Gift Of Treason *Craving*
RP Type: WOW (World Of Warcraft)
Orc x Blood Elf
Blood Elf x Blood Elf
Forsaken x Blood Elf
Troll x Blood Elf
Tauren x Blood Elf
Ratings: You playing 9-12 and me playing a 4
Post Requirements: At less Four to Six good quality Paragraphs.
RP Requirements: Knowledge of World of Warcraft.   

A young Blood Elf Mage is caught helping a member of the Alliance by an Elder member of the Horde who decides that death would be to easy....

The tips of her ears flicked some in aggravation, why did she had to come all the way to Ashevnale just for some Bruiseweed. Why couldn’t her teacher just buy some from vender or have one of the other students, then again the young blood elf was the newest in her class. Barely two years into adult hood, even if most of her people still saw her as a child. Entering unfriendly land already put her on edge as she carefully and quietly gathered what she as sent there to get. Ears perked up, twitching every now and then to listen to the sounds around her. Knowing that the Night Elves, although brothering of the Blood Elves who where once the proud High Elves until there beloved Sunwell was destroyed, would kill her with out a second thought.

The history of her people was a long one, with many low points and sad tells. Though, the young Blood Elf still did not understand most of it, something inside her disliked her people’s rule under the Horde. Something inside her told her it was wrong to do what she had to in order to survive. How she had to “feed” off the magic of others around her, drain them dry of Fel energy in order to fight of her own withdrawal. Part of her wished she could rejoin what was left of the High Elves and live with out worry of the Night Elves moonwells. But such things where never talked about, knowing she would be punished for such thoughts. A slightly sigh leaving her lips as she stood up once more, dusting off her robes.

Placing the herbs into her side pouch and walking over to the water. It was crystal clear and acted like a mirror as she looked herself over. Long auburn brown hair feel down to her shoulders, some of it falling into her face. Such a young and lovely face at that, blessed with the beauty only elven females had. Yet, it was her eyes that drew attention to her both good and bad. Even from birth one eye had always been blue, something only High Elves had…the other green. No one, not even the elders of her kind, could explain such things. Some liked it, others hated her for it. Yet another sigh leaving her lips, the elf bending down to touch the water only to jump back up and a blood curling scream.

Head whipping around to see where it was coming from only to hear another. With out thinking the blood elf took off running toward the sounds. The closer she got the more the sounds of a battle could be heard and before long the fight was before her. Eyes growing wide at the sight of a Night Elf Druid and a very large Naga clashed before her. A Night Elf, her brethren by blood lines. The Naga allies and friends to the Blood Elves. Her teachings telling her to help the Naga but something inside told her it was the fellow elf she would help. Ether way both where more powerful then her. With out knowing it she found herself casting her Fireball, but she aimed it toward the Naga not the Night Elf. Why, not even she knew but she cast another toward the Naga. Finally watching as the Naga fell, the Nigh Elf doing the same but the victor of this fight. Wounded and near death while the Naga already welcomed it.

With out thinking the Mage found herself taking a knee next to the fallen elf, hands reaching into her bag for a vile of some kind liquid and was about to give it to the Druid just as fingers wrapped around her neck. A strong powerful grasp throwing her back, body hitting the sandy ground hard. Knocking the wind from her lungs. Watching as her attacker turned his attention to the Druid she was helping, a loud thundering voice feeling her ears and at once she knew he was talking to her. Even as the life was taken from the Druid. Ears lowering in fear as she did her best to back away from the male that had thrown her. The larger walking slowly toward her, the fear that was growing inside screaming at her to run, but all she could do was pull herself along the ground, legs kicking some to push her more backwards. Those two lovely eyes growing wide as he reached for his weapon, lips parting some to try and yell but no sound came. Panic and fear only growing as the Blood Elf saw how easy he handled the weapon.

It took a moment for her to take notice of who the male was, she had heard stories about the great warrior. Knowing that death was calling her name, and he would be the one to give death want it wanted. Head tilting back some to look up at the male, who in turn made about three or four of her, hand and arm rising up shield her face. Like it would do any good. Feeling the hand wrap around her hair and lift the elf to her feet. The girl letting out a fearful scream. Feeling the cold metal press against her neck and her warm blood dripping down her neck. Waiting for death to take over her only to find….nothing. The blade just rested there. His voice ringing in her ears, sending chills down her spine.

Why had the Elder not killed her? It wouldn’t have taken much, then his next statement. The shock that passed threw her body, emotions that no words could ever speak about only to be replaced by pain as she was thrown. The ground putting ripping into both flesh and cloth. Sand and dirt covering her. Looking up at the elder with tear filled eyes that held nothing but fear now. Face cut and bruised, her neck now holding a that new cut caused by his weapon. Robe torn, arms holding new wounds from when she landed. Looking nothing like the elf she had been only a few minutes ago. Body slowly moving so she was now on her hands and knees facing the elder. Looking over her shoulder to see where she could have ran if she dared such an act.  Knowing she was fast, but the warrior before her…she knew he would kill her if she tried. Having just starting her training it no doubt he was more skilled then her in every possible way.

