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Author Topic: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)  (Read 18751 times)

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The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« on: October 16, 2007, 11:07:14 AM »
The Sorceress Sonja is an often times tempermental woman who has seen twenty and five winters. Not many could describe her, not many have seen her in person, but those who could would tell you that her physical appearance was rather dimunitive. If one did not know of her prowess in combat, using the natural abilities inherited from her own mother and her mother's mother, then one could easily assume that she was some shepards daugther.

Her hair, often twisted and tied intricately in the back of her head, was a black color, streaked with lighter strands giving her an oddly wizened appearance. Coal eyes set beneath a slightly sloped brow pierce when she is angry, but softening when she is not. A proud nose juts over her almost too-wide lips, with a strong jawline that looked as if it should have belonged to a man.

Her preferred garb is one that does belong to a man, fitted leather jerkin, over form fitted trousers to keep her motions clear. Though the rare times she ventures into villages she does dress more traditionally for a woman.

Though Sonja is rather young in years, through sound tactics she is the leader of the Rebellion against the Monarch and his rule. His taxes, his treatment of his subjects, and not to mention his children's actions forced the small group of rebels to action. Skirmishes occur, and though they do not have the manpower to rise up against the King's armies, they slowly undermine his rule. Like dogs nipping at the heels of a stranger.

For this reason, Sonja keeps out of sight, tries to keep a low profile. With the King ailing, their best opportunity to strike a decisive blow will happen during the chaotic period between the King's rule and the coronation of the Prince. She is currently holed up in a cave outside of Mervitch, a small sheparding village not too far from the Capitol, right under the king and his heir's nose.

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2007, 06:24:26 AM »

Servants scattered, the hall ways of the castle, the previous moment, bustling with the usual morning routine fell silent, deathly silent, almost as though the very stone it had been built with, also held it's breath.  
Borghast, sole heir to the Kingdom was angry and he wanted everyone to know it.

Tearing open the doors to his chamber he bellowed, his voice echoing as it bounced from wall to wall.
Slamming the door behind him, headless of the fact that the shock had knocked his shield from the wall, Borghast turned his attention back on his most trusted assasin.
Striding towards him, his heavy robe sweaping behind him, his hight allowing him to loom over the shorter man, he looked down on him in disgust.

Though his redenned face and glint in his eyes, told the other man otherwise, Borghast's voice had become calm and measured.
".....Why is the old bastard still alive....Did I not tell you to deal with this by last evening?"

Of course, the 'old bastard' Borghast spoke of was his father.
The King had taken to his sick bed several months earlier, but he had refused to die, almost as if it were his last act to spite his son.
It had always been like this...
From the moment Borghast was born, he and his father had never become as they should.
The King had seen him as an immediate threat, he chose at best to ignore him, at worst to beat him and belittle him at every oppertunity, cementing a bitter and often heated jealousy between them that could never be turned back from.
They had vied for the attentions of both a mother and a wife, they faught over her, until the day she took a fever and died.  
The King had remarried, which furthered the acrimony, choosing a young woman, that Borghast himself had set his mind to, she had died in child birth.
The child, had survived for a few months, before it too died, in a tragic 'accident', the King may have userped the son in his choice of women, but no-one was going to prevent the son from inheritting his throne.

The loudness of his voice made the man, in front of Borghast, flinch.
Without waiting for a reply, the Prince raised his hand and swiped the assassin across the face, with the back of his hand, so hard that it sent him sprawling onto the hard bare wood floor.
"Don't bother answering...."
Rubbing his hand, to relieve the satisfying sting within it, he adjusted the ring on his finger. Smiling with satisfaction, he wiped off the blood from the large emerald, as he walked towards the window, to look out over what was soon to be his land.
"Someone had better give me some good news this morning, I hate to start my day like this, it makes"


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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2007, 07:09:58 AM »
In the cave, not a very hospitable place but not too uncomfortable either, Sonja rolls the tiny parchment she had been hectically writing on tightly. Drawing from the inner pool, the cool lake of magic that has always resided and been accessable to her within herself, the Sorceress mutters "Mit dem Strom the council." commanding the parchment to float the currents to give word of the next strike being planned.

Standing she moves from one aclove to another, the leather of her clothing creaking somewhat with the forcefullness that she walks with. In the other a group of people, mostly men but a few women as well, gathered around a simply made table. They were arguing where the next route of supplies to the Capitol would come from.

