A Century Searching (Mystery and Genderswap) [NC-E] {Interest Check}

Started by Eliza, August 01, 2011, 10:27:20 PM

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A Century Searching is roughly inspired by the anime "Rin ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~."

Synopsis: Angel, though now known by numerous names, is an Immortal, a person who has the inability to die, even from mortal wounds. Though she cannot remember much about her past, she had assumed at one point in her past life, she was a male U.S. Army soldier who was crippled during a recent war, losing both of his legs. He was in a state of depression at the time of his demise and was looking for answers in a San Francisco church one late night. Unfortunately, the infamous 1906 earthquake shook the building at its foundations and the roof collapsed on top of him. Call it divine intervention, but Angel swears she was saved by an angel and was given a new body with the angel's likeness, hence the reason she names herself by her savior. In the present day, she runs a private investigation agency with a couple of other Immortals solving cases for the local citizens. Though, sometimes, more shadier figures seem to ask for Angel's help.

I will be playing as Angel, the main protagonist in this story. I will be needing a couple of supporting characters (at least 2) to be the other investigators of the Immortal private investigation agency. How they became Immortal and why would be up to you.

This story would unfold as episodes, ranging from at least 3 cases (one case for each investigator) per episode.

I will also be needing at least one minor character (the person asking for help from the Immortals) per episode. When an episode is finished, players can can and go as they please. For investigator, I prefer players who will commit to their roles for a lengthy period of time to accommodate the cases.

If you are interested or have any questions, please reply in this thread or PM me. This Interest Thread is also found in this Genderswap Thread due to the character of Angel being a male-to-female transformation.


I never watched the anime, but given the potential backgrounds for characters in this story, I'd be up for it.  Might be taking a bit of a Michael Westen approach to this...


hence when I said it's "roughly" inspired by the anime. It doesn't even follow the plot of it.


This seems like a very interesting concept and I would be willing to play one of the long roles, an immortal, though I do have some questions. I am assuming that this is a setting that will focus more upon the story that you have planned rather then just sex or things of that nature, just from the way your short description made it sound. With that how many episodes were you planning on running before the game reached its peak, or is your story open ended so that as long as there is interest the episodes will go on? When you say that there will be 3 cases one for each investigator per episode does that mean we will always be off on our own, or will there be sometimes cases that all of us have to work on? When we are not on a case, in that episode, is our down time just between us or can there be other people? What time period are you setting this in, I am assuming modern? Are immortals known to exist or is it something that we have to keep a secret? What are you wanting for posting rate? How much would our characters know about each other, do they know the others are immortal and can they sense it or did they tell them?

Sorry about all the questions, but the game got me interested so a lot came to my mind.


Yes, ratio-wise, it's going to be somewhat 80% story and 20% sex. I can say that due to Angel being Immortal and seen America and the way it changed in the 20th century, she may have some issues along the sex section (i.e. multiple "mortal" partners, her sudden disappearances from her partners).

I was planning to have it run at least six episodes, with each episode adding to the drama and to the dynamic between characters (with secrets being uncovered from their past, being Immortal). I probably want to see somewhat of an epilogue after the story is finished ... and The End after that.

I'm saying there will be probably a maximum of three cases per episode, but depending on the case, some with be finished in a few posts while others will take the whole length of the episode. The first episode I want to plan out will just be an introduction to the characters and what they do for a living. The next episodes will add a bit to their history and maybe something they are searching for, hence the name "A Century Searching." Each investigator should have something they are looking for besides wishing to be mortal again. That said, the episodes may take a supernatural atmosphere to it.

Thank you for mentioning downtime. I like the notion for a player to invite other players to play as cameo-esque guest characters (was that what you were talking about?) to probably flesh out the investigator's personalities and struggles. Though they are Immortal, they go through the same problems as mortals. Also, there is the freedom to add multiple NPCs in the mix.

I'm setting this in the present day, either 2011 or 2012.

Immortals tend to keep to themselves, but the trio of investigators is rare. I believe they should have something they are constantly searching for and that is the commonality between them besides being Immortal. I also believe there should be memories of the history between the investigators, like how did they meet, how did they know about being Immortal, stuff like that. In relations with mortals, Immortals I believe will have to keep it a secret in order not to get ridiculed, but there is the fact that they have to disappear and reappear in a different place due to their inability to age or get hurt.

For posting rate, I'd want it to be at least once a week. I would have to account for time zones and experience between players. Some could be more faster than others. I'd like to keep it balanced in the posting.

The investigators have a friendship between each other, more so than others depending on gender. Girls will tell more secrets to girls than guys, that sort of thing. They should know that everyone who works at the P.I. Agency is Immortal due to a past memory, such as witnessing someone heal a gunshot wound in a week, where it would normally take longer. There might be a certainty when one could sense it through observation or some other method or that the person can tell them, trusting the person he/she will keep it a secret.

Thanks for the questions, hope the details are sufficient. Still, this is just building interest among the forums. I don't expect someone to flesh out a character at once.