If she wanted to live there was only one thing left to do. Lips parting as she moved slowly toward him, hand reaching out to touch his leg only to draw back in fear. Body lifting slowly so she was on her knees before him. Hands coming together as though she was trying to pray to some unknown deity, head lowering not daring to look up at the male. “P…P…Please, I didn’t know what I was doing! It…It will never happen again I swear! I…I’ll do what ever it takes to make it up to the Horde, just name it Elder! P…P…Please, it will never happen again!” Her words almost drowning in fear as she stuttered. Body lowlier some as her knees dug into the ground below. 

Slave Roleplay Ideas
Male/Female, Female/Female, Male/Male, Futa/Female


All plots and ideas are welcome. Just post here or send me a PM with any ideas or thoughts you might have. The plots below are just my ideas and do not have to be used. Please keep my O/o and Pairings in mind however.

On the Block *Taken*
RP Type: Owner x Slave
Ratings: You playing 9-12 and me playing a 4
Post Requirements: At less Four to Six good quality Paragraphs.
RP Requirements: None 
Post/RP Idea:
The desert heat was hard on her flesh as she waited for two armed men do drag her onto the stone stage. Mean while, she could not help but look around the busy and well dressed market of this large city. Down the large, wide street she could see a sea port, its large ships going and coming with the wind and tide. Brings good from unknown lands to be traded in this lands capital city. Lining the streets where shops and stands selling everything from fresh goods to find silks. Horse and mules moved up and down the street being lead by their owners as the farmers brought in there goods for sell. The day still young as the market place just opened.

Woman out side gathering water and needed items for the day, older children seemed to heard around chickens, sheep and goats. The younger kids playing in the streets with out a worry in the world. Men talked with one another and people slowly gathered around the stage to see the new shipment of slaves to be sold. This city a melting pot of the many races that called this land home. Elfs, orcs, humans, some things that looked like cats. Even a Naga seemed to cross her view. It was not a rare thing as long as the tribes where peaceful, though feral trips of such races still caused problems.

Then again it was also not rare to find any of these races on the slaver’s block. There where a number of reasons why people where sold as slaves. Villages could not play taxes, men could not pay debt so they where ether enslaved or a member of their family, thefts and the poor. Maybe that’s why the streets where kept so clean and free of the homeless. And just like all these people Angzyn found her fate. However, her story came because of the war that had been raging in the east. Her village captured by the enemy, most the men killed the rest sold into slavery along with the women and children.

The slave girl not quite an adult to her people, just reaching the age of nineteen in her races years. Though to humans she would be slightly older. Dressed in rags that barely covered what they needed to, making her shy away when ever someone came close to her that was not a slaver. Listening to the auctioneer call out the first bids of the day for a young male slave. Maybe around her age or younger. Another slaver coming around, allowing those that paid him a little under the table to get a privet show of his stock before they where put up on the block. 

Oh how she hoped no one would bid on her, hopes short lived with the first call of 50 silver. The price quickly rising to one gold, then ten. The girl quickly loosing track of how much was being put on her head, the people below her like wolves bidding for a slab of fresh meat. Ears lowing, body doing her best to back away only to be pulled back by the auctioneer. Another slaver pointing out the things the auctioneer was pointing out about her. Everything from that young, beautiful face that house almost stunning hazel blue eyes. A body, untouched by a man, slim yet still holding the form of a dancer. Quickly pointing out that she was still young thus she would be able to be taught things early. Noting that her village had been known for there female’s ability to sing and dance, cook and mend clothing. Skill that her mother indeed taught her from a young age. Then there was the talk of magic, how she might be able to put to use and taught how to hea

Legend Of Zelda
Male/Female, Female/Female or Male/Male

I'd love to see any of the following in these plots:
Forced Submission or Fighting for Dominance (my favorite part!)
Maybe A Little Torture?
Bondage or Gags (or Tentacles? Monsters?)
Orgasm denial/control

Here are some Ideas I would really like to work with:
  • How could this happen? He was the Hero of Time....How could it all end like this? (Idea from this photo PHOTO. I was thinking maybe he was wounded in battle by Dark Link or one of Ganondorf's monsters....only to end up at there mercy.)
  • After his battle with better side, Dark Link must return to Ganondorf a....what will happen to him?
  • Link returns to see princess Zelda after a long hard journey only to find out she is to be married to another man.....but there is a new face in castle town willing to help heal the hero's broken heart. (Idea from the photo above.....Link/Sheikah)
  • What really happened among the Gerudo when Link was caught and caught in OoT? After all a clan of just females must get lonely over the years....
  • What happens when the new King of the Gerudo comes of age? I'm sure a rare gift is in order....(Gerudo King/Sheikah)

