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Author Topic: Sin's Fancies(F for M)  (Read 733 times)

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Sin's Fancies(F for M)
« on: August 02, 2011, 02:48:05 PM »
      Thank you for stopping by to see what I'm craving. Here is a list of all my ideas so far. Be sure, they won't be my only ideas. I will keep adding as the cravings hit. Please, if anything here interests you, PM me. Do not post here. Thank you.

Too Close
For this idea, I see a young woman,engaged, looking forward to a quiet happy life. The male in this would be a close friend, relative, or something along these lines, that winds up either hosting them for a vacation, or staying with them. The male would see potential in her beyond  a normal vanilla relationship. This would be D/s, more mental than physical. There would be sex, but he would have to use her mind against her in this.

Her Need
The male character would be something like an antihero. The female would be a friend, someone that he cares for. She has found herself in a situation quickly growing out of control. Drugs, alcohol, even a relationship.. That can be discussed. He would take her, forcefully, and train her in a D/s style, to save her from herself. This I see with public scenes. She would act out in front of friends, in public places, and punishment would follow

Prison Bunny
Setting: From the outside, the Manning Penitentiary is an unforgiving place. Ran by a ruthless Warden and his equally tough guards. Looks can be deceiving.
 Truth is, the prison is now the home of a notorious crime lord. the Warden and over half his deputies are on his payroll, making this his prison.
     The male, after some time into his sentence, has gotten edgy. Business is fine, but prison isn't exactly a great place for personal lives. Knowing he needs a little something to help take the edge off, he gets the Warden to hire a female guard. He makes it clear he wants him to hire a girl for her looks, and nothing more. The warden goes through all the applicants, picking out only the women, then choosing the prettiest of the bunch. The choice would be my character.
   I don't see my character as being a dumb blonde, but actually rather intelligent.

My character is young, 17 or 18. I got a job at an overnight convenience store. I'm not supposed to be left alone in the store, because of being new, not to mention my age, but the guy scheduled to work with me decides to knock off early, telling me I can handle it alone since I know the ins and outs good enough. He gives a veiled threat about telling anyone about him leaving, and then vanishes.
 I settled in for a boring evening, since we hardly ever get many customers after midnight. Although, I have no idea that at the same time I'm kicking back with a magazine, your character is outside, planning on entering and swiping all the money in the place and maybe a few snacks, thinking it'll be easy since there's just one person in the place, and a frail looking little girl at that.
  You didn't plan on me fighting, foolishly, considering you have a weapon.

Almost Lover
They had been the couple most thought would marry after high school. All over each other. Always together if possible. No one had expected the horrible breakup that took place. No one even knew what caused it. No longer even talking to each other, and maybe one or both growing bitter over it.
    Lauren had moved away for college, telling people she needed to spread her wings. Everyone knew the truth was she couldn't stick around and deal with the rumors and such from the breakup.
    5 years later, she has made it through college, and is doing well for herself. A family issue forces her to return to her home town, though.
    The boy had never been lucky enough to leave, having been forced to stay and help with family. He had built a nice life for himself now, and has even managed to become well off. Not rich, but not uncomfortable.
  What will happen when the two once again meet up? Will there be renewed sparks, or pent up anger and bitterness exploding?

Even In Death
                                        ( Sci-Fiish, N/C, Romance)
    The girl would be 18, on her way to college. She would be a bright girl with a bright future, excited. What she didn't expect was to find herself with a ghost.
   The boy would be the same age. They had went to school together and been really close friends, until his family had moved away when they'd reached middle school. They had started out talking on the phone and writing to each other, but after a year, things stopped. She never wrote or was always busy when he called. He always swore though, when he turned 18 he would find her, never giving up the way he had felt for her, even when they were kids.
   Before he can make it, though, tragedy strikes. Even dead, his heart can't move on. He finds himself with the girl. He follows her, watching her every move.
   I didn't want to go on and on, so I'll leave the idea there. I still have more to this idea. If you are interested please pm me.
                                      (Teasing, Flirting and N/C)
   This would be a play basically formed around the movie Cinderella Story, but in a more adult setting. There was a benefit being thrown to raise money, and the committee had wanted something different so they went with a Masquerade theme.
   She works as an office assistant and had been moved up to work in one of the upper offices. Her boss bought extra tickets to the benefit to help raise the money, and since he had too many, he gave her one since she was such a hard worker. She almost didn't go because she was the more reclusive type, but finally gave in.
   The story would go on from that point, the male character being a rich type who goes to events just to be seen. This is different for him since everyone had to be masked, but he still goes. There, they would somehow meet up. The mask lowers her inhibitions and she finds herself flirting wildly and teasing this man. I have more to this idea. If you are interested pm me and I will tell you all of it.
  Beware, what goes on from there is N/C.

Captive's Captive

 Once a rich and spoiled heir, he is secretly sold into slavery by someone wanting him out of the way.
   Years later, having been sold several times  he winds up working for my character's father.
   With some luck, and the help of other slaves, he manages to stage a takeover of her father's home.
   Caught in the middle, and seen as a way to help him get back to where he belongs, she is taken as his less than happy captive.

