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Author Topic: USS Stinger - Star Trek Spec Ops....Interest Thread  (Read 1009 times)

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Offline kazTopic starter

USS Stinger - Star Trek Spec Ops....Interest Thread
« on: August 03, 2011, 06:07:13 pm »
This is to see if there is any interest for a game that puts an extreme edge on Star Trek.  Game will be played in Extreme.  Please details your offs/ons in the character bio if you are interested.

USS Stinger – Starfleet Special Operations/Intelligence vessel

The Stinger is probably unlike any Star Trek ship you have come to know.  This is a dangerous little ship, looking for a dangerous crew to risk life and limb to protect the United Federation of Planets and all it holds dear.

The year is 2386, things have been quiet now for a few years.  But Star Fleet Intelligence does not believe in 'peaceful times!!'.  There is always someone looking for trouble; wanting to be the top dog.  The Stinger is there to search out these trouble makers and to make them see sense.  Or disappear. 

The USS Stinger is a top secret project between Star Fleet Intel and Star Fleet Marines Spec Ops division.  The crew are to be made up of only the best.  Personnel who know how to survive when the going gets tough.  People who can function without Starfleet telling them what to so.  This ship will be top secret, only a select handful will know of its existence.

The ship will not follow the usual rules and regulations laid down by Starfleet.  They will only be answered to one person, the same person they get their missions from.  The Admiral in charge of Stinger will work closely with the Chiefs of Star Fleet Intel and Spec Ops, the Stinger crew will depend upon these people to keep them safe.  If word of their mission got out the UFP would have some very awkward questions to ask of Starfleet.

A small vessel, the Stinger is a modern day submarine.  Compact and cramped this little ship will go into places were normal Starfleet ships cant.  The mission is simple, gather Intel and defuse situations before they get to large.  Each and every one of the crew members have been given a license to kill.  There is no room for doubt, the Stinger is going to go deep undercover at times, the crew have to be fast thinkers and capable officers.

Only the very best will be selected...

If you are interested in joining please fill out the following and post it in this thread. 
Looking for:

Commanding Officer – taken
Executive Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Intelligence Officer

Weapons Specialist
Infiltration Specialist
Intelligence/Encryption Specialist

More places are available.  If you have an idea for a character not shown, please PM me details of the position and the character.

Character Biography
Sexual Details: (Please include your/characters ons/offs.  Anything you would like to do or have done to your character. This is for me to know when devising missions.)
Service History:

Code: [Select]
Character Biography
[b]Sexual Details:[/b] (Please include your/characters ons/offs.  Anything you would like to do or have done to your character. This is for me to know when devising missions.)
[b]Service History:[/b]

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Offline Cold Heritage

Re: USS Stinger - Star Trek Spec Ops....Interest Thread
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2011, 06:06:07 pm »
A little late, I guess, but I'm interested. Hopefully this gets off the ground.

Character Biography
Name: Oleg Kurchatov
Position: Weapons Specialist
Species: Augment
Age: 26
Sexual Details: I prefer my character not be penetrated by another male. Heterosexual non-consensual sex might be alright (never done it, not sure how I'd feel about it). Might be neat if my character had his very own Vulcan love slave.
Personality: Oleg is fairly unflappable and cool. Sometimes he comes off as very cold. His courage under fire is commendable, and he has never once wavered in the face of the enemy. There are many moments when he can be over-serious, and he does not like to undermine command structure by offering alternatives to proposed plans unless he is specifically called upon to.
Appearance: Oleg is a tall, muscular male. He has brown hair with some mild waviness to it, but not truly curly. The man's eyes are a pale shade of blue, and his skin tone is rather fair. Oleg's jawline and chin are rather square, giving an appearance of strength and durability. His nose is fairly broad, but not unusually so, and he has fairly large, fair pink lips. Oleg's build is much larger than that of the typical Federation citizen, and his hands and feet are notably large (though not to the point that they interfere with day to day living).
Background: Section 31 prepares for any number of conflicts with other powers. The war with the Dominion was not unforeseen, although it was not predicted that it would become a hot war as quickly as it did. Certain members of Section 31 thought that it would be worthwhile to create a small task for of Augments, reasoning that regular humans might not be able to perform special operations when faced with Jem'hadar resistance. Using banned genetic engineering technology and processes, thirty Augments were created and trained far from sight of the Federation and other major powers.

Oleg was one of these Augments. He grew up on what might be called a death world. It was scarcely capable of supporting life, and what native flora and fauna existed was inimical to the human presence on the planet. By the time Oleg was 10, half of his brothers and sisters were dead as a result of the planet's ecosystem. Those that remained were taken to an old, abandoned station and put through combat training using holosuites and, on occasion, the depowered sections of the station for live fire exercizes. Three more of the Augments died by the time Oleg was 13 and the Dominion War became a hot war.

Service History: At only 13 years of age, Oleg and his fellow Augments were deployed into combat, striking at targets of crucial strategic importance. In the first year, five more Augments died. Those that remained would survive for the duration of the Dominion War, save one, Alexander Einstein, who committed suicide attributed to combat stress. Oleg fought all of Federation's enemies. Sometimes he even fought its allies, employing weapons of the Dominion to make it appear as though the Dominion had staged an attack to help shape the war to Section 31's vision.

Offline fallensaviour

Re: USS Stinger - Star Trek Spec Ops....Interest Thread
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2011, 02:14:54 am »
question,is this to be free form or system, also do we need a chief engineer?

Offline Matthew

Re: USS Stinger - Star Trek Spec Ops....Interest Thread
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2011, 03:29:03 am »
Oooh... I've actually just recently been craving a Star Trek RP (Damn you Netflix :P), I'll have to think about character details a bit, but I'll definatly be putting something together for your (hopeful) approval. :)

Offline fallensaviour

Re: USS Stinger - Star Trek Spec Ops....Interest Thread
« Reply #4 on: August 07, 2011, 04:01:04 am »