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Author Topic: Peyoverse Plot Bunnies (Fandom) (M/F & M/M) (Light-Human)  (Read 598 times)

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Peyoverse Plot Bunnies (Fandom) (M/F & M/M) (Light-Human)
« on: July 31, 2011, 04:03:19 PM »
L'amour pour un Sorcier (Fandom)(M/F)[Light-Human]

Okay, we all know I have issues and we all should have seen this coming when I said I was going to see the Smurfs movie. So lets not waste time wondering what delusional world my mind has entered and just get on with it.

I want a game involving Gargamel. Not the cartoon one since, strangely and surprisingly, the movie one is more appealing. His magical ability is much stronger and everything he makes doesn't break down on it's own. He's also more imposing and fearful. He doesn't cower to those that are in positions higher than him (like the cartoon version does) and he doesn't give a damn what others are saying. He has a goal in mind and is hard to deter.

Since we're going with the stronger personality and power wise Gargamel, I'd also like to go with the movie storyline. I won't spoil the movie for anyone, but it is a children's movie so I'm sure we can assume a happy ending with the Smurfs going home and Gargamel losing. I will reveal that in the end it leaves Gargamel left in New York with his cat. No money, no home, no ID, no birth certificate, no social security number, no job, and everyone thinks he's completely insane (which is only partly true).

Anyway...even without having seen the movie, I'm sure people can see how difficult it would be for Gargamel to survive on his own in our dimension. Not only that, but he realizes he has no way back home and ultimate power slipped through his fingers once again. Spending two days in our world wasn't so bad, but trying to scrape by more than ever before in a world that defines him as 'insane' or 'crazy' is very difficult. Not only is hunger starting to get worse, though he really doesn't mind looking for food in the garbage, but winter is setting in and it's much worse than the ones he's used to at home.

He and Azrael finally wander into some kind of antique store, it draws him because of it's old world look and reminds him of home. He intends on stealing anything that might be of magical use in getting him back home. Instead of stealing, he gets caught by the owner and despite his crazy ramblings about 'little blue people' and 'portals to other worlds', the owner says he understands that times are hard and offers Gargamel a job. Of course the wizard doesn't want to actually work, but the owner offers to give him the 'magical' items he was trying to steal if he works for them. One month of work per item (since they are highly expensive). All Gargamel has to do is watch the shop (they don't get much work) and he's allowed to stay in the attic room with his cat and will get one meal a day provided for him.

Not wanting to sleep on the streets anymore, Gargamel agrees.

I'm thinking that in order for a woman to fall for someone like Gargamel, she'd have to be blind. The shop owner's daughter or maybe someone that likes to come in and just 'look' around (she likes the feel of the detailed carvings on the chests, vases, etc...). I'm also thinking that Gargamel would have little to no real interest in her, but instead be more interested in the fact that she purchases the book Les Aventures des Schtroumpfs after hearing Gargamel talk/rant about the Smurfs so much with the intentions of having someone translate it into audio book or braille for her. Gargamel realizes he needs this book as it contains, hidden, the spell that will re-open the portal to his home dimension.

I was also thinking that when the time came to actually get Gargamel back to his world, she would end up there too. These are things I would like to discuss in PM. Also, I figure it would be more of a love-hate relationship rather than him ever coming to actually love (or even like) her. I would like to discuss a clear ending for the game before it's started, that way we know right were we're going with it.

PM me or post here with interest. I'm looking for someone to play either the OC female or Gargamel. I'm completely willing to play Gargamel and I'm almost positive that I will have to.


(For those that don't know, Peyoverse is Smurfs Universe. Their creator's pen name was 'Peyo'. Hence Peyoverse.)
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Re: Peyoverse Plot Bunnies (Fandom) (M/F & M/M) (Light-Human)
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2011, 12:30:56 PM »
Show Me Your Scruples (Fandom) (M/F or M/M) (Light-Human)

For those that don't know or remember, around Season 6 of the Smurfs we were introduced to the nephew and apprentice of Gargamel. Scruple. A young boy who was kicked out of Wizarding School for bad grades, rude behavior, and overall meanness. Much like his uncle, he is unhappy and unpleasant. Also, like his uncle, he is mocked by his peers, poor, tends to think he deserves more without having to do the work. While he could have helped his uncle catch the Smurfs and helped create the potion that turns Smurfs into gold, he would rather laugh at his uncle's failure at catching them.

My game idea would put Scruple at about 18-20 years old (so much, much later than the show). Gargamel would be dead and gone (stress, poor diet, and poverty having put him in the grave) and with no other living relatives all his possessions go to Scruple, including the property of Hovel Hill. After a semi-clean out of junk, Scruple makes the hovel into his home. It's not much different from when it belonged to his uncle, but since he had no interest in Smurfs he's thrown out Gargamel's old Smurf-catching stuff/junk. He also realizes that even with Gargamel gone, most of the wizarding community still regards him as 'the nephew of Crazy Gargamel' and refuse to see the fact that he does, surprisingly, have some magical skill.

Scruple realizes that the only way he's going to be recognized by the community as the great person he sees himself as is if he comes into some great fortune. Instead of trying to go for turning little blue people into gold, he sees marriage as a much easier way into money. He comes up with the plan and idea that all he has to do is woo some silly rich girl (or boy, we can work that out if need be) and convince her (or him) to marry him.

Scruple's personality is much like that of Gargamel. Cold, uncaring, cruel, and rude. But intelligence wise he does seem to be much smarter than his now dead uncle. He's a great manipulator and will do anything to get what he wants.

Some ideas I had for the story were him doing everything he can to keep the fact that he's poor and related to the recently deceased Gargamel a secret from her and her family. Also, if her family did find out, him convincing her to run away and marry him knowing her family would forgive her and accept them both when they got back. And, of course, things going completely and horribly wrong...maybe her family not forgiving her and throwing her out and now them being stuck together through marriage.

I'm willing to play Scruple, so I'm looking for an OC female. The character would be 17-19 in age (younger than Scruple, but only by a year or so) and even though she would be naive enough to fall for him at first, that quickly goes away when things start to fall apart. Maybe instead of being naive she could be very rebellious towards her family and fall for him because he's the opposite of what her parents want for her.

PM me or post here with interest.