"I am telling you, this pass through the mountains is the easiest most direct route, they will stick to that route." one person piped up, his finger poking the paper harshly to make his point.

"No, we have already disrupted too many caravans on that route, they will go around the mountains. It will take longer, but if your caravans are being attacked you do not simply continue throwing them to the wolves." A woman countered, she might have been pretty once but one side of her face is now twisted from a fire.

Sonja stepped forward, the arguing continued but they parted easily so that she could look at the maps. Running her finger around the flat surface she listens for a moment to the arguments. "Forget the route. we will need our meager forces for a much worthier prize then the comforts that the royal pigs order." at the surprised look at the group, raised eyebrows and a few murmurings. "We are going to take the head of Prince Borghast.."

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2007, 05:05:56 PM »
"Oh....she IS is she?"
Borghast sat forward in his chair, one elbow resting on his knee to allow him to prop his chin in the palm of his hand, while the other idly stroked one of his hunting dogs.
Staring into the fire in front of him, he never looked directly at the shrouded figure at his side, instead he listened to it's quiet voice and took note of every word.

The day had indeed improved.
The Prince had 'persuaded' the Royal Physicion, that the herbal drink, he had himself acquired, at great personal expence, would be most efficacious for his dear ailing father.

The tax collecters had brought an extra healthy chest of coin with them and several new 'serving girls', which were being scrubbed and prepared for his bed at that very moment.

And now this little nugget seemed to be just the news he needed....
The robed figure continued to speak, Borghast only nodding now and then, his gaze still fixed upon the flames, to show that he understood, waiting patiently before speaking.

"And what of the Mage...they have prepared our 'little' trap?"
Borghast's smile widened as he heard the answer.

Standing up, her turned from the fire, warming his hands behind his back.
"Perfect! Then I will notify the huntsmen that I wish to hunt in two days time....."

Grinning he brought his hands back round so that he could rub them together.
"I wasn't intending to be the baite, but why in Hel's name not.....It will be fun being back in the thick of it again..."

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2007, 05:24:26 PM »
Immediately after her words sank in, the group began to murmur, some shouted in agreement but most were cautiously pessimistic. The man who had insisted that they would keep harrassing the same routes that they had been turned with an almost placating smile.

"Sonja, how do you expect to accomplish this? The Capitol is heavily guarded, they have the royal Mages protecting their gates. With the King ailing-" He did not have a chance to finish, for the Sorceress whirls with almost manic speed a great smile splitting her lips.

"Yes..that is the thing. The King is ailing, so there are no plans to march and wage war with our neighbors. The army has been dismissed to their family, though yes there are too many guards at the Capitol." Pacing carefully, Sonja places her hands at her hips, a gesture she picked up from her late father the previous leader of the rebellion.

Some may think that Sonja, being his daughter, fell into leadership easily. However, one has to earn thier place in such a dangerous outfit, and Sonja more then most as her father was a loving but harsh taskmaster.

"We have eyes and ears inside the palace. If what this person says is true, Prince Borghast must be itching for some excitement. We simply wait for his move. Our spy will tell us, and then we strike. It will take time for them to reconvene their army, and in that time we scatter..hide. With the King Ailing and Borghast dead the royal line is gone." Turning her smile bright, but her eyes hard as the obsidian that they resemble glinted dangerously. "Before they were always on the ready, always looking for a new prize to claim. Even they can not keep a standing army feed, sated, and happy with nothing to do. This is our one clear shot."

Skeptical, the others in the group shook their heads, but after being assured that the Council has been alerted of her plans they reluctantly agree before leaving. All except the scar-faced woman, who moved to Sonja with a comforting hand upon her shoulder.

"It won't be long Eva."


That night Sonja recieved a hurried missive, via the craft that the one in the palace is gifted with. Magic is not as some thinks, its divided into categories if you will. Spells and potions are Sonja's gift, she has command of the unnatural world via memorization of ritualistic words. The one in the palace has the meager gift of telepathy, though they must be careful so that the palace Mages do not detect them.

Murmuring to herself, unable to send back a message lacking the same gift, as she snuggles beneath the furs that warm her. "So the Prince is hunting in two days..." Sonja sleeps, a smile lifting her lips.

