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Author Topic: Davikk's desires (M seeking F)  (Read 5916 times)

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Davikk's desires (M seeking F)
« on: July 29, 2011, 05:46:18 PM »
Never done one of these before. 

A few things first.

•   Please don’t reply here. Send me a pm instead, so we can negotiate.

•   I am looking for females who play females (aside from an incidental NPC or two). I am not interested, at this time, in playing to males, sorry guys.

•   My characters will be dominant men and I’ll be looking to play to submissive females.  I expect there’ll be resistance (to one degree or another), but ultimately, I am looking for the submission, and the craving of being controlled from my rp partner. 

•   My tastes run in the direction of testing limits.  That means I am looking for things to escalate into the extreme.  Before we play, we’ll need to figure out limits (here’s a hint – I have almost none), and you can expect those boundaries to be pushed and pushed hard. So if there is anything you’re 100% not willing to do, best tell me first. 

•   Forum rp’s only.  I do not, ever (never, ever, seriously) play over IM.  IM is great for exchanging ideas and I would love to be able to do that, but I only play on the forum.  If you’re too shy, well, I am probably not the person to play with anyway.

•   In general, I prefer to play in the fantasy genre. It can be super fantastic or gritty and realistic, I can do either.  But I don’t, with a few exceptions, play in modern settings or sci fi settings.  So expect that there’ll be swords, and possibly dragons.

•   I don’t generally do canon games that are “in continuity” as it were. That is, I don’t play characters that someone else has created.  However, if, for instance, someone liked Game of Thrones and wanted to do a game like that, I’m willing to do something in a world like that, which is to say, something inspired by another work, but not directly taking characters from it.

•   I like pictures, and in general, I prefer photos over drawings.  So please, have some picture to represent your character.

•   What’s in your head is more interesting to me than what’s in your pants. So everything I do relies heavily on mindset and mindgames.  Yes, you’ll be screwed, but you’ll be mindfucked first. 

•   I do not expect you to be the world’s greatest writer, but if I can’t make heads or tails of your writing, I’m not likely to stay engaged.  Your posts should be well written and coherent.  I grade essays as part of my job, so I’ve already got my quota of poorly written and poorly thought out writing filled.

•   I cannot guarantee I’ll post every day. I will try, but the fact of the matter is, life sometimes gets in the way.  That’s how these things go.
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Re: Davikk's desires
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2011, 05:46:42 PM »
Okay, on to the ideas.  Note that there’s some definite overlap between ideas, so there’s definitely the opportunity to mix and match elements. Also, notice these are all set ups, so there’s plenty of room for the other player to add in her own desired details.   Which is to say, these are not stories, just the set up to a story. I would very much like to work out the actual story with anyone who wants to play.  Again, the male parts would be mine, and the female parts would be yours.

Strikethrough means taken.  (However, with a few of them, I could see different games that are variations on the theme).

Slave of the Apes (like Planet of the Apes, but dirty)

More fantasy than Sci Fi, despite the inspirations.  A human slave girl, taken by some Ape warlord.  She finds herself caught, not only in severe training (I imagine a human body must work to accommodate the desires of a much larger ape-being), but also thrust into politics.  There’s obviously a heavy sex element, but I’d also like to add some political intrigue.  The girl is caught up in Ape/Ape politics, Ape/human politics, etc.  Something vast and sweeping, while incorporating a whole lot of eroticism. 

Pic inspiration:  (branding is definitely happening, just as an FYI.)

Human Freeway (like Taken, but... ah, you get the point already)

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I find inspiration in one of my all time favorite movies, Eastern Promises. 

What happens to those “white slaves” who are trafficked but never rescued?  What is life like for a forced prostitute?  This will definitely run to the extreme, and could include drugs, as well as all manner of degrading acts.  Will the girl break? What will she do to please all of her demanding clients?  Another game with multiple characters played by me, perhaps with one or two recurring roles.   Could be modern I suppose, but could easily be adopted into fantasy settings. 

The Atrocity Exhibition

The Atrocity Exhibition is a carnival devoted to the grotesque arts.  The Exhibition is a permanent, public display of macabre performance art. Here, all manner of taboo activity, carried out by bold "artists" can be witnessed for a small fee. Whatever extreme behavior can be imagined has a home in the Atrocity Exhibition, so long as it provides the customers with the necessary shock.  You would play a performer, either seasoned or new.  Eventually, I would expect a larger plot to develop.  Perhaps the performer is involved in the politics of the city she is in.  I don’t know. Like I said, these are sketches.


