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Author Topic: Bookstore free write  (Read 712 times)

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Bookstore free write
« on: July 25, 2011, 08:23:33 PM »
So this is a free write I did one day for my character. She is a vampire, though not of the sparkling variety, that I have been playing for over two years now and I enjoy her immensely. This is by no means perfect or what I'd consider a finished piece (not even close). It was just something I wrote while I had some free time but please feel free to post your thoughts, reactions, and constructive criticisms if you feel so inclined.  I do enjoy writing and the only way to get better is if people read and comment.


“Attention valued customers: we will be closing in 10 minutes. Please bring all purchases to the registers for check out. Again, we will be closing in 10 minutes. Thank you for shopping with us and we hope to see you again.”

Kokaine lifted her eyes from the book she'd been scanning and smiled to herself. 10 minutes until she could claim what she had come for. She sipped the last of her large hot chocolate and stood from her graceful sprawl along the store's couch, ignoring the various looks tossed her way. She was not a lover of humans most days but they still fascinated her.  The way they subconsciously reacted to her proximity without knowing why often amused her. It was always the same. They were either drawn or repelled depending on how keen their sense of self-preservation was. Her dusky gold skin, bright amber eyes, full lips, and a waist length fall of unruly onyx hair just about guaranteed she would draw some attention no matter where she was.

Projecting an air of cool indifference, Kokaine tossed her cup into the waste bin and headed for the restrooms. It was easy enough to wait out the remaining minutes as the staff had already cleaned the restrooms for the night and so did not think to check there. Had she run into anyone a bit of flirting or a simple glamor would have gotten her out of trouble as humans were fairly easy for her to manipulate. Male, female, straight, or gay, a bit of suggestion always went a long way. Once she was sure the store was closed and that most of the staff had gone she strolled from the restrooms in search of what she had come to claim.

All the lights were still on in the store. Listening closely she could tell there were two people with her on the first floor but neither person was of much interest to her. No, the one she sought was currently alone on the second floor. A mischievous smirk crossed her lips and Kokaine made her way to the stairs with silent footfalls.

It was easy enough to spot her intended prey as she climbed the remaining steps. Stopping at the top, Kokaine took a moment to be sure her glamor was firmly in place. She never covered much of herself, preferring to remain natural, but the palm sized tattoos on each of her hips as well as the smaller one on the nape of her neck weren’t necessary for others to see. She didn’t need questions about her allegiance to long dead goddesses. But the feature she most diligently altered for her public sojourns was her eyes. Through some alteration in her physiology caused by a goddess attempting to kill her, Kokaine’s eyes were far from normal. Golden orbs with bursts of pure black at their centers tended to freak most people out, especially when there were no whites visible. For her own peace of mind she often wore sunglasses, yes, even at night, or she altered their appearance and made them look like the eyes of an average human, though amber in color.

Gaze intent, she admired the woman she sought as she approached the aisle her intended was currently working in. On the outside there wasn’t much to see. She wore a shapeless and frankly ugly brown suit with equally dowdy brown flats and a pea green blouse. Her hair was pulled back in a severe bun and plain frames sat upon her pert little nose. There was no jewelry to be seen. All in all one got the image of a plain, 30-something, mouse of a woman. Yet every time they interacted, Kokaine’s mouth watered. Perhaps it was the intelligence that burned in her clear green gaze when she spoke, or the smoothness of her peaches n’ cream skin, or maybe even the slight, understated sway of her hips when she walked. Kokaine wasn’t exactly sure, but there was more to this woman than what one could decipher upon first glance.

“I thought you’d never come.”  It was barely more than a whisper but she heard it easily enough.

The statement caught her completely off guard but Kokaine was smooth enough to roll with it,“I got here as soon as I could.”

The woman looked up from her clipboard then. Her gaze seemed almost pleading and Kokaine nearly frowned as she wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. She arched a brow as she waited for the woman to speak again.

“I know what you are.”

That statement brought Kokaine up short. After a slow blink all that rolled off her tongue was, “Excuse me?”

“Y-you wore sunglasses in the store.” The woman blushed and looked down, “It was about 3 months ago, it was night, and yet y-you wore sunglasses. I thought it was odd but I didn’t think much of it as kids y-your age tend to do all sorts of seemingly nonsensical things these days.” The woman seemed to hear what she was saying and looked up suddenly, “N-n-not that y-you were nonsensical. Imeanjustthat—“ Kokaine held up a hand to cut off her jumble of words and the woman looked down at the floor again.

“No offense was taken. Please, continue,” she was genuinely curious now.

