Freelance Detectives Needed [EX for gritty realism] (FF)

Started by GloomCookie, July 31, 2011, 04:48:45 PM

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The Anglican Corporate Multinational Enterprise (ACME) is currently seeking talented detectives from the private and public sectors to begin handling cases that have remained open.  The individuals wanted by ACME are to be considered extremely dangerous and extreme caution should be advised.

Carmen Sandiego
Carmen Sandiego is a wanted international thief and terrorist.  Responsible for numerous thefts of important cultural icons and priceless treasures, her organization has all but collapsed, but she still remains at large.  She is wanted alive, preferably unharmed, though agents are asked to use their discretion when dealing with this dangerous woman.

Reward: ₤1.500.00 alive
Harley Quinn
The infamous American psychiatrist turned terrorist, Harley Quinn has been floating around causing mischief in the wake of the Joker's capture.  While it is unclear if she is insane or merely an anarchist, her ability to cause chaos and destruction makes her a prime target for ACME.

₤1.000.000 alive
Jill the Ripper
Unlike the other cases in ACME's files, Jill the Ripper is a complete unknown.  Operating in and around London, her primary motivation seems to be to immolate Jack the Ripper, though her choice of targets is often men as well as women.  The clues are sketchy, but her murderous spree has made her a very worthwhile pursuit for ACME.

₤2.500.000 alive
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Now this sounds like a lot of fun! Consider me interested!