Its been awhile. Gargoyles anyone? (F seeking M)

Started by Calie, July 27, 2011, 10:21:50 AM

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(I find myself completely inspired by this picture (Thank you, Epic.) I loved the show and would love to do a bit themed game based on this picture, but not the show itself.)

What do I mean by that? I mean that I do not want Goliath and Elisa, I want new characters and a new plot line. So, here we go...

Setting: New Orleans
Character: Erin Stein
Age: 27
Appearance: Tall and lean. Long black hair and bright green eyes. Erin is a photo journalist for one of the top rated newspapers in the city of New Orleans, especially loved in the French Quarter. She can be described as her own woman. She is successful and she knows what she wants out of her life.

Bit of the Plot: In my head this is how I see it going down; A cathedral in the older parts of New Orleans is about to be torn down. It is a throw back to medieval times and has been deemed an eyesore by the locals. They want the thing torn to the ground, ugly gargoyles and all. Little do most people know the building has a history. It was built by a -mysterious- man who had the gargoyles that topped the cathedral flown in from a -mysterious- location. (Obviously, that part of the storyline will be up to you, my prospective partner.) Erin has a soft spot for this old place as this is where her grandparents took her to mass when she was a young child. So she does all she can to save it, which is writing an article about it and getting that one amazing shot to go with it. The largest gargoyle, with the sun setting over the horizon just behind it. However, when she goes up to take the shot and the sun goes down... *smiles wide*

What do I want: I want a partner who can write with me and work with me on this story. Obviously, I do not have this all figured out in my head. I know that I want there to be romance. I also know that I do not want it to be all sex and no plot. An evolution of a relationship and a love is what I am on the search for with these characters. I want a partner who can create an imaginative post, and not leave me hanging with just a few lines to respond to. As I have said in other requests, I want someone who can paint pictures with words and move me with sentences. Questions? PM me :) I look forward to hearing from you.
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