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Author Topic: Something...Different [M seeking F]  (Read 694 times)

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Something...Different [M seeking F]
« on: July 26, 2011, 11:27:57 PM »
So for this idea I will need a role play partner that is rather imaginative and open minded, but I also need a writing partner who can be detailed and descriptive and can post 3 to 5 paragraphs on average.  I love character development and plot just as much as the sex scenes so the story will definitely be a mixture of many elements as I explain below.

The Setting/Plot/Story:  This idea takes place in a modern world, possibly something a bit more futuristic though with a slight fantasy/supernatural twist.  Just sort of think like X-Men...though more subtle when it comes to powers.  As in some people are just more slightly incline at fighting than faster and stronger than the average human that we know today.  In this world people can reach levels higher than the limitations we have and some of them do have special abilities though not such a wide or differing variety such as X-Men or anything like that.  So quite a lot of people would actually be able to tap into several super human abilities to make for more epic fighting and what not, yet some go beyond the normal such as being able to snap bones in and out of place or even conjure fire around their fist if they can manipulate their chi/ki.  This world could also be comparable to that of Scott Pilgrim if you are familiar with it, but once again more subtle.

The role play would take place at an academy and out characters would be students, I am thinking they would be somewhere between 18 and 23 in age.  In this world they have done away with kicking children out of school and have established corporal punishment, meaning the teachers/professors can exact almost any punishment they see fit on a student to correct them and get them in line.  Naturally in such a world of superior physical powers this turns to violence and pain.  However, since students are unable to actually be kicked out of school or go to jail for any actions other than the extreme...such as rape/mutilation/murder, they fight back against the teachers at times and it creates a power struggle.

The academy at which our two characters are at is famous for is correctional rate as it works students into shape even if another school may have failed.  There is a constant struggle of power now as it is split into many groups.  There is the side of the teachers whose goal is to discipline the students and break them, some students that have already been broken or are cut a deal with join the teachers to help bring down some of the other students that are presenting problems.  There are several groups of rebellious students that have some common goals and not, each fighting for power as there are many gangs involved in the academy and throughout the city.  This is a world that has gone past guns and relies more on hand to hand combat or melee weapons, thus there are many brawls.  There are also those who are rather neutral or don't side with any.

I would like for our characters to sort of be in the middle, not really being in a group other than there own, sort of like being partners in crime though they could have a rag tag team that they hang out with here and there.  Really our characters would just be there to have some fun and excitement, stepping up only in order to try and fix this corrupt system and government or when someone goes to far or steps over the line.  So anyone that goes against their own personal beliefs and judgment will be challenged.

I would like for our characters to sort of be sparring partners, training together and what not and having some good sweaty fun.  There would be several parties and events held in the area as well though, such as fighting tournaments and what not and even sex parties that the two of them could join in on.  The academy dorms do have the males and females separated but that rarely stops the two sexes from converging.

Your Character:  I want the female character to be categorized as a punk/emo kind of girl, one that dresses in what some may call an odd fashion such as corsets, tank tops, jean skirts, and somewhat revealing clothing due to it having several rips and tears...being a bit worn and torn if you get my meaning.  Also I would like her to style her hair in unique way, dying it different collars such as blue, purple, green, pink, white or a mixture.  At the same time she sometimes wears some exotic colored lip stick/gloss much like the color of her hair.  If she had some tattoos and piercings that would be great as well as long as there are not too many.  It is completely up to my partner on how they wish to customize all of this and have some fun.  I mean you get to choose what tattoos and piercings she will have and what she wears, I am just trying to give some ideas of what I am looking for.  Her personality would sort of match her looks as she would be unique in her own way though I want to leave the personality up to you, though I want her to be kind of tough while still being a woman...if I had to explain the only way I can is to say that sexually I would like her to be a switch as in she likes to fight for control and dominance yet at the same time she likes to submit and take it rough and hard.

Some example pics to give you an idea of the female looks, note that these are just some example for you to take from and it does not mean you have to use one of these pics or a pic at all and could just stick to word description.