“Well, I was ringing you up and you glanced down at your wallet for a moment but when I asked if you had a Rewards card you glanced up over your sunglasses, and I saw them.” The woman’s voice was barely audible as she finished.

Kokaine went still. It wasn’t the stillness of humans that usually included some random bout of fidgeting but a stillness only great age and death could achieve. Her casual smirk faded away into a cold, unreadable mask as the question spilled from her lips, “them?”

“Y-y-your eyes.” The woman swallowed hard and her heartbeat, which had already been beating rather fast, tripled. Her breath came in short pants as she rushed to continue. “They were startling to say the least but I… they were just so beautiful. So…golden.” Her voice began to fade into something akin to awe as she slipped into her memory. “With that glimpse I, well, I had to know more. S-so I watched you. I did research and asked around a bit. Soon I reached the only viable conclusion I could.” The woman took a deep breath and Kokaine tensed inwardly wishing she had the ability to pluck the thoughts from the woman’s head and make her forget. “You’re some sort of fallen angel.”

The woman looked up at her then and she found herself stunned by the force of her conviction. This human, this mortal woman, was so sure she was faced with a fallen angel. Kokaine had to keep from laughing and as it was a grin spread wide across her face.

“I’ve wanted to talk to you. To see you. But I never could approach you. Too many eyes follow your every move and…” The woman flushed brightly, making the light dusting of freckles across her nose stand out. The effect was rather disarming.

“And?” Kokaine prompted the woman as she moved closer, shaking off the rigor that had overcome her. “Why could you not approach me,” a glance to her name tag “Eva?” The last was said with the flair of her natural accent rather than the flat accent she most often used.

“I h-have never lusted after a woman so badly in my life.” The flush deepened.

“Ah, but you have lusted after a woman before, yes?” The question seemed to throw Eva off.

“I… well… yes.” She cleared her throat. “I… well, you see I…” She took a deep breath but seemed unsure of how to continue.

Kokaine’s amusement grew, as did her hunger, “But you have never been with a woman?”

“No.” The woman sighed.

“And is that what you are wanting with me?” Kokaine stood directly in front of the woman and smiled down at her. Eva’s 5’7” looked short next to her unusual height.

“I tried not to want you. I should not. But after… after watching you for so long I can’t seem to help myself.” She laughed at herself then, an embarrassed smile creeping across her face, “I even found myself getting jealous. You flirt so effortlessly with others, showering them with attention and affection, but you never even looked at me twice.” She hunched in on herself then, “I should know better. A woman like me would never appeal to a being such as you.”

She considered her options quickly. She had come here looking for this particular woman, expecting to find a challenge, yes, but in the end it was to merely be a bit of naughty fun that ultimately hurt no one. Now things were more complicated. Should she choose to give in to her hunger with Eva, it would likely hurt her in the end when Kokaine left. And she knew she would. She was far too restless not to. However, by giving in she would allow them both to reach some temporary satisfaction and she had never been one to deny pleasure.
She would not pretend to be noble. She was far from it. It was a selfish need that urged her to step forward again. Reaching toward the woman’s face she let her fingertips graze her cheek. Eva’s eyes closed and her breath shuddered out as Kokaine’s hand slid further back into her hair. In seconds she had the other woman’s thick hair sliding free of its confinement in a rich fall of chocolate waves. She stepped around the seemingly frozen woman, body brushing against her almost casually, and leaned in close to whisper in Eva’s ear while her hands ran through her surprisingly luxurious locks.

“You underestimate yourself, luv. But I can show you the error of your ways.” She nipped the woman’s ear lightly and pressed herself more firmly against Eva’s back. “If you should choose to surrender then you must do so completely. Halfway will not do. You will give me everything.”

At that moment the lights all went out but for the few remaining emergency lights and Kokaine felt the building’s other occupants leave for the night. Time seemed to stretch on forever. The tension suspended in this one moment gave it an almost tangible weight.

“Let me see your eyes…” The request was almost desperate, as though Eva needed that bit of reassurance that Kokaine was what she was supposed to be. She wasn’t. She was far from an angel, fallen or otherwise, but she would fulfill the request. Stepping back around the woman she took a deep breath and let it out ever so slowly. In an instant her glamor was gone. Her eyes shone bright gold, accented sharply by the dark star-bursts at the center.

Eva’s breath hitched and she seemed to list forward, as though in a haze. She looked her fill, even growing so bold as to move closer while her green gaze remained captivated. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she sighed, “Please, make me yours...”

Kokaine smiled and it was all at once both predatory and alluring, “As you wish.”

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Re: Bookstore free write
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2011, 02:41:55 PM »
interesting story and lovely details, I would certainly want to read more about this.