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #5 on: October 18, 2007, 05:35:11 AM »
For the next two days, the castle's routine played out as normal, though under it all, in the most secret areas, only used by a very few, it was a different matter.
The hive of activity hummed in the background, all making ready for Borghast to be able to carry out his plan.
His armies may have been repleated and returned the their homes, but he still had enough strength and power around him to cause mayhem, even his 'huntsmen' were not what they seemed, they hunted many more things that deer and wild boar.
But Borghast was no fool....he used every tool he could to further his goals, nothing was beyond him, no treachury to small, no amount of politics too long winded and though he hated it and loathed it's users, no magic left untapped.

To all, it just seemed that Borghast was his usual self, he kept close council.
Many only knew he was there, when he lost his temper and bellowed loud enough to send the whole place into an uneasy silence, but in reality, he and tohers were preoccupied with other matters.

The day of the hunt dawned bright and crisp.
Borghast was in a fine mood, which to some was far more dangerous and unsettling than hearing him curse and shout.

Everything was going to plan.
His dear Father had taken a turn for the worse, reports from his chambers said he only had days to live now, if even that.
Of course the Prince was woefully sad and had spent a time in the chapel, preying for the King's recovery and taking the priests 'advice' that he should continue with his plans for the hunt.
After all, it would do his Father no good at all to have his one and only surviving son, just idling and becoming morose, would it?


In his chambers, at dawn, Borghast was busily being dressed by his squire.
Though he was going to be baite for this trap, he wasn't stupid and had decided to wear armour. Though he'd kept it simple and well hidden, he wore a chain hauberk and arming jacket under his fine leather tunic and had several talismans hung from a silver chain around his neck.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the shadows moving in the corner of the room. The Prince gruffly dismissed his squire and the others in the room, not speaking until all had left.
"So.....all is ready?"

The shadows formed into the dark robed figure as it stepped out from it's hiding place and moved to stand next to Borghast.
The Prince grimaced at it's proximity, he hated being so close, hated having to deal with it and it's kind, but a tool was a tool.
Again Borghast nodded, as though to himself.
"Good.....So with 'their' power to draw on, there is only you who needs to be in the open...good...less to worry about."

A small cold smile curled his lips.
"You stop her and I'll do the rest....then you may 'enjoy' whoever is still alive...."

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #6 on: October 18, 2007, 07:14:39 AM »
The two days until the Prince's hunt was spent in wild preparation. The good thing about rebels is that they are fighting not for gold or reward, but for ideas and what they believe in. This means that they are more then willing to be at the ready for a moment's call no matter what they were doing, or what it calls for.

The group was taking no chances, Sonja spent much of the first day using words of magic to help repair their armor and weaponry. This used her supply, and drained her somewhat, but it was a necassary evil as they had no money to pay for new gear. Last minute planning was discussed, sometimes the tensions caused a squabble but for the most part things soothed themselves out.

Sonja herself spent the last half of the day sitting alone, meditating, re-memorizing spells. She did not want to be in the midst of the battle and suddenly misword a spell, or forget one. Eva stayed with her, making sure she remembered to eat her dinner and to not stay up too late.


The day of the hunt dawned bright and clear, and Sonja was awake to greet it. Though the day was clear, and all the plans were laid out she still felt uneasy. She could not quite place a finger on it, perhaps it was simply because she had not heard a word from her palace eyes since that last information about the hunt.

In due time Sonja strapped on her leather jerkin, sinching the straps tightly and tying them down. Against advice she never wore armor, depending on her own words to keep her safe while there were others who needed armor and had no safety in words. Her leather pants, a mans clothing design however she had them made to fit her. It allowed freedom of movement, and while she is not a trained fighter she does like the ability to run when needed. Soft leather boots finish up the ensemble.

Her black color streaked hair is once more brushed, then pulled and twisted into a braid before pinned close to her head. Finally she was ready.

She and the other members of the party started making their way to the Prince's favored hunting grounds. Each one was scared, each one was silent, and each one willingly put their life in Sonja's hands.

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #7 on: October 18, 2007, 07:29:36 AM »
The courtyard, filled with the clattering of hooves and barking of dogs, waited impatiently for Borghast's arrival, as befitting of his rank, he was always last to arrive and made damned sure to use it at every oppertunity.
Either in a social setting or with an army waiting to go into battle, it always gave him the edge, reminded everyone who was in charge, kept them on their toes.

