The Fey People

Started by Sheehan, October 23, 2007, 02:35:14 PM

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Anyone have any interest in writing a story about the "little people" and a love affair between a mortal and a sprite. I suppose that one of them Thomas, or Winah, will have to transform permanently. They will face opposition and challenges to their union etc. etc... I can only post once per day and hope to develop a complete erotic story. Thanks


Possible intro......

The cloaking mist allowed the “Keepers” to come out before the fall of night. There would be no “Ravagers” lumbering about because of the poor visibility. The  Keepers laughed among themselves whenever they spoke of it. Why would Ravagers care about visibility? The clumsy oafs never used their eyes in any case and would destroy delicate webs, step on carefully protected nests, crush tender shoots whenever they ventured into the forest. But they never, ever entered into the sacred woods when visibility was poor. They were a loud brutish lot with no magic in them whatsoever. The Keeper races, the fey people, avoided them like trolls. Most Ravagers had never even seen a Keeper and in willful blindness doubted the Keepers existence. Some seers told ancient stories of fairies, elves and leprechauns but with each generation the Prophets diminished. Some seers sang the ancient songs, legends and myths but with each generation the Poets diminished. 

The Keepers set about preparing the glade for the full moon celebrations, which would take place that evening. Pandric the 'Green King' sat on his moss covered rock and issued orders. The musicians tuned-up and played snippets of songs while hoards of workers fashioned chairs and tables out of twigs and leaves. Pandric pointed here and there with the stem of his pipe and then puffed on it contentedly after assigning each task. Life was good. The full moon made all the fey people content, even giddy. It was this giddiness that caused Pandric to miss the absence of his daughter, Winah. Had he seen her at this very moment the entire Keeper nation would have been sent into chaos.

Winah sat beside Benders Stream, her legs folded underneath her and she had assumed full Ravager size. Resting his head on her lap was Thomas Norton. She ran her fingers over his brow and gently sang a fey song into his mortal ears. They both wore the glow of the physical binding on their faces. They had succumbed to their passions not fifteen minutes earlier. For two full cycles they had been meeting in this very spot where he had first seen her as he picked mushrooms. There is no telling who was the more surprised: he at seeing a “little one”, she at him seeing through her magic….


Valerian and I are writing this thread under the "Weird Single Thread" banner. It is entitled "The Fey Quest."