Thundercats 2011
Male/Female, Female/Female or Male/Male

  • It was not often travelers came to the city. Though, it seemed something was rather new in Thundara this morning. (Tygra or Lion-O x Gipsy ~I was thinking a Gipsy Caravan stops in Thundara for a while [A different race then the cats] and one of the two Princes gets drawn in by a rather lovely Gipsy Girl. On-Shot/Light)
  • All he wanted was to be King, not a hard request for the oldest prince…well if only he was a Lion. Instead he will have to make do with whatever gifts he received on this day. After all it was not every day a Prince came of age. (Light, Tygra x Human Girl….a group of traders brings the older Prince a gift from a faraway land…to bad she is not a tame as they make her out to be. [Thinking a Love/Hate relationship at first that slowly turns into a romance.]
  • I would also be willing to do any OC/OC plot in this area :3
  • What happens when the young’s princes flirting gets him into more then he can handle? (Tygra or Lion-O x Female Guard)
  • Maybe it would not be that bad? After all from what he heard she was a rather lovely girl. Then again he never though his hand would be given to someone he never even meet before. (Love/Hate, Thundercat 2011 Alt. Story Line, Tygra is being forced into an Arranged Marriage with a young girl from a land far beyond the walls of Thundara.)
  • Might be willing to do a plot with Tygra x Lion-O

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More Plots
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Apocalypse Ideas
Male/Female, Female/Female or Male/Male

Idea One: A Seraph is still loyal to Tricell and seeks to put everything back as planned.
Idea Two: A group of humans seek safety with in Eden.....but it comes with a price.
Idea Three: Two Humans in the Out Lands are trying to make it to Eden...will they make it our will the Undead get them before they do?
Idea Four: Eden....follow the lives of two survivors as they try to make it in a new world. 

October 25, 2020
Portage IN
Eden Population 4,000 Family Groups, 1,500 Single Personal.
Out Land Population Unknown
In 3 weeks, almost a month after the outbreak of an assumed to be viral disease with necromantic properties the United States, like most of the world, has become a nearly razed wasteland. The government did its best to try and close monitored ties by not allowing video or audio reports of what was happening but that did not last long. Cities being sealed off trying to cut off the disease but no amount of razorwire, landmines and trenches seemed to stop it. The only safe havens left seemed to be ones that were build by the medical corporation that made the virus to start with……

Three months earlier…..

Tricell, the Medical Corporation that created the Angel Virus. A viral disease that would kill 20% of all man kind as soon as it would become air born and bring them back only moments later. A virus that the government was paying for as well as the Safe Houses they were building across the states. A plan in the words that took almost countless years to come to light.

Dr. Mattox, the owner of Tricell, was a genocidal madman on a global scale. Finding the world around him full of weak and worthless creatures and the ones that were worth saving slowly dieing underneath the millions that did not deserve to breed. Then there was the government. Such blind fools only fueling he goal to weed out the weak. In time his new world would be born from the ashes of this one, like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes of its own death.

Yet, this plan was not to be. Being betrayed by a group of people he trusted the most, using Mattox’s own resources against him and slowly taking over the “Safe House” he had built for himself and his chosen people. Doing there best to safe as many people as they could before the good doctor found out and his plan could be unleashed…..

Here and Now…. 

Three weeks have gone by now since Eden shut its gates and the people inside where sealed away of from the hell that was going on outside its large walls. Tricked inside by being offered a “Fully Paid Vacation” to one of the new hotel and resorts being build by Tricell. Kidnapped and locked away in their hotel rooms for the past three weeks as the people that saved them. Watching and waiting to see if Eden is truly safe before letting them out and that time is coming soon. The people of Eden will soon face a new life. Trying to living among people of all different racial, religion and sexual backgrounds while people out in the Out Lands fight to make there way to these mythical places.


~Eden:- Eden is one of 50 Safe Havens built before the infection by Tricell. Over taken by the Seraph to save the people who Tricell wanted dead (which is 90% of the human race.) Each is equipped to house anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 families although Eden only has a population of 4,000 Single and Family groups. Done so to prevent overpopulation and allow for growth. It is guarded by its large thirty foot brick walls and its half mile of razorwire, landmines and trenches. There is only two safe ways in and out...marked by only a two lane road going in and out of Eden.
~The Indoor Mall and OutDoor Mall areas where build to help make Eden mask into the area before the outbreak along with the hotel and resort. Now they serve as the main area to get needed items.
~The Hotel serves as a keep for all the people staying in Eden until there time of release. From there they may pick to move into Logan or Bryant areas.
~Logan is the area where all apartments where build an can house the people that now call Eden home. The include a number of places to swim, and just enjoy life.
~Bryant is the area where houses can be found and larger families may move into. They include back yards.
~The Parks are rather large and are one of the few places people can enjoy nature to its fullest.
~Farming areas are normally off limits.

