Looking for a Villain to challange my Vigilante (non-con/EX/any gender)

Started by camtipli, July 26, 2011, 01:28:45 AM

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I wouldn't say my preferences are extreme, but I know some of the things I like make others a tad squeamish. I am a fan of horror.

I think these ideas leave a lot of room for expansion and interpretation, but if you would rather approach me with one of your own ideas, I'm open for suggestions. Obviously, I am looking for a villain/vigilante pairing.

The Watchmaker

Though Ella worked as a cashier at a small town Piggly Wiggly, by night she went to the city in search of her sister's murderer. The southern belle vigilante quickly grew a reputation throughout the streets, calling out the attention of some of the higher-ups of crime life. What's more, she gets the sense that she's being followed, and hears a ticking noise in her dreams. Is she close to finding her sister's murderer, or has she already found him?

Though in the media he is reknowned as the Fearless Snake, behind the mask is Linn Mousey, a timid young man with a medicine cabinete's worth of anxiety disorders. Despite his fear of others, there are two things he does trust-- his psychiatrist, and the pills she proscribes him.

Keeping Your Enemy Close
As a part-time librarian and college student, it seems as if Laura would not have time to invest in being a late-night vigilante. Nevertheless, she hardly ever sees her roommate or the two-room apartment they share. She is not quite experienced, but she is rutheless, and her tenacity backfires on her when, on the streets, she bites off more than she can chew. Disoriented and badly beaten, she arrives in the comfort of her flat, where her roommate has been patiently waiting for her.

His victims were often left dissected and barely alive. They say he was spindly with moth wings and an unnaturally wide grin. Alan Kay had almost been a victim, but a strong fight and lucky circumstances had allowed him to survive with minimal damage. The experience converts him into a vigilante bent on destroying the creature that haunts his dreams, aware that it wants more than anything to finish what it started.

More to come. Aren't you excited?