Inspired by Georges Pichard’s Road to Repentance series:

The female character has been condemned to a life of slavery, and must be disciplined for her sinful, shameful ways.  Her cravings for this severe punishment are both encouraged and condemned.  The idea is very warped, but relies heavily on feelings of shame and a need for suffering as a result of “sins.”   A game very heavily towards the psychology of submission, shame and guilt.

A Slave’s Virtue

Something a bit more formal. A slave trained to be a high class courtesan/whore.  Something like The Story of O, where there are set rules, uniforms, etc.  Also with a hint of Gor influence, in terms of positions, silks, things of that nature.  But something very structured, with rules and a very strict code of behavior.   I see a lot of fetish clothing here.  Lots of corsets and heels, things of that nature. 

  The Sin Eater

Again playing with thoughts of guilt, etc.  A slave is trained to be a Sin Eater, that is, someone who absolves evil people of their actions, by taking their sins into herself, and then being tortured, so that the sinner is absolved by proxy. This would begin with the Sin Eater training, then involve interacting with various evil sorts, perhaps even being owned by some evil overlord for a time. She suffers for their acts.  But, at the end of each atonement, her body and health are restored, so that she can continue her activities. 

In too deep

A young prostitute, experienced, but not too experienced, finds herself in a tavern, looking for clients.  She eventually finds herself sitting in a darkened corner with a handsome, brooding nobleman.  The pair flirt lightly, and the whore offers her services for the night.  The nobleman warns her away, telling her that his tastes run to the extreme and that she doesn’t look capable of handling him.  She is certain she can take whatever he has to offer, as long as the price is right.  The nobleman agrees to pay.  And upstairs they go. What happens upstairs pushes the prostitute to her limits and beyond. She is tormented, physically and mentally, and truly put through her paces.  And yet, in the end, she finds herself unable to be anything but this dark man’s play thing. This man, who humiliates her, torments her and shows no regard for her well being becomes the center of her world. Craving him, eventually she becomes his whore.  And with the nobleman as her master, she is put through increasingly intense trials, servicing him, other clients under his watchful eyes, and made to suffer through increasingly severe degradations.

Can be read here:

Erotic Picaresque

A picaresque novel details the adventures of someone through various trials and tribulations.  Its more episodic in nature than having a single plot through line. So that’s what I have in mind, a series of adventures of an erotic nature as a woman is faced with various perils and scenarios.

I’m thinking of something along the lines of Kushiel series, where the main character had to go from point A to point B and generally got in all manner of naked trouble along the way.  Other examples would be something like Fanny Hill, or, The Troubles of Janice:

The female character would be the constant, while I’d play various NPC’s.  There would be one off and recurring characters, and perhaps one male who keeps appearing in the story, but again, the game would focus on various adventures rather than one set story. 

Can be read here:

The Demon’s Toy

A young priestess is being prepared to be the mother of a demon’s offspring.  Of course, she must first be prepared.  And her “preparation” involves all manner of erotic torment, so that she will be properly tainted for the gift of the demon’s seed.  Eventually impregnated, she must now also surrender to more erotic torment, as her demon child feeds on her suffering. 

Can be read here:

Take me Back

A former sex slave has escaped her masters, only to discover that she can no longer function in normal society.  Her reactions do not fit the situation (she will offer sex to anyone who is kind to her, she will masturbate when nervous, etc).  Like a prisoner who has been institutionalized, she is now thoroughly a slave.  And so begins an adventure to find the right master. 

Can be read here:

What price, peace?

In order to prevent an invasion from a neighboring warlord, a weak baron must give over his daughter to the warlord?  She is free to leave at any time, but the moment she does, the war will begin.  The warlord is demanding and merciless.  How much can one person endure, even knowing her sacrifices will keep innocents safe?

Can be read here:


And here!:

The Prisoner’s Pet (like Silence of the Lambs, but dirty) 

Okay, so remember Clarice and Hannibal?  How Clarice had to interview Hannibal?  Well, there’s a similar dynamic.  Except the “Clarice” (that wouldn’t be her name, this is just an inspired by thing), is interviewing a very dangerous sex offender. A man so twisted, he’s spent the last 5 years in a prison dedicated only to housing him.  He’ll help her find the serial killer she’s looking for, but for a price. And that price?  Each time she visits, she must engage in another humiliating act.  He demands from her the pleasures he’s been denied while being locked away.  Slowly, over time, she falls under his hypnotic spell.  After awhile, she comes to crave visiting him. Not for his help, but because she needs his control.  Eventually, she’ll come to want him free...

Can be read here:

That’s what I have for now.  We’ll see if other ideas come to me. 

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Re: Davikk's desires (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2011, 01:53:49 AM »
Added five new ideas.  They're at the top of the ideas list.