~The Out Lands:
~The Out Land are the land outside the "Safe Houses", ruled by the undead. A half mile of razorwire, landmines, trenches, and abandoned military equipment borders the radius of any major city....the remands of what the military was doing to try and stop the outbreak from spreading and failed. Survivors in the Out Land dwindle as once safehouses, such as malls and military bases, fall to the onslaught of the increasing undead horde that refuses to lay down and die. Most of the buildings in the cities are razed, still smoldering from the riots that broke out in the early days of the infection. Cars lie deserted in the streets, their batteries dead from being left turned on. Blood paints the walls and roads, both dried and fresh, both from the alive and undead. The only hope the people have to survive is to making to one of the few legendary safe Heavens like "Eden"....but will the make it there alive and when they do will the be able to get in?


Seraph- They are the 1% left of the living, the few that have been infected by the Virus and live to tell about it. Yet, even then it’s not with out side effects. Their rear blood type causing them to change slightly but stay human in all since of the world. Their eyes turning a mix of reds and golds as well as being slightly gifted now.

Shared Gifts-
~The Ability to sense the Virus.
~ Telepathic communication between Seraph.
~Faster Healing
~Natural Anti-Virus

Solo Gifts- (One only)
~Strength (Not like superman….with in reason)
~Growth Accelerant (Plants)
~Computer Whiz (Good with Electronics on a whole new level.) 

Other Ideas
Male/Female, Female/Female or Male/Male

Life Without Parole *Taken*
Life without Parole *Taken*
Setting: A Privately Own Prison
Seeking: M/F or F/F or M/M
Kinks: Can be talked about in PM
-Life Without Parole...that's what she got for something she never did. The death of her mother and father blamed on her, the real killer still out roaming the streets while she sat around waiting for some truth to come to light. None ever did. Only Nine teen years old and she found herself on the way to a new Prison that was just open. A Prison that already had rumors that could made the hair on the back of anyone's neck stand up.
-Cell Mates or

A Unpaid Dawry
A Unpaid Dowry
Taken but will take another!!
Setting: A Ludus in Capua, Italy 79BC
The home that of a wealthy Lanista and is made up of the main floor home, a basement keep where the gladiators are kept, a small two level guest home and a grand ludus with a  balcony over looking the training grounds. It found on the edge of town on top a rather large cliff that over looks the city and arena. The family also owns a number of vine yards on the outskirts of Capua and is over seen by one of the Lanista's three sons.
Seeking: M/F or M/M/F
Characters Personality: Can be talked about in PM
Kinks: (Can be talked about in PM)
1-(Cinderella meets Spartacus type plot)
Aurora was the child of a well liked political member of Rome. However, when elections grew close Aurora (age 10 at the time) was sent to live with her uncle a well known Lanista in Capua. Not long after living there new was delivered about her father's death. Finding herself growing up in her uncle's Ludus. Over the years it was clear that the girl was growing into quite the woman and would fetch a high Tocher (Dowry), but with three sons of his own her uncle found no reason to pay such a large amount of money to marry off a child that was not his own. Leaving her only to day dream about such a live and fighters her uncle trained.

Yet the Lanista's niece is not the only thing he has to worry about. As of late it seems someone has been stealing wine from his vine yard. Is this the work of poor thieves or just the start of the storm. And with a not a drop of rain in months water is becoming more valuable then his wine and small fires threaten his field. Not to even start about the threat of a new Ludus that started up on the other end of town.
Opening Post Idea
Aurora, named for the time of day she was born, her first cries awaking with dawns first light and her mother’s last breath. After that day for the most part Aurora was brought up by her father’s slaves. Leaning many skills that where thought un-lady-like for a girl of her status, but at the same time dearly enjoyed by the young girl. Dancing, singing, cooking, all skills good slaves knew. It was only when she was slightly older would a true Roman woman would enter her life in the form of her uncle’s wife. Aurora being sent to live with them at the age of ten, after all the elections grew closer. Her father no longer having time for her.

There in her uncle’s home she learned how to run the house like a proper Roman woman, though  she never truly enjoyed such things. Now, her uncle’s home, the house of Celius, was not the richest family in Rome. Yet they where one of the most renown when it came to life around the arena. Their wine was good but not the best, their Gladiators however was prized by all that saw them fight. Training them like his father before him and his father’s father. In time her uncle would pass them down to his sons. One who had been born from his first wife who died in child birth and the two youngest being born to his second wife. Who also gave him this wine fields threw marriage.

With his second wife the man seemed happier then most men, and now he had Aurora. A young girl who would one day fetch a high Tocher (Dowry) for both her beauty and the status her father had among the people. A Tocher he would have to pay when news of Aurora’s father’s murder reached their door steps. A Tocher that would e better spent on other things. After all why should have to pay for a child that was not his, even more so when he had three strong sons to carry on his name.

