A few ideas for Extreme roleplay (Looking for F)

Started by Liam, July 31, 2011, 11:10:25 PM

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Ok, so I have a couple of ideas that I really want to do because. I'm eager to explore the Extreme parts of roleplay, so if there's anyone out there interested, please let me know.

You deserve it!
Chris had always been the kind of man that is popular among women due to his good looks and smooth talking. He was almost addicted to sex, so anytime he could, he would go out to meet new girls and have one night stands all over the city. One day, however, he meets a girl who falls in love with him and, after he uses her and never calls her again, she begins tracking him down to see why he didn't looked after her at all. Once she finally sees him again, she catches him in a bar with another woman making out. Furious, she decides to talk to one of her best friends, a woman that has a very sadistic side on her personality, and convinces her to seduce Chris to then give him the punishment he deserves for being such a bastard and playing with other people's feelings.
The next day, the girl's friend goes out and meets Chris, later seducing him and taking him home. Once they're at home, she drugs him and the next thing he knows, he's chained in a basement completely naked, in front of a very angry woman that is going to make him suffer for what he did.

So basically this will be NC/Extreme. You can use one character (the woman who would teach Chris a lesson) or two (the girl who fell in love of Chris too). What I want to see in this roleplay is Bondage, Humiliation, Dirty Talking, Sexual Torture (Specially kicking ballbusting) and many other things under the femdom category. (feel free to ask about anything).

Twisted tapes - TAKEN
There is a serial killer terrorizing the country. His victims are always tortured both physically and mentally. He likes to play games with them and record the sessions while wearing a suit and mask. The police found several tapes of his murders but never any clues of who that man was or where he lived. He also kidnapped a young girl years ago and made her his slave. She calls him master and plays the part of the assistant when he shoots the videos of his tortures. Her mind is so twisted that she actually enjoys helping her master kill the victims. The police are after the two of them but the only identity they know is the girl's. Still, they are nowhere to be found. What will happen to the next victims while the two continue to film more of their atrocities and send them to the police in tapes.

This will be another Extreme roleplay. I will play the part of the killer and also will describe the victim's reactions and everything that they do when the tortures take place. Also, I'm planning to have a couple of extra characters that won't be taking part of the action at first, like a detective going after the killer. You will play the role of the assistant to the killer, the young and wicked girl that enjoys serving her master and helping him punish the people they capture. (I want her to be brutal against the victims, sexual torture and raping specially, and then completely submissive with the main character... she should even worship him. Cock/Balls worship would be lovely)

Anyways, those are the two ideas I thought for Extreme roleplays. I really want to try something like this... if there's anyone interested, please answer here or PM me. I will also welcome any ideas for extreme roleplays, specially if they involve some sexual torture and/or abuse. Thank you very much for your time.