M/M One-on-One

Started by boywonder, October 18, 2007, 07:59:32 PM

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I'm looking for a solo game where I can play a (ostensibly) straight, boy-next-door type, high school senior who gets taken advantage of by another guy. My interest is primarily in having my character dominated and humiliated, but a sexual component is great too. Also I have a huge fetish for tights and other lycra gear so the inclusion of that would be a plus.

A couple of ideas I've been thinking of:

1) A high school wrestler finds himself failing a strenuous course he desperately needs to pass. His strict teacher has some unorthodox ideas on how he can earn some extra credit.

2) A young man in dire need of cash takes a job handing out fliers in a mascot costume. An older neighbor or a rich snob from school sees him and offers him a lot of money to do what he promises will be essentially the same job: modeling some humiliating costumes. As time goes, the sponsor makes more intense and explicit demands while offering more money, testing how far the young man is willing to go.

I'm open to other plots as well, but hopefully you get the picture.