Over time Aurora would see such ways in her uncle as well as his wife, but by no means did she hate her uncle’s home. Oh no quite the opposent. She loved the large villa, the fact she had three other children to play with even if they where her uncle’s sons. Yet most of all she loved to watch her uncle’s Gladiator’s train. Yet if there was one thing she uncle was know for it was being one of the best Lanista’s in all of Rome. With nearly thirty fighters under his care. It was like watching the Gods of War themselves. Even better her room had a balcony over looking that Ludi (school). Her balcony becoming her safe haven. Even more so when she saw him for the first time at the age of fifth teen. A young boy about five years her elder. Sold to her uncle to be trained as a gladiator slave. To fight to the death in the arena. A young man she watched grow into a warrior for three years. Never learning his name.

Now at the age of nineteen she stood watching steal from her balcony. A frown farming on her face as the boy was called away. Yet only minutes passed as she was too called to her uncle’s side. Her two slaves almost giggling with joy of some kind and soon she would see why. As soon as she was in her uncle’s chamber she saw him once again. Talking to his master, her uncle along with a rather wild looking Gladiator she had only seen once before. A man he had just bought only two weeks ago. “Yes my Uncle?” her voice was smooth and questions fielded her eyes. “You summoned me?”

What Happened To Me?
What Happened to me?
This is a really open RP idea that I can't help keep going back to. Just about anything can happen and I left the opening post the way it is for that very reason. If you like the Idea please PM me and tell me your thoughts on it. Again this is a VERY OPEN RP when it comes to a solid plot.
RP Idea From:
I hope you're enjoying the approval process so far, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, we're really a friendly bunch.  Now, since you are up for writing prompts please use the following as a story starter.  Let it take you wherever you wish as long as it remains PG-13.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Everything was a blur...
Opening Post Idea
Everything was a blur... Those bight blue eyes slowly opening, not knowing what had happened. All Chris could remember was well Nothing.

Where am I...., the thought seemed to fade from his mind as quickly as it entered it. Looking around he found himself in a large white room with nothing in it but the large bed he was laying in. Sitting up slowly, hand running over his chest, neck, each arm. Looking for something but not finding it. The only clothes he wore where a pair of pants that seemed to match the room in all its blandness. That and the set of bandages that wrapped around his upper chest and shoulders. Something had happened but he could not remember what. One more glance around the room, this time something caught his eyes. A large black screen or was it glass against the south wall....or at less he thought it was the south wall.

With taking his eyes off the black glass on the wall he set one foot, followed by the other onto the cold stone floor. Finding that the pants where way to big for him and had to use one hand to hold them up as he slowly moved across the room toward the only thing in the room that stuck out. "Hello?"

His chest hurt, so did his shoulders. What happened to me?

Nothing happened, the young man taking a seat before the glass, looking up at it. Waiting for something to happen but nothing did. No one answered him. Resting his hands on his ankles. He felt something. Looking down and moving the pants' leg up. Seeing a small hospital band around his left ankle. Leaning down some to read it Chris felt himself getting light headed once again....Everything went black.

"You think he remembered anything?"

Wolf's Rain: On the Road to Paradise
Wolf's Rain: On the Road to Paradise

"They say there's no such place as Paradise.
Even if you search to the ends of the earth there's nothing there.
No matter how far you walk, it's always the same road.
It just goes on and on.
But in spite of that, why am I so driven to find it?
I hear someone's voice, calling to me..."
-- Kiba
It is many hundreds of years in the future and the earth has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The last few impoverished cities lay scattered across the land and under the control of the Nobles, an ancient cult of people with mysterious powers and motives. During this time, wolves have been over 200 years least, that's what most people think. But some people think otherwise. It is believed that they are still able to exist by disguising themselves as humans. There is an old legend written in "The Book of the Moon" that when the world is coming to an end, only wolves will be able to find the way to Paradise by following the scent of Lunar Flowers.

Tala, she had only been a pup when her family was killed. The young pups of the Pack taken and sold like common dogs to families willing to pay the price for such a thing. And that’s where her story really begins. Sure she knew the stories, what wolf did not, but such things where behind her. Or so she thought.

Living the life with her girl, and her family. Knowing what love really was, after all her human loved her. So that night all those years ago still burns in her memory. The night the fire started, the smell of blood in the air. The man that did it all leaving the wolf for dead in the snow…..

Two years Later

Her live had l changed that night all those years ago. For the first time being alone in a world that turned out not to be so kind as her humans made it out to be. Being left for dead, a large scar now running down her left front leg. It was that night while laying in the snow the Wolf caught her first scent of it. Such a sweet scent that seemed to call out to her. The stories that she had been told coming back to her. A Lunar Flower.