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11 <Questionable>
12 <Questionable>

13 <NSFW>
14 <NSFW>
15 <NSFW>
16 <NSFW>
17 <NSFW>
18 <NSFW>
19 <NSFW>
20 <NSFW>
21 <NSFW>

My Character:  Now then since I am being rather demanding here I would like my role playing partner to give me some input on the male here and what they would like, maybe even some example pictures though here is a summary of what I imagine him as.  He would be somewhat tall, tone and lean, his body having a few black tribal tattoos here and there.  His hair would be long and shaggy, hanging down in his eyes and over his ears...preferably black or dark brown in color.  Personality wise he would be sort of the mysterious kind to stick to the shadows and not say all that much...sexual nature wise he is also a switch loving to be dominate though at the same time has no problem with the female taking the reigns every once and a while.  The personality is really something that I like to develop in the story with the character.

Sexual Kinks/Fetishes/Elements:  Really anything is on the table as long as we can think of a way to fit it into the story, though here is a list of some things that we could possibly include with such a story and pairing.

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Public Sex - Really just having sex anywhere they might get caught, someone might see them or even start watching.  Sex in a vehicle/bus/subway/train/bathroom/balcony/rooftop/classroom/theater/against a wall/gloryhole.  I really like the idea of the two of them going to some sex parties where there may be some competitions such as which couple can last the longest, who can produce the most cum/squirt the farthest, who can take the most inside vaginally/anally/orally.  Though if others are around in the scene I only want them to watch, not really into gangbangs or whatever.  Orgies are fine, as long as everyone sticks to their one characters don't like to share.

Clothed Sex - This of course means like dry humping and what not, a lot of teasing and fondling and I especially like grinding such as her grinding her bottom against his crotch or even sex while they still have a lot of clothing on, after all some times there is not enough time to take it all off.  Just lifting up her skirt and going...or I especially like the idea of receiving a tit job under her shirt and cumming all over her chest and shirt or even cumming inside her panties after some thigh sex.

Foreplay - A lot of it.  I like the teasing and getting each other all pent up and really building the sexual tension with a lot of caressing, groping, massaging, grinding, and exploring of each others bodies with hands/lips/tongue...lather it up with saliva.

Positions - I would like our characters to be rather open minded and adventurous thus they would try many different sexual positions, it certainly would be fun to change it up so its not the same thing over and over again.  I actually do have a link to a site with many sexual positions listed with example pictures and explanatory descriptions for each.

Bondage - Just rather light, being used on both of them as I do want it to be a switched relationship.  Just the two of them having some fun with a rope or whatever they have in their possession or some fun humiliation by having her walk around with a little vibrator inside her as he carries the remote.

Oral - Love everything about it, receiving and giving.  Deep throating is something I especially want to explore...having her do it during a sex party as a competition would be hot as well and what would be really exciting is having her wear her strange colored lip gloss thus leaving rings and smears on his shaft.

Anal - Love everything about this as well and can be explored according to your preferences, definitely does not have to be done all the time though I like to explore it from time to time.  I even alright with rimming and ladies if you are a bit adventurous you can definitely perform it on my male if feeling dominate enough, feel free to strap a little something on a give him a pegging.

Cum - Goes more toward your preferences though I like to play with it a lot, and not just male cum but a females as well.  It would be awesome if your character could squirt out her cum, would also make for an interesting competition at a sex party to see who can squirt the farthest or which male can produce the most cum.  I like cumming anywhere really, in or out of the body and the female can spray hers anywhere as well.

Food play - Depends on your preferences but I think it would be sort of fun if the two of them just started to get a bit kinky with food and a little rough, a food fight that turns sexual if you know what I mean.

Vaginal - Well that is just the best is it not?

Large Penis - Nothing ridiculous, just something over average to make things interesting and fun.  Makes for good deep penetration and allows for a lot of the elements described above.

Blood play? Well this just really depends but it could work with this pairing and character setting if your character is a bit too on the emo side and tends to take a blade to her skin every so often...we can go without this but if you are interested and want to discuss it then bring it up.

Watersports?  Another thing that just really depends and can be left out, if you want to try it though then please let me know.  I see this as working simply because our characters would naturally be very open minded and perhaps very kinky as well and want to try it...maybe as a way to show dominance and possessiveness over one another.

At what point the role play starts and how our characters come together and their background are open for discussion as are a lot of things.  I am looking for someone to discuss the details with and trade some ideas, suggestions, questions and answers back and forth over the fleshed out idea I have above.  Some things can be changed and added, don't be afraid to ask.   Definitely do not do anything that may be out of your comfort zone but if you want to also try something let me know.  If you are interested please send me a PM.  That is if you read all of this and I have not scared you off already.