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Author Topic: Creative M Casting Call for F Characters. Be my Muse.  (Read 483 times)

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Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter

Creative M Casting Call for F Characters. Be my Muse.
« on: July 26, 2011, 10:30:48 PM »
The first thing I would like to state about myself is that I am creative, I have depth, and I like to explore dark areas of the human soul.  I have a lot of ideas, and they vary significantly.  I can do scifi, fantasy, even very realistic storylines if desired.  I like to play interesting character and explore unusual story archs.  I love the interplay and exchange of ideas and energy in a good storyline.  Its like its alive inside of you waiting to spill forth onto the screen.  I enjoy sensual scenes and like to explore taboos.  I have done adult online stories for years and I have developed way past the 'we fall in love and do it missionary possision' or the 'I catch you and keep you in my closet and rape you' stories.  I want to go beyond such fluff and I want to touch on cross lines within the safety of my online world I couldnt or would never cross in reality.  I would love to find some storyline with your interests which will challenge, thrill, and entertain you.  I am a full service storyteller, one could say.

So, what have I been jonesing to lay recently?  Glad you asked.
This is the pitch and an attempt which was made to play the story I am most interested in.  I want to do a 'rich man helps poor nubile woman for their sexual attentions' storyline.  You cant have done many of those.  I wont comment too much, since its all covered in the first thread and the second is a good start to how I wanted it to play out, but it hasnt been able to play out yet.

I like to mix my sex scenes with story and very interesting characters and development of emotional ties within the story.  It isnt enough to write a story about screwing someone, there should be reason and meaning and interesting things happening around the storyline while it progresses to make you even care about the sex.  I do enjoy taboos such as nonconsensual or BDSM, but find these to be strong spices which should be used in small doses and then the palet is allowed to cool.  Here are some examples of stories in which I mixed plot and story and some intense sexual taboos.
This is my golden standard.  The only story on Elliquiy I have ever gotten to finish.  It is a high fantasy love story about an endangered unicorn and a princess used to lure him into the opening scene's trap.  My partner was talented and we kept her a virgin to the end but had a lot of fun exploring a few sensual scenes along the way and got to explore beastiality and fairy magic in entertwining themes.
This story is another very good project which got pretty far along.  I wanted to explore a strong willed woman who gets caught up in dark world of tentacled, slimy horrors.  We played out the whole 'La Blue Girl' kind of set up but much more realistic and stylistic, I think.  We had a nice storyline and lots to play with and she even had a love interest in her dragonslaying organization.
This is an interesting post apopcalyptic piece.  In a world after the bombs, zombies prevade the wasteland of our world.  A young sexual slave is lost on her own and offers her services to an older, haunted warrior to keep her alive.  There was a lot of wonderful action and my guy is tormented.  Due to lack of water, we got to explore watersports and such, which I had never done before but have been hooked on since.  We had a lot more story to go through and had planned on their relationship evolving over time.  Really wish I could finish that one.
One more.  This is a Germanic, dark forest fairy tale about a landlord's daughter who has inherited all the sins of her family.  Taken and cursed, she is abducted and offered up in marriage to a werewolf and his hag of a wife to be used as they see fit.  We had a lot planned.  She gets stronger, figures out thier weaknesses, makes friends with a kid shapeshifted as a rat for aid, comfort, etc.  By the end of the story, she leaves the caves a stronger woman... just couldnt get it that far, which is a waste.

Im going to give an example of a story currently in progress just as an example of a more action oriented thread I wouldnt mind engaging in.
This is about an adventuress/tech peddler who has to dodge would be warlords with the aid of her trusty female pleasure slave/ship computer/built on a combat chasse android.  My girl gets in trouble... my robot has to help me out.  I have her screw people sometimes to ge me out of things I cant shoot out of... which are rare.  Etc.  Eventually Im hoping through a twist of fate and deux ex machina to have thier relationship become more equal, rather than the android being the submissive so much.

With all of these examples of storylines I would love to continue with you or build a version of with you, you can see I am able to bend in all kinds of ways.  I can write as women.  I can write as a demon lover, if that is what you wish.  There are few things I cannot do nor barriers which I cannot cross.  I cant do vampires anymore... sorry, Twilight saga has ruined it for me.  I do not wish to play out scenes of male gay sex.  Though such can happen off camera or such, I just dont want to participate in projecting such a scene.

This is a big one; I will not dress a woman up as a dog or a cow or whatever.  I happen to really love the human, female body and mind.  Every reaction, every twitch of the lips, every huff of the breath that bounces her chest, the way the wind carries her hair around her head like a whispered halo of her scent, the little crazy random trivial things that matter so much to a young women, all of that is mesmerizing.  I love descriptions of the mysteries of womanhood.  Ive been in a relationship for over a decade, and I still dont know everything about women.  I believe the woman's body and mind is the temple in which the act of sex occurs, the male (or female partner) is simply the ritualist or priest.  I can trade out or change the male without problem to explore most taboos like this.  Ever wonder how sex between Belle and the Beast would have played out if not for that annoying G rating?  Ever wonder what holy hell would be unleashed if a WWII era Wonder Woman escaped from Nazi sexual interrogation?  We can make that happen with this kind of flexibility.

There are a few twists when playing with me recently.  Im about to enter a two year program.  I only have a month to cut lose.  All of my stories seem to be in lock down.  None are moving, some move every month or so, I am pulling my hair out screaming at my monitor.  Well, not really, but Id really like to have some fun bantering, sexy action before I start the program.  I can be a very faithful poster, and I am very creative and can really fill in a character and my side of a story.  I hope one of my ideas have tantilized you enough to send me a PM and start negotiating with me about something we can write together.  Let me know your thoughts, your yearnings, your lines in the sand you may cross just this once.  Lets explore our own world unbounded.

Thanks for reading all of that.  For that, I give you this very interesting image I found just minutes ago.

I hope all is well within your home.
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