It seemed to give her the will to make it threw that night, and the following weeks. Leaving the place she had grown, the place she called home after her pack had been killed. The wolf inside her awaking that night, giving her drive to find more of her kind or at less find where the scent was coming from. Something inside her calling out to her, dragging her across the wasteland of the world. Hope slowly dieing when it came to finding more of her own kind, even if her hope of finding the source of that scent never seemed to fade.

Small towns coming and going, masking herself among the humans with ease. Never once did one of them assume that she was anything less then one of their own. Then again one of her own kind could have passed her and she would have never known ether. Her journey finally brining her one of the few Human Cities left in this time and age….

White Out
White Out
Setting: New Ice Age. Snow covers 90% of the earth providing the new apocalypse.
Weather:  Ice Age (Heavy Snow and Storms)
Seeking: M/F, F/F, M/M, M/M/F, M/M/M or F/F/F
Characters Personality: (Can be talked about in PM)
Kinks: (Can be talked about in PM)
-The world has fallen into yet another Ice Age. Man Kind slowly learning to adapt quickly or risk dieing off like the rest of the world. Leaving only small clans that now dot the lands once ruled by government and law. For the most part the modern world is dead, save for a small amount of  “Dome Cities” quickly built in order to save large populations of people. 1) My character is the one of the few females in a small clan. Because of this she is A) forced to marry a man her clan picked because he is “Worth” to breed. (M/F)  B) forced to take on two husband’s to keep man kind alive. (M/M/F) Or 2) My character’s clan comes to one of the “Dome Cities” only to find out they can not take any more into there population. To save the females and children the half the members are sold on as A) Slaves (M/M, M/M/M, M/F, F/F or F/F/F) or  or B) Wives to the men of the cities (M/M/F or M/F). Or 3) Warring Clans (or Dome/Clan) have been fighting for years over what remains of a dieing food source. One clan (or the Dome) finally wins and one young girl/boy finds herself a slave for the leader(s) of her/his clan’s enemy. ( M/M, M/M/M, M/F, F/F or F/F/F).


Welcome To My World
Welcome To My World
Idea: From a Movie I was watching.
Setting: A world inside computers. A world that is ever changing, and anything can happen.
Character: I play a girl in a coma who's mind is alive and well inside of a computer, you play a hacker that depending on if he is good or evil changes her life.
Kinks: Can be talked about in PM
AI was created by a young girl, which felt into a persistent vegetative state after a terrible car accident. She was chosen to be used in a project where she had to take control of a PC by thinking. She is living in a private addiction service, she can't move, speak or even breath on her own. The girl, AI, now spends her life living in her own cyber network. A cyber network that gave her many chances to create a new world of her own fantasy and dreams.
However, her world is about to change. For the better or worse she dose not know...when a hacker brakes into her networking system and finds this world created by a girl that can not call for help or be with him in real life. Which path will the hacker take: Turn AI's network into his own playground of lust and torture or befriend a girl that will never see the real world again?

My Friend My Enemy
Idea:  Got this idea from the Underworld movies when Werewolves where kept as guards to the vampires.
          Also that new wolf Cartoon that is coming out for the second story idea.   
Setting:  Two werewolves from rival packs are capered by vampires and forced to breed.
               Two wolves from rival packs are capered by humans and relocated to a zoo to breed.
Seeking: M/F
Characters Personality:  (Can be talked about in PM. Was thinking my character would be the child of her pack’s Leader and you character could be that Cocky Omega from the rival pack.)
Kinks: (Can be talked about in PM)
Story A: (Werewolves capered by vampires to breed.) (Open)
Story B: (Feral Wolves relocated for breeding) (Open)

The Forest Spirit
Idea: A village has to give up a Virgin to the spirit of the forest every hundred years.
Setting: A large forest
Seeking: M/M, F/F or M/F
Kinks: (Can be talked about in PM)
-A village has to give up a Virgin to spirit of a near by forest every hundred year to seek its protection from the monsters that leave in the forest. However, this time the Virgin they give the forest spirit is not a Virgin and the spirit seeks revenge by attacking the village and taking a young villager of it’s choosing.

The Desert War

Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.  These are all characters from a counting rhyme of long ago.  If you would, please select one or two and construst a first post to a role play.  The length is completely up to you.

You can, of course, simply describe how you would use the character(s) in a role play.

I will do a first post to a role play using the Soldier and the Poor Man (or woman if you don't mind). It might suck a little but I suck at first post *Laughs***

Oh how the heat of this dead sand filled land seemed to beat down on the young soldier. The gear on his back having long grown heavy and causing him much discomforted, yet he would not say a word. No, like so many that walked this dirt road every day on their daily patrol he would not say a word, because to do so would be a sign of weakness. Now a days in this land a sound of weakness meant sure death to you and everyone around you. He had to be strong, for himself, for his team, for the hope of one day seeing his home once more. To hold his family in his arms once again. Oh how he missed his wife, his two children, mother,, sister. These six months seemed to pass like years. The days never seemed to end and the nights went on forever. Even if he did sleep, which was rare.