His horse, a huge black beast of a stallion, chomped at it's bit, shaking it's head and pawing the ground, eagre to be off.
It made the other horses jittery, their ears twitching, they side stepped and snorted, their riders having to work to keep them in check as they in turn churned up the dogs at their heals.

Borghast arrived, standing at the top of the stone steps of the central keep, dressing in his usual black and heavy wolf fur collared cloak.
Pausing for a moment, looking stenly around at his most trusted of his huntsmen, five in all, before breaking into a grin.

"It's a good day for the hunt my friends"
He almost skipped down the stairs, pulling his gauntlets on as he moved to his horse.
"Let's make the most of it, I want wild boar and venison for the larder and plenty of it...."

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #8 on: October 18, 2007, 07:58:14 AM »
Positioned away from the keep, not wishing to give the Prince a place he could run and hole up, the rebels quickly fell into tactical formation. Sonja finds a sturdy tree, and easily swings herself onto the lowest branch, away from any of the fighting on the ground but near enough to where her own special brand of 'missiles' would be unlikely to miss.

Speaking softly, she quickly re-iterates the plan of attack. "Jacov, you and yours move south, we will close them in a vise. Kill who you have to, but the important person is the Prince. Eva, you and yours go one moves until his party has moved far enough from the keep that we can box them in. I have not heard from our friend, so I do not know how many will be with him today."

Once more then same man who had tried to change her mind yesterday speaks up "Sonja, something does not feel right.." Yet he is silenced by her cold hard stare.

"Schieldenergie" the warm gush as the magic spreads from her body, a shimmering occured as the small area around herself molded itself into a small but powerful energy-shield. "Go...Gods be with you." The traditional words spoken, and the rebels fall into place..waiting.

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #9 on: October 18, 2007, 08:23:26 AM »
The mood was light as the group of hunters left the castle grounds and headed over the killing fields towards Borghast's favourite hunting ground, at least on the surface.
Each man had been especially picked, a master with blade and dagger, crossbow and spear, all had been briefed all knew what to do.
The dogs, set loose on order, stretched their legs and flushed out anything they could find in the long grass, a pheasant, a hare, all chased as the dogs got rid of their excess energy so that they could hunt in a more sedate manner.
The men bantered amongst themselves, including Borghast in their biting jibes, for he was amongst friends, his most trusted and the only ones who could get away with such remarks.
Only the pack horse, as yet unladen, seemed unusually ill at ease.
Brought along to carry any game they killed, it skitted and behaved as though it already carried something, something it wasn't happy about having on it's back, though nothing could be seen there in the bright early morning sun.

As they entered the woodlands, at fist not so thick, the mood changed.
Still light, but quieter, the dogs called to heal, the men naturally hushed as they began to move more cautiously.
Today there was more at stake than scaring off a stag or pig..... 

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #10 on: October 18, 2007, 08:35:06 AM »
Sonja spots the group, her coal eyes narrowing as they spied the Prince. In battle it is not good to let one's hatred lead one's actions, and Sonja knows this yet she has trouble containing herself. From her tree-branch, she takes in the scene, the Prince, five other men. Only five? Her own men and women were crudely trained, having to train in secrecy and pretty much fighting with inferior equipment, yet they had numbers on their side. She could only hope it would be enough.

The waiting was the worst, seeing their opponent without being able to do anything until the signal, many of the younger members of the rebellion shifted and almost seemed to chafe under their forced stillness. Yet the older members, those who were lucky enough to survive and not be caught, knew that a premature call to action could swing the battle against them.

Finally the whole 'hunting' party cleared the edge of the wooded area, a point that Sonja figured it would be difficult if impossible to for anyone to turn and run back. A shrill whistle is given, loud and echoing against the trees, from the lips of Sonja does the call to action sound.

"Feuerball!" Sonja commands, feeling the comforting flow of power thread from herself. In her upraised hand a large globe begins to form, quickly though to her it seemed to take aeons. It burned and writhed, yet did not scorch her own palm. With a mighty toss, the Fireball was thrown, not directly at the Prince, but at the legs of the horses..hoping to scare their mounts to put them off guard even further.

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #11 on: October 18, 2007, 08:58:12 AM »
Had Sonja not been so intent on her plan working and so enwrapped in the weaving of her spells, she may have realised that something about the hunting party, other than numbers, was wrong.
The horses, even the pack animal were far too heavy for hunting, they were the huge beasts bread for war.