This is a mild N/C with a possible setup for kidnapping.
 I would play a young girl, probably 19. She's in her first year of college, a wholesome good girl. More worried about studying and good grades, than she is about living the college dream.
     One night she is talked into going to a party, but while there something is slipped into her drink. The next morning she wakes up, back in her dorm, her door locked as if nothing happened. She isn't convinced though, because she feels different She puts it behind her and tried to get back into school, although she no longer finds it easy to concentrate like she did before, and she cringes anytime a guy gets too close to her. When she finally realizes she is pregnant, she drops out of school completely and takes a rundown apartment and a simple job, determined to just survive.
    I would like to find someone to play a male character. What I have in mind would be one of two, either the man who raped her, or a guy who knows who did it and feels bad. If it's the man who raped her, it could be a close friend of hers, someone who has watched her often. He comes back to maybe do it a second time and finds her in this condition. He decides to take responsibility for her and the child, and to " persuade" her to see it his way.
  It could also be a friend of the guy who did it. He brags to you about it, about how easy it was. You feel bad, but don't do anything, figuring what's done is done. A few months later you hear about how she just dropped out suddenly, and rumor is that she is now barely surviving. You decide to check it out for yourself and see what you can do. By then it's obvious she's pregnant, so you decide to step up and take matters into your own hands.
Brother's Blessing
The setting is modern with a twist. Women have the same rights as they do in this day and age, except for one exception. A married woman is fully in her husband's care. If a husband should die, he can either arrange for his wife to be released and once again be considered free, which is the way most men go, or the less used way, a husband can give his wife to another man of his choosing, and this man, if he accepts, is like her husband, and she must treat him as such.

  Weird, I know, but once it got in my head I couldn't shake it.

    Victoria, or Tory as everybody calls her, is only 25. She found the love of her life, and married young. Her husband was a well accomplished man, who also came from a well off family. Everything is perfect in her life, until her husband dies leaving her a widow.
   She is, of course heartbroken, but what she hears when his Will is read, leaves her cold. Her husband, instead of taking the traditional route, left his wife to his brother. She had always known men were given that right, but no one ever used it. It was practically unheard of. Her husband had explained that, at the time of his death, his brother was the only remaining male to carry on the family bloodline, and since his brother  didn't seem to be worried about finding a suitable woman, he wanted his wife offered to his brother to help secure the future of the bloodline.
   Tory had only met the brother a handful of times, but each time, he had left her feeling chilled and uncomfortable. The brother was the exact opposite of her warm, charming husband. He was dark and his eyes had always seemed to burn right through her. Her only hope now is if the brother turns the offer down.

To Take a Wife
                                        ( N/C with kidnapping and domestic training)

          He had been raised in a very secluded area. No neighbors for miles. He had all the modern comforts of the time, but his father hated being near people. He would only take them to town a handful of times a year, but it hadn't bothered him. His father had spent that time teaching his only son a woman's place. The boy had finally moved out and gotten his own place, just as secluded as his childhood home. After that, he set out to find himself a wife and take her without anyone being the wiser. Then would come the time to break her, and train her into a good wife.
    When it comes to this idea, I'm not looking for a Dom/Sub style play in the deepest sense. I'm looking more for a man who wants the perfect wife. She would have some freedom, and the punishments wouldn't be much more severe than spanking,whipping and such. It would be more like a sexual training and breaking.

Release Me
                                     (Possible NC, mind games, hints of extreme training)

  Set in a different world. It isn't a fantasy setting, mostly modern.
      She had been captured on the tail end of the war in her country. Her country had been small, easy to crush and take over. After being captured she had been sold in an auction, advertised as a member of a rebellion.
  Her new owner was an important government head. He was sadistic, methodical. The worst part had been her body learning to enjoy his sadistic twisting of her mind and body.
  Right before she completely broke, a once in a lifetime chance came, and she escaped him. He wouldn't give up, and a year later, he still searched, and paid dearly to have his pet returned.
    A trip to another country,where peace was a fragile thing between his country and theirs, he finds his pet. She had secured a place on the country's high council, and is now untouchable. He finds himself with his escaped pet as the chosen Ambassador to be his guide while he visited and attended treaty talks.
      I see this being a clash of minds, her mind and body still remembering his control, and fighting the urge to give in. Him realizing his pet is more stubborn than he had ever expected, and finding a thrill in bending her to his will without forcing her.

                                                    Random Cravings and Likes
            Some pairings I love but have no plots for, along with pictures I adore and would love to find stories for.
                                                                Vampires and/or Werewolves
                                                                Western Themes (Bad guys with guns, quirky girls with pitchforks ;D)
                                                                 War and Slavery
Organized Crime
These pictures make me think of coercian and major crime ties.                             

Random Goodies
I prefer darker scenes, like non consensual, for example, and these really speak to my dark side.

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Re: Sin's Fancies(F for M)
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