The sand seemed to crunch below his boots as the entered a small village. His gun keep to the dirt but a round called the chamber home. The soldier ready for anything. He would not be taken alive. Sure he wanted to go home, but if he had to die he would die with honor. His gun blazing. Those dark brown eyes hidden behind tinted goggles looked around. Watching the village people move about as if these Soldiers where nothing but ghost. It was then he saw her.

The girl must have been no older then sixteen. About the age of his oldest child. The young woman wearing the same clothes that all the female's in this village wore. But unlike most her age she did not seemed to be married. No man stood by her as she sat down with her back pressed against the old stone building. Her knees drawn up to her chest. Face covered by that cloth he had seen so many times covering the faces of ever girl in this land. Was it such a sin for them to look upon the world with out that thing blocking what beauty god had given them? It was here....they where not free like his wife and children.

A poor girl she must have been. Begging for bread and clean water. Only to have men kick at her and threaten her in a foreign tongue the soldier could not understand. He would dare to go to the poor girl's side, only for her to stand and walk away from him. To her it was a sin to talk to one of these Soldiers. A fate that would mean being stone to death if she did. The soldier wanted to offer her food and water, but he knew she would never take it from him. That he might never see this poor girl again after today for him trying to help her. This land was so cruel. But that's why they fought. To free these people from this cruel way of live.....even if they didn't see it as cruel.

Sea World
You said you're up for writing prompts.  Can you please write me a story from the perspective of an animal at SeaWorld?

Thank you, and good luck to you on your approval.

Lilly looked at the large crowd of people from her small cage. So many of her kind barking at the humans as they threw fish at them. The other seals jumping and dancing for the small treat. Even fighting each other for the small fish that would not even leave a good taste in their mouths. No Lilly laid by herself on a fake rock far from the glass as she could. Watching as her bother and sisters swam and stood against the walls of the small pen so the humans could laugh and take photos of them. It was clear she did not want to be there. No she was to close to the bay to want to be here. At night if she would listen hard enough she could hear the wild seal barking and calling to them from the ocean water. Or maybe it was sea did not matter to her. Lilly wanted to be with them.

"San Deigo Sea World" this is what this place was called. This place she was born and raised by her mother and father with all her brothers and sisters. Some had been put back into the wild, others had been sent to other zoos to breed. But not her. No she was stuck here. Watching the humans as they watched her.

But today would not be as boring as the other day. The large door to the pen slowly started open as their trainers came in. With them a rather large box with something or someone in it. This seemed to catch Lilly's attention. The small female seal standing up on the rock she had been resting on as the box was open and out came a rather lovely male seal. Her eye's meeting his as she slide out of the pen. Looking at the trainers before turning, there eyes meeting at once and he slowly made his way toward her.

The Only One Left
It's post apocalyptic America. In the remains of a small town you find a nice attic in which to seclude yourself.
On a shelf, a container catches your eye. Inside is a 1960's Chatty Cathy doll.
You pull the string on her neck. What are the first three things she says? More importantly, what do you say back to her, and why?
(feel free to be as verbose or sparse as you wish)

Months had passed sense the undead claimed the earth as their own. No one knew what had happened, and anyone that was left alive could only imagine why this what happening. It was like something out of a horror movie. The dead coming back to life only to feast on the living that were growing less and less in number every day. It seemed that no place was safe any more and if you did find somewhere safe it would not be long before you had to move on once more wither it was because you find food, water or to avoid the risk of being over ran by the flesh eaters. But traveling have become just a dangerous as staying in one place to long. After all most had to move on foot, gas stations have long be drained dry of fuel.

The same had happened to her, a young woman no older then nineteen. Having lost her family, friend to the hoards of undead that now ruled the land of the living. Finding that traveling alone was the best thing to do. It seemed to greater the number of living moving together the greater the chances of the undead finding you and killing off someone just putting your life in greater danger. Anica was her name, and her travels had seemed to had brought her to a small town. Seeing that there where not many flesh eaters around it became clear to her the small town had been evacuated long ago before the undead started to spread to fast for anything to be done. Taking her time as she moved from house to house looking for what ever food and water that could be found.

In one such house she found herself moving upstairs, soon finding herself a save place to stay for the night. It seemed that this home had an attic, the only way to enter it was threw a hidden pull down door and ladder that was hidden in the ceiling. Maybe the family that had lived here also stored some food and water up there just in case they had to stay. Her hopes keeping her somewhat up spirited as she moved to her new save haven. To her luck she indeed found a few boxes of can food and five gallon jugs of water. Not much but enough to last a family of four a few weeks until help could arrive. If help every arrived. Lucky for Anica she was only one person and this could last her a while if need be. The young girl moving around the attic to see what else she could find.