Already prepared, the men, almost as one, began to move, head down and low on their horses, they were ready even before the ball of flame burst in front of them. Their horses reared and flailed their front legs, dancing away from the flames, as they had been trained to do and as they had done so many times on the battle field, yet keeping themselves steady enough so as not to dismount their riders.
The pack horse veered off, as the others turned as though to make an escape, forming a shield around Borghast.

The dogs had scattered, but were soon reforming into a pack, now more wolf like in their attitude, lead by the Princes most favoured, they fanned out, snarling and growling beginning to search for their attackers. 

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #12 on: October 18, 2007, 09:05:47 AM »
Too late does Sonja realize that something was awry, the fact that the horses did not shie and buck as normal horses would called her attention. A thankful pray is raised that she is on a stout limb as she eyes the pack of dogs, but that is pushed aside as she begins searching her mind. The pack horse that seems to be empty catches her eyes but is soon dismissed as she begins a long chant, the whites of her obsidian eyes faintly glowing as the power invades her, preparing to be unleashed.

The other rebels rush towards the group, some are experianced hands at the sword, but woefully too many are young and undertrained. Jacov's group run from the south, their swords waving, and Eva's come from the east, she herself using a bow to fire off arrows that largely miss but a few seem to fly true.

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #13 on: October 18, 2007, 09:25:43 AM »
The men pull to a halt as they hear the charge and circle to face their enemies. Stomping the ground the horses whinny a battle cry of their own, furiously shaking their heads and stomping their feet, trying to contain themselves and wait to be told to charge.

Borghast, seeing a tell tale movement ducked.
It was close, he could feel the woman's arrow as it shot past him and into the chest of man just behind him.
The volition of the projectile, shot at short distance, knocked him back and off his horse, but these men were chosen for a reason and he had hardly touched to ground before he was up and on his feet, broadsword drawn.

Jacov's group is the first to feel the sharp teeth of the dogs, they meet them head on, the dogs, snarling and snapping launch themselves at the men and women in the group. There is no discrimination here, a throat is a throat and the wolf hounds make straight for them.

His own sword drawn Borghast grinned, a cold glint in his eye. He spared a moment to look away from those almost upon them and towards the place where the fire ball had come from.
There she was...his prize....he yelled out and the men charged at the ragtag of an army in front of them.
Letting them in front of him, he wheeled his horse around and headed back towards the tree.
It was time .....

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #14 on: October 18, 2007, 09:57:51 AM »
Sonja found herself playing defense more then offense, not something she had prepared for. This was not working out the way she had planned it, it was almost as if they had come prepared. The possibiltiy that Borghast had prior knowledge of this filled her with chill, could there be a spy for the King in their little group?

Shuddering, Sonja forces her mind to the task at hand. Jacov's group was being mauled, Sonja sent a few more fire balls toward the dogs, trying to singe fur, burn ears and muzzles. The power as she pulls from herself slowly tires her, she will not be able to keep this up indefinately.

All the careful planning lay in shambles, and Sonja watched as Eva's group managed to reach the foray.

"Aufhellung Sturm, kom mit Hier!" Drawing a dangerous amount of power from the well that was depleting faster then replenishing, Sonja cast a last ditch spell. Calling for a Lightening storm, the slow roiling of clouds gather over the forest, turning day to night. Thunder clashes, as the spell slowly, so slowly builds to fruitation. It was almost finished casting, if she completes it, it will surely strike any on the ground..some of her own troops might take hits as well but surely Prince Borghast's luck will run dry this day.

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #15 on: October 18, 2007, 10:26:35 AM »
It had waited as was the plan, hiding itself in the sunlight, it only became visible in the dappled shadows of the forest and even then only when the shadows touched it's form.
When the attack began, it had kicked it's steed into action, the pack horse who had so readily had it's reigns dropped so that it could run free and had headed it into the woods behind where Sonja had hidden.

It could feel her power draining, using it's own powers it helped it along, so subtly that she could not have noticed in these circumstances, savouring the flavour of her power, relishing the fact that it would have more.

Eva's band had braced themselves for the charge, only three men, but on such huge beasts it was still an intimidating sight, but the clash never came.
At the very last moment, the horses veered off and charges out of the woods and into the large meadows beyond.
A sharp whistle, from the swordsman on the ground, called off the dogs.
As he hit the ground, covering his head with his arms, the dogs, some still smoking and injured, from the fire bolt that had hit them, tore out and after the horsemen.

