Seeking One Shot Stories (Female Seeking Male Characters)

Started by GnothiSeauton, August 01, 2011, 08:13:29 PM

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I figured I'd give this a shot since I'm bored out of my mind and would like to do a good erotic scene since it's been a while in the majority of my active stories.  Normally I look for longer term stories, but I definitely wouldn't turn down a one-shot just to pass the time and cure the boredom if only for a little bit.

Pairings (Bold meaning the ones I would like to play):
Housewife x Neighborhood Boy
Student x Teacher
Prostitute/High-End Call Girl x Client
Brother X Sister
Reality Show Contestant X Reality Show Contestant (i.e. Survivor, Big Brother, etc)
Boss X Secretary
Stranger at a Bar X Stranger at a Bar (looking for a little conversation before the whole romp in the bed)
Room/Dorm Mate X Room/Dorm Mate

Open to more if presented to me and sounds interesting.
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I'd be interested in a Housewife/Neighborhood Boy one-shot (or a Brother/Older Sister).

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And i would consider a "Pretty Woman" style Prostitute and customer game.