Old photos, winter blankets stored up for the summer months, old clothes out grown by the house's past family, junk.....and old wooden box setting on a shelf. It guest seemed so out of place. Anica could not help but go look at it. See what was in it. The old box making a creaking sound as it was opened and dirty hands pulled out a very old Chatty Cathy doll. She had not seen one of these in years. Having had one as a child, the girl could not help but pull the old string to see what it said.

"I love you..."

The girl almost wrapping the doll in her arms to keep it quite. The sound it made so loud to a person that had not heard another human like voice in so long. It scared her, and the thought of it scaring her made her laugh. It was just a doll, and she should have known it was going to talk. After all what else would have happened after she pulled the string. So she did it once again.

"I love you..."

She jumped a little once more but this time Anica smiled. In such a time of despair it was funny how such a little thing like this doll could being her back to a time where everything was okay. A time where she was a child running around the house with her doll and watching her mother cook lunch. A time where you didn't have to fight to make it to the next day. A little bit of tears seemed to form in her eyes as she went to pulled the string once again. Listening to the same words the old doll said once more while moving to sit on the floor. For a moment she was that child again with her best friend. "I love you too little doll."

Desolate Wasteland

Please imagine you are walking through a desolate wasteland. Maybe it was once a city, maybe it was once a forest, maybe it was once something else. The choice is yours. Describe what you see, what you hear, what you smell and taste. Describe the textures of things you touch. How does it make you feel? Please be as detailed as possible.

The dry dirt seemed to crack under the feet of the long being, the warm air making it hard to breath even with the cloth that covered her face. Her body covered in the same cloak that was used to shield her face from this now cruel land. Now better to be a little hot rather then leave any skin to the bright, unforgiving sun. Goggles worn on her face with tinned leases to help her eye sight, after all there where many dangers in this new world. Sand seemed to attack her every time a warm wind started to blow. Nothing, not even the breeze, could be enjoyed anymore. There was nothing left in this area....but the human girl knew that somewhere out there grass still grew, water still ran fresh and cold, the breeze was cool and full of life. Not like here, no the war made sure that this area would be nothing less then a wasteland.

Every now and then what used to be a building could be seen. Poking out of the large sand dunes, hunting memories of the world that use to be. But to enter them now would mean death. No telling what called those skeletons home. Everything seemed to have evolved to make it in this deadly land. Even the humans had slowly started to change. Once more the wind started to blow kicking up sand and dirt. Stinging what ever skin was not covered which was not much. Her foot steps moving even slower as that breeze slowly started to turn into a storm.

She would have not choice but to find shelter in the old buildings. But the girl would find herself on guard at all times. No daring to remove any of her shielding until she knew that it was safe. The leather gloves on her hands almost like another layer of skin, she could swear that she could feel the ruff cloth of the cloak as she removed it. Or maybe it was just the fact she had worn the thing so long that she knew how every inch of it felt like. The floor under her creaking softly as she moved across the buildings level. Even if she didn't know what level it was. So becoming clear that she was alone here. The storm outside whispering threw the empty halls.

Now and days everything seemed to smell the same. Like heat and sweat, just nothingness. Matching the fact that there was nothing left. No where left to go but into the horizon. Following hopes that one day she would find a place that had not been touched by the war. 
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Photo Ideas
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Music Ideas
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Re: Blank Dog Tags (Seeking M/F ~Assortie Plots/Pairings~)
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Re: Blank Dog Tags (Seeking M/F ~Assortie Plots/Pairings~)
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!!Updated Links on the Table Of Contents (All but Pokemon Ideas WORK)!!
~~~POKEMON LINK works now
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Re: Be The Answer To My Dreams? (Seeking M & F ~Assortie Plots/Pairings~)
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Added "A Gift of Treason" in World Of Warcraft & Pairings in Thundercats
Taken: "In the Name of Peace."
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Re: Be The Answer To My Dreams? (Seeking M & F ~Assortie Plots/Pairings~)
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Added Apocalypses RP Request. 

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Re: Be The Answer To My Dreams? (Seeking M & F ~Major Updates!~)
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So today I unlocked the power of the spoiler tag. Because of that I gave this page a major makeover, making it flow better and easier for people to read. I was also able to add some new plot ideas!

I also updated my request and writing info as well as added new links and a character page.

I hope everyone enjoys!

Leave feedback!

~Also added Teahouse!
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Re: Be The Answer To My Dreams? (Seeking M & F ~Major Updates!~)
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**Added a few short Thundercat plots....they need a lot of work before they become anything solid though.
**Also added new photo!!
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Re: Be The Answer To My Dreams? (Seeking M & F)
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You have by far the best request page i've seen. :-)

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Re: Be The Answer To My Dreams? (Seeking M & F)
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Why thank you :D

I put a lot of work into it.