All this happened in moments and as the storm clouds gathered in the sky, Borghast himself, had charged past the tree she was in and past the creature he only felt was there, so that he could pull it up sharply and turn, standing in safety.

As Sonja's power drained from her and into the spell, 'it' raised it's shrouded arms, the darkening sky beginning to show an outline of the robed figure.
Waiting until she could not pull back, it pulled all the strength of her magic back towards her, forcing her to take the brunt of her own power.
It paused, seeming to enjoy the fact that it could manipulate so much energy, before letting it go.
There was, for a split second a pause, almost as though the very earth had held it's breath, then like a tidal wave, the energy exploded outwords, sending a shock, so violent that shook the ground, trees collapsed, those still standing lost their leaves, plants and bushes uprooted.
Even out of it's blast, the Prince faught hard to keep his mount from falling, shifting his balance to help it remain steady and in the fraction of a second that it took to complete, nothing and no-one remained standing in it's wake.....

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #16 on: October 18, 2007, 10:39:41 AM »
Lost in her spellmaking, the moment she was most vulnerable as she could not risk even the slightest mistaken syllable or vowel to be able to watch or even take any of her concentration off the task at hand. Something seemed wrong, her power supply seeming to run dry faster then its normal wont, however she has already committed herself and she must release the power.

Suddenly, as the spell neared completion, Sonja feels a mental yank as the power she had been pouring into the clouds above seemed to flow backwards. It filled her body unnaturally, not directed back into the pool where it should be but along her nerve endings, feeling as if thousands of bees were stinging. The stinging grew into lashing pain and a scream is tore from her throat as her own power threatened to burst through her.

Then came the tidal wave of energy, her shield she had put up did nothing more then keep her body parts arranged where they were suppose to be. Flung from the branch by the rolling shock waves, Sonja landed in a heap, the jolt from the ground echoing the jolt from the wave of pure energy. Blearily she fights the darkness that creeps upon her vision, yet steadily does the darkness grow until all is black and she knows nothing more. Unconcious the sorceress lays sprawled upon the ground, her breathing steady but her features pale and there were scorch marks that dot her leather clothing from her own power.

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
« Reply #17 on: October 18, 2007, 11:10:42 AM »
His horse, twitching and snorting finally stood still, he slipped off it's back and walked forward, slapping it, with affection, on the neck as he walked forward.
"Well.....That certainly did it...."
The robed figure turned towards his voice as he spoke.
"Remember the agreement..."

Borghast looked past the prone female figure, laying in a crumpled heap at their feet, viewing the area that once had been a lush green woodland and the still unconcious figures.
"I take the girl, you can have the with them as you wish, but none are to remain alive when you have finished."

The robed figure nodded and turned away as the Prince knelt down beside Sonja. He turned her over so that she lay on her back and smiled, stroking her face gently with the back of his hand.
"Oh....I have such plans for you my pretty and a gift too..."
He reached into his tunic and pulled out a silver collar, it snapped onto her neck with a satisfying click.
Leaning back, Borghast averted his eyes as, eminating from the collar, a blinding light filled the area for a split second and then was gone.
Looking back he stroked her cheek once more.
"A spell of binding my pretty, I am sure you will learn to live without your powers..."

The sound of hooves made him look up.
Two of the men had arrived, the other in the background helping their prone companion to his feet and onto his horse.
Sliding his hands under Sonja's body, he lifted her and held her up for one of them to take.
"Take her to the castle, place her under guard, in the adjoining chamber to my own and make sure she is tended to....I'll be back later..."

He grinned at the other.
"Come on, I feel like a drink at the tavern, I believe they have some new girls for us to enjoy...."

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Re: The Sweetest Revenge. (Elvi and Sherona)
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In unnatural sleep, Sonja's features soften almost as the cares of her life slip from them. Her hair is still somewhat twisted into a braid though many strands pull free to fray the ends and the pins holding the braids tight to her head have worked loose. Turned over by the Prince, she does not stir as he strokes her cheek nor when he speaks. Instead she lays limp almost like the dead.

The soft snick as the collar is locked into place, the blinding light, signals something deep within her body and her chest heaves ones, her back arching violently. Her body reacting naturally to the sudden ceasation of the flow of power through its limbs and very blood.

Then she is limp once more, her arms and legs dangling as he lifts and hands her body to the man.

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While Borghast and his companion ambled their way towards the village, the rest of the party returned to the castle with their prize.
As the Prince had insructed, Sonja was taken to the chamber next to his own rooms.
It had but one door, leading from Borghast's and no window, the only light, the glow of candles and was meagerly furnished, a bed, chair and small table, nothing more, nothing less.

The unconcious Sonja was placed upon the bed, a large four poster, thick tapestry curtains for warmth and then left for the trusted women of the household to see to.
Undressed and bathed, they tended to her wounds, mostly scrapes and bruises from her fall, with the odd small burn from her magics, then dressed in a plain linnen shift before being covered with blankets to keep her warm.

The Royal Physicion attended her some short time later, bleading her with leeches, lest her fall cause a palsy, then left her, declaring to all that she would be well once she had woken.

With a maid servant sat on the chair next to her and guards posted outside, it was simply now a matter of time.....

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Slowly, bit by bit, Sonja returned to the land of conciousness. Even before she opened her eyes, she knew something was wrong. She felt disconnected, weak and alone. Her eyes fly open, as she realized she is cut off from the familiar warmth of power that normally flows so easily through her veins.

At the same instant that she is aware of this horrible truth, she also becomes aware of the softness beneath her, and the muted candle lit room. Throwing off the covers, and realizing someone had undressed her anger and fear mixed creating an explosive combination. It is probably a good thing for the poor handmaiden left by her bed that her power had been cut off from herself, for she fairly leaped from the bed.

Spying the woman in the chair, obsidian eyes fairly sparking in her outrage the Sorceress almost forgot that she was cut off, her lips automatically forming the ritualistic words. "What did you do to me? I demand my clothes back, and you undo whatever it is that you have done!" She knows, in some part of her mind that she is in no position to demand anything. She had fallen before the Prince, and unless he had simply assumed she was dead and somehow some citizen had found her, she was in his control.

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The girl had been in a world of her own, she had sat there for almost three hours now. The only way to mark the time was to watch the candles burn and as she could niether read nor write, it was the only thing that she could do.
With an almost mouse like squeek, she leapt up as Sonja did, just managing to stop herself from falling as the chair overturned and clattered onto the bare wooden floor behind her.
Gulping, she looked wide eyed at the woman in front of her.
"I....I....I haven't done anything M'Lady and I don't even know what your clothes look like to get them...." 

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Though Sonja tried hard to squash the panic that begins to well inside the longer she is unable to connect to her magic, she could not quite do so. Being assualted when one wakes up with unfamiliar surroundings, changed somehow on a fundamental level, and right after a defeat at the hands of one's enemy it is not surprising that Sonja just now feels the cold weight at her neck.

Coal eyes widen, then narrow on the serving girl as her fingers rise to trace the edges of the collar. Her fingers walk themselves around the smooth circle, feeling any ridges or decor that might have been there but looking for a way to unclasp it. It is now that she begins to feel the slight soreness from her scrapes and bruises but again no where near real pain.

Trying to take a calming breath, she turns away from the serving girl and casts her gaze about the room. "Of course you wouldn't know..Where am I?" she demands, not trying to be mean really just not having the patience in this state, and in her current situation, to be kind as she starts to systematically walk the room. She is not sure what she is looking for the sparsly furnitured room, but anything out of the ordinary would have caught her eye.

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The young woman flinched at Sonja's tone of voice.
"You're in the Castle M'Lady..."

In reality she didn't even know who she was, let alone why she was here, her assumption that she was Borghast's 'guest'.
As Sonja began to look around, the girl quickly straightened the overturned chair and watched for a moment, not sure what to do or say, then she remembered.
"His Majesty the King said that you were to have everything you needed....I...Do you....Should I get you some food or a drink of ....something....?"

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Almost as if she suddenly run out of steam, Sonja makes her way back to the large bed and sits abruptly on the side. One hand still fingering the seemingly seamless collar, the other rubbing her temples as if she suddenly had a headache.

"Don't give me that crap...I know the King is in no condition to give orders.." Her words are resigned, the tones of her voice flat as her mind seemed to spin. "Yes..I want decent clothing..I demand to speak to someone who actually knows something."